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Wall-Custance has developed an interesting and comprehensive program around the profession of funeral service, bereavement, death, dying and grief. Increasingly, society is attempting to learn more about how to deal with death and the bereavement process. The Directors at Wall-Custance Funeral Home are available to Service Clubs, Church groups, Social Groups, schools, Youth Groups, Seniors Groups, Sororities, Volunteer organizations, etc., who would like to learn more about the funeral service profession and/or society's attitudes towards death, dying, bereavement and grief.

A multitude of topic ideas are available: relating to estate planning; practical suggestions in funeral planning and options available to people at the time of a death; prearranging and prepaying funerals; cremation vs earth burial; survivor benefits; history of funeral ceremonies and the customs of various religious and cultural sects; talking to children about death; dealing with death and grief, etc.

Many groups have availed themselves of this opportunity. The group can meet in the Funeral Home's Family Reception Centre and have a tour of the facilities, followed by a short film presentation and question and answer period or a staff Funeral Director would be pleased to be a part of the program at the regular meeting place.

Also, from time to time, Wall-Custance offers various seminars and lectures relating to funeral service. In the past they have had guest lecturers: Dr. Kubler-Ross, Dr. Earl Grolman, and Dr. Vernon Gunkel experts on the grieving process and Bill Bates of the Life Appreciation Program, at our seminars. Also, in co-operation with Hospice Wellington Grief Workshops are offered to those dealing with the grief process.

Wall-Custance also has access to a  library of books, pamphlets, audio-visual material and equipment, for those who would like to learn more.

No one funeral service is right or wrong and there are many options available to personalize the funeral and make it serve the specific needs of those who are left. A funeral is a unique event in the life of a family.

Wall-Custance welcomes any inquiries regarding funeral service and their funeral home, feeling that knowledge in advance of need is crucial to giving stability at a time of crisis.

The staff of Wall-Custance also welcome the opportunity to show people the facilities and to talk to them about the services, merchandise, and options available to today's consumer. They have found that people are much more open about talking about the subject of death and bereavement as is indicated by the increasing numbers who pre-plan funerals.

Wall-Custance offers a warm, inviting atmosphere where families appreciate the many extras which are available. They offer a full range of services, to meet a variety of needs of those they serve. They are equally proud of their reputation as a funeral home that is approachable and they continue to endeavour to afford each family the utmost in personalized service.

The management and staff of Wall-Custance looks forward to the future, encouraged and inspired by the confidence shown in their firm, by the many Guelph and area families, they have had the privilege of serving.



The First Steps

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This is a practical guide to assist you following a death. It is important to understand that bereavement is a normal and natural process of adjusting to the loss of someone significant to your life. There may be times when you would like to talk with someone about this experience, to share your feelings and discuss questions you might have in relation to the death. You may need further information regarding community services and resources to assist you in resolving some financial or legal problem. Even though the ceremony is complete, our task is not finished, we are here to assist you in any way possible. Please feel free to call upon us at any time so that we may continue to help you through the difficult period of adjustment.

Organizing your affairs . . .
At your Bank or Trust Company
At the bank or trust company ask to see the staff member that handles estate accounts, and inform them of the death. The bank/trust company may require the following information:
For the Deceased:
1) Birth Certificate
2) Social Insurance Number
3) Funeral Director’s Proof of Death Statement

For Surviving Spouse:
1) Birth Certificate
2) Social Insurance Number
3) Marriage Licence
4) Canadian Citizenship Papers (if nonnative)

The Bank/Trust Company will recommend that one temporary joint account in the deceased's name be retained, so that any cheques made out to the deceased, can be deposited. Pension cheques may be deposited only for the month in which the deceased died. If cheques are deposited through a direct deposit, the bank should automatically return any cheques received which should not be deposited.

If the bank account was joint, where either party could sign cheques, nothing will be frozen and the surviving party has complete access to the funds.

Notify the Bank/Trust Company regarding transfer of Safety Deposit Box authorization.
The following information will be required:
1) Name of Bank/Trust Co./ or Credit Union
2) Address
3) Type of Account
4) Account Number

Charge Cards:
Visa, MasterCard, Bank Charge Cards, American Express, etc. are invalid at the time of death, if they are registered in the name of the deceased only. However, if they are co-registered notify the company of the death and they will adjust their records accordingly. The following information will be required:
1) Company
2) Telephone Number
3) Card Number
4) Expiry Date

Registered Retirement Savings Plans
R.R.S.P.'s that are transferred do not become taxable income. If the survivor is named the beneficiary, the survivor has the option of redeeming the funds or transferring the funds into a R.R.S.P. in their name. The following information will be required:
1) Financial Institution
2) Plan Number
3) Certificate Number
4) Date of Issue
5) Maturity Date
6) Certificate Value at Maturity

Registered Retirement Income Funds
If R.R.S.P.'s have been converted into R.R.I.F.'s and the deceased was retirement age, a new application may be required to transfer the benefits to the survivor’s or beneficiary's name. The following information will be required:
1) Financial Institution
2) Type of Plan
3) Plan Number
4) Amount Received Monthly
5) Cheque Arrival Date

Canada Savings Bonds
The survivor/beneficiary has the option of leaving the bonds and certificates in place until maturity or the funds can be cashed out with the presentation of the Funeral Director’s Proof of Death Statement. The following information will be required:
1) Location
2) Certificate Numbers & Maturity Dates

The following information will be required:
1) Stock Certificates & Numbers
2) Names of Companies
3) Location

Guaranteed Investment Certificates (G.I.C.)
The beneficiary has the option of leaving the bonds and certificates in place until maturity or the funds can be released with a Funeral Director’s Proof of Death Statement.

Loans and Mortgages
You will need to know:
1) Type of Loan/Mortgage
2) Name of Financial Institution
3) Amount of Payment
4) Date of First Payment
5) Date of Last Payment
6) Was It Life Insured?

Property Holdings
You will require the Deed for transfer of ownership of property. If property is held in joint ownership it is wise to file on record a Funeral Director’s Proof of Death Statement to avoid delays at a later date when the property is sold or at the time of death of the survivor/beneficiary/co-owner.

Motor Vehicles:
First notify the Insurance Company and have the policy changed. Then notify the area office of the Ministry of Transportation of the ownership change. This office is listed in the blue pages of the telephone book (Ontario Provincial Government; Transportation - Ministry of: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agents). The executor will have to sign off the ownership. No safety check will be required and the licence plates will be transferred to the survivor. If there is no Will a lawyer will have to draw up a "Letter of Directive." This is a document which gives the consent of the survivor as to the ownership of the vehicle. There will be a transfer fee charged.

The Will:
The Will will not have to be probated if the widowed spouse is the sole executor and sole beneficiary. The Will will have to be probated if there is a transfer of property. It is best to consult a lawyer. If the Will is probated, the Will will be formally offered in court; the personal representative will be approved; an estate inventory will be prepared and filed; debts and taxes paid; and the assignments to designated beneficiaries completed.

If there is no Will the procedure is the same, but the courts will make all decisions re: the settling of the estate. Court costs of probating a Will and the lawyer's fees are determined by the size of the estate.

Life Insurance:
The following information will be required:
1) Insurance Company Name
2) Address, Telephone Number
3) Local Agent, Address, & Telephone Number
4) Policy Number
5) Face Value of Policy
6) Cash Value at Maturity
7) Beneficiaries

Locate the policy before contacting the insurance agent. Claim forms will have to be completed. Be sure to check the following: if the deceased had a private pension plan it may also include an insurance policy; if the deceased died suddenly while travelling and they used their credit card as payment for the trip there may be an insurance benefit. There are many ways to choose to have the benefit paid and an investment planner might be considered at this time to help explain the options and guarantee a stable future income.

Financial Planning:
If you feel you need assistance with financial planning, it is important to select the right financial planner to advise you on investments and assist you in achieving your financial goals and objectives.

It is wise to keep a list of the names of the Investment Company(is), Addresses, Representatives name, and type of investment utilized.

If you have not been employed and feel you want to become part of the workforce the government employment centre will assist you in evaluating your skills and determining current job opportunities.

Income Tax:
It may be wise to consult an accountant following the funeral. The accountant will determine your constant expenses (rent, insurance, mortgage, loans, car expenses, taxes etc.) and fluctuating expenses (food, clothing, recreation, savings etc.) and assist you in developing a personal budget. You will be required to file an income tax return for the deceased for the year in which the death occurred. Funeral costs are not a tax deduction.

Canada Pension Plan Benefits:
The Funeral Home will supply you with application forms to claim the Death Benefit and Survivor's Benefits through the Canada Pension Plan. To be eligible for the Death or Survivor's benefits the deceased must have paid into the plan while employed. (The plan started January 1, 1966). For information regarding CPP Benefits contact: Human Resources Development Canada at 1-800-277-9914.

Old Age Security:
If the deceased was more than 65 and receiving the Old Age Pension, the cheque received within the month of the death can be retained. When cashing the cheque sign the back and state that the person, to whom, the cheque was issued, is deceased and the date of death. This should cancel all further cheques. However, if you receive more cheques or have problems contact Human Resources Development Canada - Income Securities Programs at 1-800-277-9914 for assistance.

Workmen's Compensation:
Workmen's Compensation provides a death benefit for those who worked for employers who contribute to the plan. Spouses, children and any other dependants of a worker killed on the job or who died from an industrial disease are eligible to claim the benefit. For information re: Workmen's Compensation call 1-800-263-2484.

Veterans Affairs:
If the deceased was a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Services the survivors may apply for a grant to assist with funeral expenses. The grant is applied toward the cost of the funeral and is subject to change. The grant may also include funds for cemetery expenses. Contact the local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion to receive information on eligibility and applying for this grant. The LAST POST FUND provides for a designated type of funeral for honourably discharged Canadian ex-service personnel who have insufficient funds.

Department of National Defence:
An allowance for funeral and cemetery expenses is available to anyone whose death occurs in Canada during their service with the Canadian Armed Forces.

Public Trustee:
If the deceased has been under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Public Trustee, the Public Trustee must be contacted prior to any funeral arrangements being made. The Public Trustee will authorize the funding they will allow for the funeral and cemetery expenses.

County Social Services:
If the deceased was a recipient of Social Assistance or a Disability Pension, through the local county, at the time of their death, the local Social Assistance office, must be contacted prior to funeral arrangements being made. The caseworker will determine whether the deceased is eligible for Social Assistance with regards to the funeral expenses. The survivors must accept the services and merchandise as designated by the Social Services Department, without any alterations or enhancements.

Union Pensions & Death Benefits:
If the deceased was a member of a labour union there may be a death benefit under the union pension plan.

Disposition of the deceased’s clothing can be upsetting for many people. When you feel you are able, sort through the belongings and make your decision as to the disposition of these items. Other members of the family may be able to use some articles and some may want an article for strictly sentimental reasons. After these have been selected, you may consider donating the balance to charity or for resale through a consignment store whichever you are most comfortable doing.

Other Information:
Cause of Death: The physician, in charge, at the time of death, must be contacted by the next of kin to receive this information. The physician will only discuss the cause of death with the immediate family. If an autopsy was performed the physician, in charge, will release the results to the immediate family. Funeral Directors by the laws governing confidentiality cannot disclose or release this information.

Bereavement and Grieving:
Following the service you will receive a package with several brochures on Grief and Bereavement and the programs and sources of counselling available in our community.

Hospice Wellington

795 Scottsdale Drive
Guelph, ON, N1G 3R8

Area Churches
Guelph General Hospital
St. Joseph’s Hospital
Independent Counsellors
Canadian Mental Health Association

147 Wyndham St.
Guelph, Ont. N1H 4E9

Homewood Health Centre
150 Delhi St. Guelph, Ont. N1E 6K9

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