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Memorial Forest

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Memorial Forest

Dedicated Name Listings

On January lst, 1989, our firm initiated a totally new concept, in funeral service, for Guelph and area, with the introduction of our Memorial Forest Program. The purpose of the Wall-Custance Memorial Forest is to provide an opportunity to commemorate the life of a loved one, in a special way, by planting a tree - a Living Memorial. Each tree in this natural forest will be in memory of one who has lived. A tree symbolizes strength, shelter and durability. A tree planted in the Wall-Custance Memorial Forest is not only a symbol of hope but a sign of a new beginning. It will stand tall as a living tribute to the memory of the deceased. It will be a source of comfort and meaning to those who have suffered a loss and help to ease them through a difficult time. As a life ends, a new life begins. A tree is automatically planted for each individual whose funeral is conducted through Wall-Custance Funeral Home. memorialA living symbol of our appreciation for the confidence and trust placed in our firm, by those we serve. However, the Memorial Forest program is not restricted to those served by Wall-Custance Funeral Home, everyone is invited to participate in this project. The Memorial Forest is prominently located at the Arboretum, at the University of Guelph.

The planting of a tree can be arranged through Wall-Custance Funeral Home and Chapel. The family of the deceased receives an In Memoriam card, stating that a tree will be planted in the Memorial Forest, in memory of their loved one. The name of the deceased is engraved on the Memorial Forest Wall at the Wall-Custance Funeral Home as well as being published in the local paper, prior to the annual dedication service. It will also be printed in the Dedication Service brochure.

The current cost of having a tree planted is $50.00.  To order a tree, contact  Wall-Custance Funeral Home or complete our On-Line Order Form to e-mail Wall-Custance for processing.




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