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A Guide to Arranging a Funeral

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Most people, will arrange a funeral or will assist in making the arrangements. Important decisions have to be made. The purpose of this webpage is to provide information and suggestions concerning funerals and to acquaint you with our establishment and the various services that we are able to provide. Recognizing that there are a growing number of people who want to be better informed about all aspects of funeral service, we have compiled this information to help one make decisions wisely and with confidence.

Just as there is complexity to life, there many dimensions to the funeral. It can involve religious, social, fraternal, civic and military organizations. In addition, it is affected by local, provincial and federal laws, regulations, and customs.

Most importantly, the funeral is a ceremony of proven worth and value for those who mourn. It provides an opportunity for the survivors and others who share in the loss to express their love, respect, and grief. It permits facing openly and realistically the crisis that death presents. Through the funeral, the bereaved have an acceptable means through which they can take the first step toward emotional adjustment and adjustment to a way of life that has been seriously changed. In short, acknowledging that a life has been lived and that a death has occurred is important to people who have been close to the deceased.

At Wall-Custance we provide a wide variety of services and have considerable experience in assisting family's in planning a meaningful tribute. Many interesting opportunities are available to commemorate a life and we will make every endeavour to meet your family's needs.

Wall-Custance Funeral Home and Chapel has been at the forefront of many innovative ideas and new concepts in funeral service in the Guelph area and has received recognition and encouragement both from within the profession and the public at large.

We are pleased to share through this website some information about funerals in general and about our family funeral home in particular. It is hoped that this site will prove helpful to those reading it.


When a death occurs at home:
Your family physician or his designate should be notified first. The doctor must certify the death and complete the Medical Certificate of Death, before the transfer of the body to the funeral home can take place. If this presents a problem, we will assist you in contacting a doctor to meet with the medico-legal responsibilities. As soon as this requirement has been fulfilled then notify your funeral director - the sooner he is called, the sooner he can begin to take care of the many details that are involved and you will find it comforting to know that his services have begun. It is important to remember that your funeral director is always "on call" regardless of the time. We offer service 24 hours a day, every day of the year. A few directions from you, will put the funeral directors personal services into immediate operation, assuring you that all of the many initial details will be handled in the most expeditious manner.

When a death occurs at a hospital, nursing home or other institution:
The institution will look after the medico-legal responsibilities. However, it is the family's responsibility to notify the Funeral Home of the death and set in motion the services of their funeral director.

When a death occurs out of town:
Should you be confronted with a death while away from home, it will be to your advantage to call your hometown funeral director immediately. This circumstance presents no difficulty for the Funeral Director. We can handle all the arrangements to comply with your wishes and you have the security of making the arrangements with a firm you know and trust. At Wall-Custance we maintain affiliations with our profession in all parts of Canada, the United States and in most parts of the world, so that we may provide just such services.


The funeral director will make an appointment with the family to secure the information necessary for completion of the Statement of Death. This government form must be completed in full before the death can be registered and Permits issued by the local registrar. The Statement of Death includes: date and place of birth and death, marital status, occupation, social insurance number, name of the father of the deceased and his birthplace and the maiden name of the mother of the deceased and her birthplace. Your funeral director will make arrangements for the cemetery or crematorium, newspapers and attend to all other necessary details as well.


The executor and/or the next of kin bear legal responsibility in the disposition of the deceased. It is prudent when possible, to include the family in all decisions regarding funeral arrangements. There are many things to be considered and decisions to be made. After a death occurs, it can be a trying and confusing time and a very difficult period to go through. The funeral provides the immediate family and community an opportunity to acknowledge and respond to the grief felt at the time of a death.


The funeral arrangements are usually made at the funeral home, although we will make them at the family's residence if requested. Completing the necessary legal documents and government forms is one of the first and most important initial services taken care of by your Funeral Director. He will obtain all the signatures, certificates and permits required to comply with regulations.

You will decide the time, place and type of service, assisted by your funeral director and your clergy. Many times, the funeral service will be held in the chapel, within our funeral home. The family church may also be chosen for the service or any other appropriate location. If the church is chosen as the place for the service, be assured that we are familiar with the rites and customs of most denominations and that we will ensure that the necessary steps are taken. The panorama for the world's religions is fascinating and complex. From the earliest times down to the present day, religious beliefs have flourished with countless rituals and customs. These rituals and customs of different faiths are important to families during a funeral.

Our funeral directors are here to help by offering flexibility and personal attention to the needs of each family and faith.

We can make arrangements for those not affiliated with a church, but who wish to have a service conducted by a member of the clergy. If a non-religious service is desired, we can assist with alternatives that maintain the positive values and dignity of the funeral for the family. Carefully considered and prepared personal contributions to a service help to honor the memory of the deceased.

Wall-Custance Funeral Home and Chapel assures you of a dignified and appropriate service with friendly, sympathetic assistance and the attention to every detail that means so much. There is no one prescribed form for a funeral. We will counsel you in arranging the kind of service that will best suit your needs and wishes. It is of the utmost importance to us that your needs be met in this regard. In arranging a funeral, it is beneficial to consider the feelings of others who shared in or benefited by the life of the deceased, because sorrow shared is sorrow diminished.

After ascertaining the family's wishes regarding a service, we will make the necessary arrangements and take care of the details. We will confirm the service arrangements with the clergy and with the cemetery or crematorium. We will also advise you on the preparation of the paper notice and have it printed in the newspapers you designate.

Ontario law requires a body to be embalmed prior to transfer out of the province or on the orders of local health authorities. Embalming may be required if a body is not to be buried or cremated within a prescribed period of time. Otherwise, the choice of embalming is that of the executor and/ or the next of kin. Most funeral homes will suggest that a body be embalmed if public viewing is requested or an extended period of time will pass before burial or cremation.  Embalming is a process whereby chemicals are used to preserve and sanitize the body. Only a licensed funeral director or a registered apprentice may perform the embalming procedure.

Selection of a casket or a cremation container is made from a wide variety offered. Varying types of wood, metal and cloth covered caskets are available in a variety of colours, styles, interiors and at varying prices.


The cost of the funeral is a matter of personal choice which must be determined by each family. Tastes and preferences vary, as do financial circumstances, but in general, the cost depends upon the extent of the services provided by the funeral director and upon the options and merchandise selected by the family. Each funeral is unique. Your choices are the critical determinants of funeral costs. There are certain expenses that are basic to almost every funeral, but the majority are determined by the customs of each family and the selections they make.

Charges for the cemetery or crematorium, newspaper notices, long distance transportation, flowers and other optional items which the funeral director may arrange for you, are not within the director's realm of cost control. The funeral director will include these disbursements on the itemized statement of account.

A price list itemizing costs and merchandise is available from all funeral homes upon request. Be sure you fully understand what merchandise, services and supplies are included before signing any contract.

At Wall-Custance, we welcome and encourage people to make inquiries regarding funeral service and costs prior to the time of need. It is usually easier and wiser to discuss the type of services and costs in person, so that both parties can have a clear understanding of what is available, what would best suit their needs, and the costs that would be incurred.

There is no fee for our services for stillborn and newborn infants. Charges are kept to a minimum for services and merchandise for a child age 12 years and under. Disbursements, such as fees charged by a cemetery or crematorium, newspaper notice, flowers etc. are all at cost.

Funeral costs vary as greatly as the requirements of the families we serve. Each chooses a service in keeping with their wishes and family traditions.

At the time the funeral arrangements are completed, the funeral director will give you a signed copy of the contract for services. This statement will include the total price of the services selected.


Visitation is a period of sharing, which was previously known as "the wake". When you have this period of "calling hours", you give your family and friends an opportunity to express their personal feelings and respect.

This sharing is important for the bereaved family. It can also be important to others who may share a special closeness to the person who died. The visitation in the setting of the funeral home provides an opportunity for this interaction.

It has been said that the funeral is the only ceremony to which none are invited but all may come. If you are wondering whether children should be involved in the funeral, authorities agree that even as early as age three, children have an awareness of and respond to death. Children should be given the option of attending visitation and the funeral. If they choose not to attend they will appreciate being given the choice. The child needs to participate with his family, in this ceremony, just as he would in any other family ceremony. To shut him out is to deny him a significant and meaningful life experience, that can have important consequences for his future emotional development. However, if the child expresses an unwillingness to participate, he should not be forced to attend or made to feel guilty. Basically, children should not be spared the reality of death as part of the life cycle, but each family must be sensitive to the needs of each child, in this area.


It has long been a tradition to express one's sympathy, in a tangible way, to the family, demonstrating your genuine concern and caring. This is done in many ways such as flowers, memorial donations to a charity or memorial trees.


On January lst, l989, Wall-Custance brought a new program to Guelph and area, with the introduction of our Memorial Forest Program. The purpose of the Wall-Custance Memorial Forest is to provide an opportunity to commemorate the life of a loved one in a special way by planting a tree - a Living Memorial. forestEach tree in this natural forest will be in memory of one who has lived. A tree symbolizes strength, shelter and durability. A tree planted in the Wall-Custance Memorial Forest is not only a symbol of hope but a sign of a new beginning. It will stand tall as a living tribute to the memory of the deceased. It will be a source of comfort and meaning to those who have suffered a loss and help to ease them through a difficult time. As a life ends, a new life begins. A tree is automatically planted free of charge for each individual whose funeral is conducted through Wall-Custance Funeral Home. A living symbol of our appreciation for the confidence and trust placed in our firm, by those we serve. However, the Memorial Forest program is not limited to those served by Wall-Custance Funeral Home. Everyone is invited to participate in this project. The Memorial Forest is located at the Arboretum, at the University of Guelph. The planting of a tree can be arranged through Wall-Custance Funeral Home and Chapel. The family of the deceased receives an In Memoriam card, stating that a tree will be planted in the Memorial Forest, in memory of their loved one. The name of the deceased is engraved on the Memorial Forest Wall at the Wall-Custance Funeral Home as well as being published in the local paper prior to the annual dedication service. It will also be printed in the Dedication Service brochure. The current cost of having a tree planted is $50.00. To order a tree contact Wall-Custance Funeral Home at 519-822-0051.


At Wall-Custance, we have a variety of suitable acknowledgement stationery. The family can select a style of card according to their personal preference and send the cards to all who have given tangible acts of sympathy.

A personal note of thanks or suitable thank you card is best for acts of kindness received from friends who have helped with food or gave personal assistance. A personal note to the clergy, organist, soloist, those who supplied lunch at the post funeral reception and others who assisted with the service is also appropriate.

The stationery provided by the funeral home is appropriate for acknowledging floral tributes, memorial contributions.

It is not necessary to acknowledge sympathy cards or those who have signed the visitor's register book.

There may be other people who were of special help to you at this time. It could be the doctors, nurses, church or club associated acquaintances who may have supplied refreshments following the funeral or other acts of personal kindness. A personal thank-you is a gracious gesture and is always appreciated by the recipient.

A "Card of Thanks" published in the local newspaper is a thoughtful way of expressing your appreciation and assuring that no one is missed. Our staff would be pleased to assist you, with wording an appropriate message for publication in the newspaper.


The funeral director will issue a number of certificates titled, "Funeral Director's Statement of Death", which will be under seal and can be used for many purposes: Canada Pension Plan, bank or credit union releases, insurance claims, etc. The "Funeral Director's Statement of Death" is accepted as valid proof of death and is a legal binding document.

However, if a certified copy of a Death Certificate is required it can be obtained by writing to:
The Office of the Registrar General
P.O. Box 4600
189 Red River Road
Thunder Bay, Ont. P7B 6L8


Cemeteries are usually operated by a city, local government, church or privately.

We can assist families in making the cemetery or crematorium arrangements. We recommend that you consider the purchase of cemetery property ahead of time. It is a comfort to survivors to know this has been looked after when there are many other decisions to be made at the time of a death.

The use of an outer receptacle for earth burial is not mandatory in Ontario. However, local customs vary and many cemeteries have by-laws requiring a standard liner or sealed vault to be used. These receptacles provide protection against the elements. They are usually made of concrete, steel or fiberglass. They vary in price and quality. We have knowledge of the various rules and regulations for most cemeteries and can arrange for the provision of the outer receptacle of your choice.

When earth burial has taken place the graves are usually marked by a monument. These can be purchased from the various independent monument dealers in the area. Most cemeteries have rules and regulations regarding the actual size and type of monument or marker that can be used. Some allow markers that are even with the ground, some only allow upright monuments and still others have designated sections for each. Costs of bronze markers and stone monuments vary depending upon size, material & design.


Choosing earth burial, entombment or cremation is a personal decision, that each family must make for itself. Cremation is an acceptable alternative to earth burial. There are some religions however, that do not permit cremation and others that indicate their preference to be earth burial and our staff are aware of these preferences.

Cremation is a process where fire reduces the body to an ash residue. The public does not witness the cremation process. No part of the actual cremation is seen or is in evidence to the public. Cremation, does not mean elimination of a funeral service and the values the funeral service can provide. There can still be visitation and a service, with or without the body or cremated remains present. The body of the deceased person is always cremated in the casket or container in which it is received at the crematorium. The casket or container will not be opened under any circumstances.

One of the most often asked questions regarding cremation is "Do I need a casket?" The answer is no, however, crematoria require that the remains be enclosed in a container before delivery to the crematorium, for the purpose of cremation. (The same as for earth burial). Name plates, handles or other decorations, containing lead or other non-combustible material are removed, by the staff of the crematorium, and will not be re-used. The receptacle or casket that contains the body of the deceased is completely consumed by the cremation process, leaving only the skeletal remains which have been reduced to an ash, which have a weight of three to five pounds. Following cremation the cremated remains are gathered with care and placed in a sealed urn for final disposition. This can be the basic urn supplied by the crematorium or one selected by the family, from the funeral home.

Ontario law requires a 48 hour waiting period prior to cremating of a body in order to allow the coroner's office the opportunity to review the circumstances of the death and to issue a certificate to cremate. There is a fee payable to the County Coroner for this document and our staff will arrange for this document.

Following cremation, the remains are returned to the executor/or next of kin, in an urn. The remains may be: kept by the family, interred in a cemetery, (in a family grave or in newly purchased property), placed in a niche in a columbarium at a cemetery, stored in a common crypt at a cemetery, or scattered on one's own private property.

Our funeral directors can assist you with these decisions and facilitate the method that best meets the needs of the family. When the final disposition of the cremated remains takes place the family may wish a committal service at this time and arrangements can be made for this, upon request.


There are various sources of financial assistance available. It would be advantageous to investigate prior to need, if you will be eligible to receive assistance. We have a manual which carries information about assistance via funeral grants and benefits and these can be explained by our staff.

We have experience in this complex area and can advise you on how to make an application for assistance. A few sources for funds include: Life Insurance, Canada Pension, Department of Veterans Affairs, The Last Post Fund, Department of National Defense, Public Trustee, Workmen's Compensation, Fraternal Organizations or Social Services. Some of these organizations provide a complete funeral service while others contribute toward the cost. It should also be understood that there may be limitations set on the services before you are eligible for the benefit.


Everyone should have a Will. If you die without a Will, the cost of administration of the estate is increased and your estate may not be distributed as you would wish. You should ensure that your spouse or close relative knows where your Will is located and who your executor is. The executor should be notified immediately upon a death. The executor is legally responsible for the funeral arrangements. Your executor should be familiar with your assets, as this information regarding your estate is necessary before the administration of your estate can begin to take place.

You should also ensure that your spouse and dependants have access to sufficient money to allow them to pay current expenses until your estate is settled.

An itemized list of:
where your Will is, who your executor is, who your lawyer is and various assets such as: Life Insurance Policies, Real Estate deeds, Property Insurance, Tax Information, Group Life Insurance policies, Pension Plans, Health Insurance Policies, Savings Plans: R.R.S.P.'s or R.H.O.S.P.'s, Bank Accounts, Retirement Accounts, Credit Union Accounts, Safety Deposit Box, Mortgages, Stocks and Bonds, Investments, Motor Vehicle Insurance & Registration, Credit Card Accounts, Outstanding Loans, lists of collections (eg. stamps, coins, etc.) would make the settling of your estate much easier for your executor and the process could be dealt with most expeditiously.

A list of information regarding lodges, societies, clubs, alumnae associations, professional associations, unions, military service and subscription to periodicals and magazines will assist your executor or family, in notifying them of the death and settling your affairs.


The prearranged funeral is an opportunity to carefully plan for an orderly conclusion of life. It is not a difficult or complicated task and it can give one peace of mind. It can eliminate some of the anxiety which can accompany a death.

Simply, prearrangement is a practical way of determining an individual's wishes for a funeral in advance. The prearranged funeral provides the opportunity to decide the type of services preferred and outline instructions for final arrangements.

If you are planning your own funeral, prearrangement can also serve as a guide to family and friends. That foresight can be invaluable in a time of stress. In advance of need, you and your family can discuss together, decide together and act together, on what will meet everyone's needs, with regards to a funeral service.

It should be noted that any type of funeral can be prearranged and this can be done at the funeral home or in the convenience of your own home, if you prefer.

Most people plan for an orderly conclusion to life with a will, adequate life insurance benefits and pension plan. The prearranged funeral is part of this kind of sensible planning. The greatest advantage is that through prearrangement, choices can be made in a less emotional setting. These choices include the professional services required, the type of casket, suggestions for the funeral service and preference for earth burial, entombment or cremation. Decisions made in advance of need can be made with less haste and without anxiety over a death and the pressure of immediate decisions.

In Ontario, prearrangements for a funeral can only be made through a licensed funeral service establishment. We at Wall-Custance have a prearrangement program that is available for the asking. When you discuss a prearranged funeral with our funeral director, it is your opportunity to ask questions and get clear, concise answers. It is the time to be sure you fully understand what services are performed and why. This is also the time to determine what costs are involved. With this information, intelligent, informed decisions can be made.

When a death occurs, a period of adjustment begins for the family and friends. The prearranged funeral saves them the task of making important decisions on final arrangements during a time of emotional stress. Prearranging a funeral is a practical idea that makes sense. Statistics for l989 show that 15% of funerals conducted had been prearranged. Each year this percent increases.

Funerals can be prearranged and prepaid through our funeral home. The planning process will be little more than a discussion. Think of it as an open and frank conversation in a relaxed environment. Trust and openness are integral parts of this relationship. When you meet with our funeral director to discuss a prearrangement, there will be two steps to the process. The first is an informal question and answer session where you begin to determine and understand your requirements. Next is the more formal exchange of information and recording of your wishes. A record of your wishes will be kept on file for future reference and may be revised upon request. We would caution against only recording your wishes in your will. It is often not possible to have the will available when needed. Your family or executor should be notified of any preferences and where your prearrangements have been made.

Where there is a definite preference, or where there isn't likely to be any survivors to make the funeral arrangements, and you want assurance that your wishes will be followed, the prearranged funeral certainly has merit. Preplanning can save needless misunderstanding and expense.

There are several important things you should consider. You may wish to carefully consider the type of arrangements you will require in consultation with family, friends or clergy as well as our funeral director. You will probably want to follow religious practices as expected by your church. Be considerate of your family members that will be left behind by discussing your ideas with them and allowing them to offer their suggestions. Make general suggestions that can be adapted or adjusted to make the funeral more meaningful to the participants. Don't be overly restrictive to those you love with impractical or impossible requests. Be flexible. You should think of your arrangements as suggestions that will assist those who will be involved at the time of death. Consider also, that the major reason for the funeral rite is to allow the survivors the opportunity to meet their own emotional and psychological needs. Therefore, while the funeral is of the person who has died, it is for the survivors.

Our staff are available to advise and counsel you, without charge or obligation, regarding prearrangements. Your questions, when answered, will give you peace of mind. Counselling you is a privilege - an obligation and service we are prepared for night or day.


There are no requirements to prepay when you prearrange a funeral, but you may wish to consider it. A prepaid funeral, in Ontario is under the jurisdicition of the Prearranged Funeral Services Act. A prearranged funeral may be prepaid at Wall-Custance, by means of a contract between you and the funeral director. The monies paid on a prearranged contract are protected by a bonding policy, through the Ontario Funeral Service Association. All monies received for the purposes of the prearranged contract are deposited, in a trust account, with the Guaranteed Funeral Deposits of Ontario and held in trust for the purpose of the prearrangement, in the name of the person the prearrangement is for. The interest earned from the principal sum of money, placed in trust, under the agreement, also stays in the trust account and is used to offset any increase in the cost of the services, merchandise and disbursements, contracted for in the prearrangement. The principal sum and accrued interest remains in the trust account until the death has occurred or a written request for a refund is received.

All monies paid on a prearranged contract remain the property of the investor until our service is provided. The prepaid funeral can therefore be looked upon as an investment which can be withdrawn along with all interest accrued, at the investor's request.

If you move or change your mind, a written request for a refund is all that is required to cancel the contract. All monies including the principal and accrued interest would be refunded.

Prepayment can be made in a number of ways:
By depositing the full amount
2) By paying an agreed upon amount each month or on a time basis, until it is paid in full
3) By making a deposit, to be credited towards the cost of the contracted prearranged services, at the time of need, with the balance being paid by the estate or next of kin
4) Record preferences and give instructions with no money paid in advance of need, but directing that all funeral costs be paid from the estate.

Prepayment of funeral expenses has some very distinct advantages in estate planning:
It is an absolute guarantee against inflation. Wall-Custance Funeral Home guarantees to provide, at the time of need, the services previously chosen, for the funds prepaid together with all the accrued interest and guarantees no additional charges for the prearranged-prepaid services at the time of need, irrespective of the time interval or inflation.

2) The funds for a prearranged funeral are placed in a trust fund and cannot be accessed by any outside individual or government agency.

3) The funds held in trust for the purpose of the prearrangement, including all accrued interest is completely refundable to the individual at anytime for any reason upon written request. There is absolutely no risk factor .

4) Wall-Custance does not have any administration fee or penalty clauses should an individual wish to cancel the arrangements and have the money refunded.

5) If, at the time of death, the funds held in trust with the accrued interest should supercede the amount required to fulfill the contracted obligation, the difference will be refunded to the estate.

6) The interest generated by this type of trust account is (at present) non-taxable to the individual in whose name the trust is held.

7) Prepaying a funeral is a legitimate method of reducing your estate in order to qualify for certain benefits that would otherwise be unobtainable.

8) Individuals of modest means are wise to consider prepaying their funeral before entering a nursing home or public institution. This ensures that there will be sufficient funds for the funeral of their choice, when the need arises. Many institutions now require that funeral arrangements be made before entering their institution for this reason.

9) The funds for a prepaid funeral can be paid completely at the time of the prearrangement or at a later date, or we can set up a time payment plan tailored to the individual's needs.

We welcome all enquiries without any obligation. We would be pleased to discuss our "Peace of Mind" prearrangement program with you and give you an itemized accounting at today's prices. You may then make a knowledgeable decision with the confidence that you are making the right choices.


Choosing a Funeral Home and Funeral Director is often a very personal matter based on a personal relationship with a firm or one of the Directors. For people with no previous association with a Funeral Home, here are a few guidelines in helping to determine a Funeral Home that will meet your needs.

Facilities are very important. An attractive building, tastefully decorated is a great asset. A formal chapel with pews adds a special dimension to the funeral service and assists greatly in the creation of a worshipful atmosphere. A private family alcove in the chapel is important to those, who appreciate solitude for the immediate family, during the service. The visitation rooms should be spacious and homelike. Is there a lounge where beverages are available? Does the funeral home have a private Reception Centre, where a family may host a post funeral reception? Does the home exude that special kind of warmth and tastefulness inducive to the unique purpose for which it is being used?

Access for the physically challenged is a consideration that must be taken into account. When the Wall-Custance building was re-designed we incorporated a ramp inside the main entrance for easy access, handicap washrooms were placed on the main floor and all public areas made wheelchair accessible. We have a wheelchair on the premises at all times and staff willing to assist.

Motor vehicle equipment is important to some. Wall-Custance maintains a fleet of immaculate late model vehicles. Limousines are hired in for those who wish to avail themselves of these services.

Location of a Funeral Home is a concern for out of town people. Is the funeral home located on a major thoroughfare to enable people unfamiliar with the area to find it easily?

Services are equally important. Do you have the feeling that the Funeral Director and the staff would willingly go out of their way to be helpful? Is he willing to advance monies, on your behalf, for disbursements such as: cemetery costs, flowers, newspaper notices, long distance phone calls etc.?

Costs obviously, as in any business, vary from establishment to establishment. It is to the advantage of the consumer to make inquiries concerning facilities, merchandise, and services. A reputable funeral home will have no hesitation in explaining their costs. At Wall-Custance, we acknowledge that part of our great success over the years, in this community, is attributed to our ability to remain extremely competitive.

When choosing a funeral home and funeral director, the advice of friends, clergy, associates or someone who has dealt with a funeral home in recent months is often helpful. Reputation in the community is reflective of a Funeral Home's success. With gratitude to the confidence and trust shown by those families we have had the privilege of serving, Wall-Custance acknowledges our success. We have grown from a small home with limited facilities to a home which offers the ultimate in service with "state of the art" facilities, able to handle every possible request.

Security: A feature of the Wall-Custance firm is our 24 hour security. Our staff live in the building and an electrical alarm system is in place for security.

Membership in the Funeral Association of Canada, the Canadian-Independent Group of Funeral Homes, the Ontario Funeral Service Association, and the Central Ontario Funeral Service Association is an important form of protection for the public. A strict code of ethics is also adhered to by the members of these associations.

In summary, when choosing a funeral home and director, it is very much to the consumer's advantage to make enquiries before making any decisions. By becoming knowledgeable about the services available, you can make the best possible choices for you and your family.

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