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Complete Dedication Listing
Memorial Forest


At The Wall-Custance Dedication Grove
University of Guelph, Arboretum

"the life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" - Cicero


"as long as memory recalls, Those who die may live,
Until our mind’s eye dims, Immortality we give." (Anon.)

(an * beside the name indicates multiple trees have been planted in memory of the person(s)

Dedicated Name Listings
Click on the letter below to display last names beginning with that letter
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Group Names



Marcel T. Cabeke
Maria H. (Mary) Cabeke
Dorothy K. Cabeldu
Gordon D. Cabeldu *
Joan Cabeldu
Leonard W. F. Cabeldu
M. L. (Peggy) Cabeldu *
Margaret Cabeldu
Josefina T. Cabiladas
Joe Cachia
Lila Cadaret *
David Cadieux
Jill Cadman
Joyce M. Cadore
Alfred Cadorette
Amalia Cadorin
Christopher N. Caine
Antonio Caira
Elia Caira
Sam Cairney
Earl E. Cairns
Michael Cairo
Pietro Cal *
Douglas C. Calder
Verniece Calder
Ron Calderisi
Jean Calderwood
John Calderwood
Christine M. Caldwell
Forrest H. Caldwell *
Harvey W. Caldwell
Jean Caldwell
Mary I. Caldwell
Lily Cale
Francesca Calenda
Braden H. Caley
Rosemary Calhoun
Dan Callaghan
Stan Callaghan
Gerald Callahan
Ellen Callander
Owen J. Callary
Margaret (Maggie) Calvert
Thomas F. (Fred) Calvert
Wilma Calvert
Glendon A. Calvin
Carolyn Cameron
Clifford L. Cameron
David D. Cameron
Eugene A. Cameron
Hazel A. Cameron
Hugh R. Cameron
Iris & Rodney Cameron
Jean Cameron
John Cameron *
Paul D. Cameron
Sandra M. Cameron
Violet Cameron
Frances Camilleri
Tony Camilleri
E. Jean Camm
Patrick J. Campagnaro
Rose J. Campagnaro
Amelia & Frederic Campagnol
Freda Campagnolo *
Joseph P. Campagnolo
Lillian M. Campagnolo
Ada M. Campbell
Alexandra (Sandy) Campbell
Allan D. Campbell
Angus Campbell
Ann Campbell
Arleigh C. Campbell
Arthur B. Campbell
Beulah Campbell
Bill Campbell
Brian Campbell *
Cameron W. Campbell
Charles J. Campbell
Chris Campbell
Colin Campbell
Craig Campbell
Dallas A. Campbell
Dalton E. Campbell
Donald C. Campbell
Donald R. Campbell
Donald W. M. Campbell
Doreen M. Campbell
Dorothy A. Campbell
Douglas L. Campbell
E. Anne Campbell
Edith M. Campbell
Evelyn A. Campbell
Gary M. Campbell *
Glen G. Campbell
Gord Campbell
Helga Campbell
J. Alexander Campbell
J. Gordon Campbell
James M. Campbell
Jean (Murray) Campbell
Jean G. Campbell
Joan E. Campbell
John & Peggy Campbell
John D. Campbell
John G. Campbell
John M. Campbell *
John M. (Jack) Campbell
John W. Campbell *
Laird C. Campbell
Lillian M. Campbell
Lois D. Campbell
Lois L. Campbell
Louise Campbell
Malcolm Campbell
Malcolm C. Campbell *
Margaret Campbell
Margaret J. W. (Madge) Campbell
Mary Campbell
Mona Campbell
Myrtle W. Campbell
Norma E. Campbell
Norman D. Campbell
P. Gordon C. Campbell
Pat (Soupy) Campbell
Robert B. Campbell
Robert H. Campbell *
Ronald R. P. E. Campbell
Rose Campbell
Rose M. Campbell
Ruby E. Campbell
Ruth H. Campbell
Sandy Campbell
Scott B. Campbell
Steven J. Campbell
William B. Campbell
Wilma H. Campbell
Winnifred M. Campbell
Joseph Campolongo
The Hall Family, Canada & Ireland
Maria Canario
Audrey L. Cann
David Cann
Gordon D. Cann
James Cann
Jessie H. Cann
Helen Canne *
Anne Canning
John Canning
Martha Cannon
Harry L. Cantlon *
Katherine E. Cantlon
Antonio Capaldi
Harry Capes
Patricia Capes
Annina Cappellano
Giuesppe Caracci
Nicholas J. Caravaggio
Simone Caravaggio
Florence Carberry
Joyce Carbery
Effie Carbin
Effie Carbin
Edward (Ted) Card
Ellen B. Card *
Shylo Cardiff
Vida Card-Stone
Cheryl A. Cardwell
Ivan Cardwell
Angela Carere
Carl Carere
Delina Carere
Jimmy Carere
M. Victoria Carere
Nellie Carere
Romulus P. Carere *
Vincenza C. Carere
Vincenzo R. Carere
Angelo Carestia
Maria Carestia
Gwendolene (Gwen) P. Carey
Ken Carey
Frances R. Cargo
George W. Cargo
Herbert (Ted) Cargo
C. Margaret Carhart
Helen T. Carhart
Norman E. Carhart
Pierre P. Cariot
Nora Carlaw
Clara M. Carleton
Terrance J. P. Carlo
Dino A. Carloni
Benjamin & Elizabeth Carman
Elsie G. Carmichael
Josephine E. (Jo) Carmichael
Karl A. Carmichael
Mildred Carmichael
Roy C. Carmichael
Thomas E. Carmichael
William (Bill) P. Carmichael
Philip J. Carney
Robert Carniel
Cecil H. Carnochan *
Shirley H. R. Carnochan
Shirley M. Caroline
Clem Caron
Barbara A. Carpenter
Gina (Dorothy M.) Carpenter
John A. Carpenter
Sheena Carpenter
Walter Carpenter
Maria Carpino *
George Carr
Jessie Carr
Juanita M. Carr
Minnie Carr
Patrick Carr
Cesar J. Carreira
Ruth A. Carreiro
Richard Carrick
Winnifred J. Carrick
Evelyne Carrier
Eric W. Carriere
Juliette Carriere
P. A. J. (Peter) Carriere
Edward V. Carroll
Edwin C. Carroll
Elsie F. L. Carroll
Elsie L. Carroll
Franklin (Frank) Carroll
James E. Carroll
Marjorie E. Carroll *
Myrtle J. Carroll *
T. Austin Carroll
Bruce Carruthers
Eleanor Carruthers
George Carruthers
Daniel A. F. Carson
Sadie Carson
Willard Carson
A. Jean Carter
Algeva E. Carter *
Clarice A. Carter
Deanna D. Carter
Dorothy I. M. Carter
Edward (Ted) A. Carter
Edwin T. (Ted) Carter *
Ernie Carter
Faye Carter *
Frederick T. Carter
George A. Carter
Geraldine (Gerry) Carter *
Gillian Carter
Glenna M. Carter
Grace E. Carter
Jean A. Carter
Joseph M. Carter
L. Ruth Carter
M. Kristen Carter *
Marion R. Carter
Mary G. Carter
Michael J. Carter
Norman Carter
Ruth P. Carter
Wallace (Wally) R. Carter
Walter Carter
Annette M. Carter-Hewey
Donald Cartlidge
Guiseppe Caruso
Mark Carvalho
Cynthia A. Carvell
Joy Carwardine
Francesco Casale
Giuesppe (Joe) Cascio
Fioretto, Gerard & Joseph Case
Renato Case
Umberto Case
Hilda J. M. Casey
Darren R. Cashmore
Sarah J. Casler
William F. Casler
Anthony P. Caspers *
Nancy D. Caspers *
Douglas N. Cass
Anne R. Cassar
Mary T. Cassar
Victor Cassar
Cathleen C. Cassel
Elgin C. Cassel
Rose M. Cassel
Matthew C. Cassell *
Karlie A. Casselman
Duke Cassidy
Ethelyn Cassidy *
Rita Cassidy
Paloma Cassidy-Sealy
Madelyn G. Cassie *
Richard O. Casson
Tranquilla Castellan
Maria Castellano
Agnes & George Castilloux
Enid E. Castle
James G. Castledine
Marjorie Castledine
Edith G. J. Caston
F. Meville Caswell
Harold D. Caswell *
Lloyd W. Caswell
Marion J. Caswell
Marjory Caswell
Mildred Caswell
Moira L. Caswell
Richard G. Caswell
Beatrice M. Cater
Mr. & Mrs. E. Cater
Susan Catlin
Tom Catlin
Erlinda Catre
Janet M. L. Catteau
Joey D. Catteau
Richard R. (Dick) Catteau
Stella M. J. Catteau
Douglas B. Cattran *
Shelton A. J. Cattrysse
Carman Caudarella
Paolo Caudarella
Jennie Caulfield
J. Armant L. Causley
Robert G. Cavanagh
Ernie C. Cavanaugh
Charlie Cavasin
Bruno J. Cavasotto *
Richard Cave
J. Ross Cavers
Pascha Cavoto
Petra Cavoto
Piola Cavoto
James H. Cayford
John S. Caylor
Edda & Mario Cazzola
Maria T. Cebotarev
John-Paul Ceccato
Lanfranco Ceccotti
Hatije Celhyka
Nermiye Celik
Harry Cellini
Shirley Celotto
Attilio Cenedese *
Rafael Ceron
Nancy C. Cerson
Alfonso Cervi
Christien Chabot
Frances E. Chadder
Irene F. Chadder
Paul D. Chadder
Joyce M. Chafe
Rama Chakravarty
Agnes Chalk
Charlotte & Norman Challenor
Anna S. Chalmers
Blanche A. Chalmers
George H. Chalmers
James Chalmers
Jessie Chalmers *
John Chalovich
Albert Chamberlain
Beatrice Chamberlain
Blayne D. Chamberlain
Clifford Chamberlain
Edmund Chamberlain
Hazel E. Chamberlain
John C. (Jack) Chamberlain
Marion H. Chamberlain
Michael J. Chamberlain *
Myrtle Chamberlain
Olga (Ola) M. Chamberlain
Robert Chamberlain
Wm. Bradley Chamberlain
Gail Chambers
John B. S. Chambers *
Kevin Chambers
Lucy E. Chambers
Mark G. Chambers
Victor Chanasyk
Irene Chance
Clara A. Chandler
Douglas G. Chandler
Shirley Chandler
Anand Changoor
Dolcy Changoor
Lalchan Changoor *
James Chant *
Khong Chanthasy
Andrew Chapeski
Joanne A. (Schubert) Chaplin *
Ed Chaplinsky
Constance K. Chapman
David J. Chapman
Gary E. Chapman
George C. Chapman
Harold Chapman *
Hettie Chapman
Kenneth W. Chapman *
Margaret Chapman
Matthew Chapman *
Richard (Dick) Chapman
Stan Chapman
Dennis C. Chappel
Herbert C. Chappel
Roy M. Chappel
Shirley Chappel
Smith Chappell
Claude Chaput
Michelle Chaput
Deependra Charan *
Doris I. Chard
The Charity Twin Sons
Beryl Charles
Florence Charlesworth
William J. Charlesworth
George F. Charlton
John Charlton
Lilian Charlton
R. Yvonne Charlton
Ronald K. Charlton
Peter Charney
Peter Charney


Henrietta Charrier
Marilyn Charron
Cliff Charters
Jeffrey P. Chartrand
Wilhelmina E. E. (Willy) Chatman-Decker
Donna Chau
Beatrice B. Checkley
Christina Checkley
Doris M. Checkley
Evelyn Checkley *
John Checkley
John C. Checkley
W. John (Jack) Checkley
Barry W. Cheeseman
Lewis M. Cheeseman
Christopher J. Chelli
Edith Chelli
John Chelli
John Chelli
Mary Lou Chelli
Kim Chelli Kerr
Guoman Chen
Colin Cherrie
David A. Cherrie
Jamie Cherrie
Sarah T. Cherry
C. Lorraine Cheskey
Theodore K. Cheskey
Marjorie E. (Liza) Chesshire
Reginald P. G. Chesshire
Joyce Chester
Ann Veronica Chesworth
Devasia Chethipuzha Isaac
Suen Cheung
Grant B. Chevrette *
Mose Chiasson
Eva S. Chick
Mary Jane Chick
Florence Chicoine
Paul F. Chidwick
John Chihrin
Kathleen A. (Kay) Chihrin *
Michael Chihrin
William Chihrin
Albert J. Chilcott
Jack & Marjorie Child
Craig T. Childerley
Terence W. Childerley
A. Margaret Childs
Lillian Chilton
Robert S. Chilton
Audrey Chilvers *
Frank E. Ching
Mary Helen Ching
Elizabeth G. Chipcase
Howard H. Chipchase
Jean H. Chipman
Misiu Chips
Edith L. Chirnside
Louis P. Chirnside
Brittney M. Chisholm
Duncan & Vera Chisholm
Helen M. Chisholm
Lorna M. Chisholm
Peter S. Chisholm *
Rick (Skinner) Chisholm
William O. Chisholm
Ronald D. Chitwood
Ruth J. Chitwood
Maria Chourzamanis
Alan C. Chovil
Mei-Chiu Chow
Tanzib Chowdhury
Gordon H. Chrissley
Allan Christensen *
Else Christensen
Jorgen Christensen
Ruby L. Christensen
Melanie A. Christiaens
Dora Christian
George Christiansen
Andrew Christianson
Emma (Emmy), Reuben E. & George Christie
Ivadell V. Christie *
Jane I. Christie
Lillian E. Christie
Lindsay & Mildred Christie
Lindsay Wm. Christie
Raymond M. Christie
Helen Christo
Mary E. Christopher
Norman Rolf Christopherson
Rolf Christopherson
Wanda Chrobot
Chin Wen (Charlie) Chung
Bruce C. (Boo) Church
David W. Church
John S. Church
M. Phyllis P. Church
Margaret Y. Church
Verna P. Church
Harry H. Churcher
Leslie J. (Les) Churcher *
M. Maude Churcher
Michael Chwastiak
Greta K. Cianfarani
Italo (Chico) Ciaschi
Nicola (Nick) Cicchetti
Michael Ciccia
Josip A. Cikovic
Anna Maria Cinel
Matteo (Mickey) Cipolla
Jonathan T. Cipriano
Nancy Cirillo
Elizabeth Cirne
Monte Cirotto
Tracey Civiero
Jane R. Clafton
J. Michael (Mike) Clair
James Clair
Margaret A. Clair
Peter F. Clair
Diane M. Clancy
Doris Clancy
Gertrude M. Clancy
Alice B. Clapperton
Thelma A. Clare
B. Gail Clarence
Anne-Marie Clark
Barbara M. Clark
Benjamin J. Clark
Bob Clark
Diane L. Clark
Donald (Dan) G. Clark
Donald R. Clark
Donalda H. Clark
Dorothea (Evans) Clark
Elizabeth (O'Neill) Clark
Ernest A. Clark
Frank A. Clark
Georgina & Robert J. Clark
Gordon R. Clark
Grayson Clark
Herbert A. Clark
Howard M. Clark
Isobel (Tari) Clark
Jack H. Clark
James Clark *
James Clark
James Clark
John Clark
John Clark
Kathleen D. Clark
Kenneth E. (Ken) Clark
Linda Clark
M. Elsie Clark
M. R. (Maisie) Clark
Malcolm Clark
Marie A. Clark
Marjorie J. Clark
Matthew G. Clark
Mildred M. Clark
Peter G. Clark
Roger Clark
Roger K. Clark
Rosemary Clark
Shirley R. Clark
Stephen P. Clark
Thomas P. Clark
Vera M. Clark
A. Ida Clarke
Carl S. Clarke
David Clarke
Dorothy Clarke
Dorothy E. Clarke
Edward C. Clarke
Emily Clarke
Ethel F. Clarke
Eula I. Clarke
Floyd A. Clarke
Harold J. B. Clarke
James H. Clarke
Jeannette I. Clarke
John Clarke
Kaye Clarke
Keith Clarke
Marion E. Clarke
Mary C. Clarke
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Clarke
Norma Clarke *
Nuala Clarke
Peter H. Clarke
Petra L. Clarke *
Robert Clarke
Robert K. Clarke
Robert S. Clarke
Shirley M. Clarke
William E. Clarke
Winnifred Clarke
M. Sandra Clarkson
S. Wilma Clarkson
T. Raymond Clarkson
William Clarkson
Olive I. G. I. Clarry
Doreen Clasen
Gladys Clay
Cristina Clayton
Dennis Clayton
Douglas A. Clayton
Edythe J. Clayton
Gerald J. Clayton
Harold Clayton
M. Joy Clayton
Marion E. Clayton
Michelle E. Clayton
Rose J. Clayton *
Stanley M. Clayton
D. J. (Jeanette) Cleary
John D. Cleary
William A. Cleary
Benjamin A. Clegg
Douglas W. Clegg
Zoe Clegg
Flora Cleghorn
J. Allan Cleghorn
John H. (Jack) Cleghorn
Dave Clelland
Albert K. Clement
Corrie Clement
Frances M. Clement
Marinus Clement
Frances Clements
Raymond Clements
Brad Clemes
Ian L. Clemes
Therese Clemes
Rasila V. Clerk
Arthur F. Cleveland
Edna Cleveland
Janet Cleveland
John G. Cleveland
Norma D. Cleveland
Hilary Clews
Irene Cliche
Jack C. Cliff
John Clifford
Marguerite Clifford
Terrence J. Clifford
Tylor E. W. Clifford
William A. (Bill) Clifford
Martha C. Clift
John A. Clifton
Jack Clinton
James Clinton
Elsie M. Cloke
Philip S. Cloke
Grace Close
John J. Close
Arthur L. Clough *
Doris Clough
Edward A. (Rick) Clough *
Herbert H. Clough
Kathleen (Kay) E. Clough
Evelyn L. Cloultier *
Gisèle Cloutier Girard
Raymond A. Clow
Agnes Cluff
Theresa L. Clunies
Fran Clysdale Holloway
David H. Coady *
Veronica Coady
George W. Coates
Helen Coates
John R. Coates
Madeleine Coates
Maeve Coates
Rae Coates
Robert J. Coates
Frances Coatsworth
Glenn Cobb
Elizabeth I. (Betty) Coburn
I. Jeanette Coburn
John E. Coburn
Linda (Lin) Coburn *
Margaret L. Coburn *
Peter Cocchio
Bob Cochran
Jean Cochran
E. W. Newell Cockburn
Harold D. B. Cockburn
Helen Cockburn
M. Lila Cockburn
Cliff Cockerill
Eveline (Eve) Cockerill *
Anne L. Coddington
John Code
M. Lorne Code
Sandy Codispodi
Charles Cody
Pauline Cody
George L. Coe *
Margaret B. Coe *
Steve Coffey
C. Rex S. Coffin
Shirley-Ann Coggan
Peter Coghlan *
Germaine Cogliati
David E. Cohen
Maria-Paz Cohen
John (Jack) H. Coker
Kenneth G. Coker
Giuseppe Colanardi
Jean Colbert
Norina H. Colbran
Clayton W. Colby *
Beatrice Cole
Bessie M. Cole
Blanche H. Cole
Cy Cole
Douglas G. Cole
G. Joy Cole
John A. Cole
John P. Cole
Margaret E. Cole
Olive M. Cole
Ray Cole
Ruby L. Cole
Walter A. Cole
Wayne Cole
John Cole Sr.
John T. Coleman
Lloyd Coleman
Ronald G. Coleman
Melita Colero
Ralph Colero
Charles Coleshill
Edna M. Coley
Edwin Coley
Patrick Wm. Colgan
Elizabeth K. (Bessie) Colin
Constance E. Collard
James C. Collee
Mary R. Collee
Muriel E. Collens
Robert J. Collens
Karen Collet
Charles Collett
Edna L. Collett
Nancy Collett
Dorothy F. Colley
Freda M. Colley
James Colley
James R. Colley
Kenneth J. Colley
Louise Colley
William K. Colley
Amelia M. Collier
Delilah G. Collier
Dorothy R. Collier *
Harry O. Collier
John E. (Jack) Collier *
M. A. Isabel Collier
Ronald E. Collier *
Georgina M. Collin
Jacques E. Collin
Doris Colling
Joy Collingridge
Ellen (Helen) F. Collins
Eugene Collins
Gertude (Gary) Collins
John Collins
John P. Collins
Joseph Collins
Marilyn A. Collins
Patricia A. Collins
Robert K. Collins
Robert W. Collins
Stanley H. Collins
Stella Collins
Arta May Collver
Catherine Collver
Licia Colosimo
Gloria Colston
Alan J. Colville
Mary Colwell
Sheldon J. Colwill
Bruno Comacchio *
Eduardo Comacchio
Giorgio Comacchio
Silvio Comacchio
Michael Comar
Hazel I. Comba
Becky Comeriato
Frank Comeriato Sr.
Margaret E. Comfort
Ralph G. Comfort
Agostino Comini
Alex Commanda
Lois J. Common
William J. Common
Eileen Comrie
Margaret Concordia
Matthew R. Condon
Rigas Condos
Arthur J. Congdon
Carolyn Congdon
W. A. Stewart Congdon
John C. Coniam
Ruth H. Coniam
B. Isabel Conley *
Marie A. Conley
Douglas V. Conlon
Vivian M. Conlon
James V. Connell
June E. Connolly
Leo J. Connolly
Mona E. Connolly
A. Mary Connor
John A. Connor
Margaret S. C. Connor *
Dell Connors *
Karen J. Connors
Gertrude Conolly
Lloyd Conolly
Beryl T. Conrad
A. Brandon Conron
Caroline L. Conron
Olive Constantineau


A. J. (Tony) Contini
Camillo & Giovina Contini
Clotilde (Tilda) Contini *
Joe Contini
Verna R. Contini *
Verne Contini
Victor Contini
Kathleen J. Convay
Dominic Conversano
Abbott Conway
Karisa J. Conway *
Anna L. Cook
Barbara Cook
Cecil W. Cook
Eileen M. Cook
Elizabeth C. Cook
Frank K. Cook
Frederick R. (Rolly) Cook
George T. Cook *
Hilda I. Cook
Mary Cook
Melissa K. Cook
Muriel Cook
Sandra Cook
W. Alexander Cook
Aileen M. Cooke *
Doreen M. Cooke *
George Wm. Cooke *
Marilyn Cooke
Richard G. Cooke
Edna M. Cookson
Laurie A. Cooley
Lloyd Coombe
David Coombes
Clayton Coon
Jane Coon
Jean Coon
Robert Coon
Gerald, Mary & Wilfred Coone
J. Bradley Cooney *
J. Bradley Cooney *
Albert A. Cooper
Bernard Cooper
Constance (Connie) V. Cooper
Dawn G. Cooper *
Don Cooper
Dorothy K. Cooper
Gerald W. Cooper
Godfrey H. R. (Jeff) Cooper
James Cooper
Jean Cooper
Joan F. Cooper
K. F. (Bill) Cooper
Karen E. Cooper
Leah V. Cooper
Lynn Cooper
Madeline Cooper
Margaret Cooper
Norm Cooper
R. Douglas Cooper
William (Bill) H. Cooper
I. E. (Pearl) Cooper-Justice
Arthur H. (Hal) Copeland *
Gary S. Copeland
Irene M. Copeland
Jean Copeland
Jean A. Copeland *
John (Jack) Copeland
Kenneth Copeland
Mary Copeland
Mary Ann Copeland
Robert D. A. Copeland
William K. (Bill) Copeland
David E. Copeman
Elsie M. Copeman
Helen Copeman
Jean A. Copeman
Robert L. Copeman
William Copeman
Grace & Russell Copland
Grace E. Copland
J. S. Russell Copland
Ada Copping
Adelina Coppola
Stella M. Corbett
Giovanna & Virgilio Cordari
Gladys Cordes
L. Bruce Cordes
Mary Beth Corfield
Marietta Corkins
Joyce Corlett
Walter Cormack
William (Bill) Cormack
Matthew B. Corman
Steven R. Corman
Albeny Cormier
J. Laurie Cormier
Millard S. Cornell
Robert Cornett
William Cornies
John R. L. Cornish
Len Cornish
Marjorie E. Cornwall
Donald C. Cornwell
Donna M. Cornwell
Janice J. Cornwell
Mildred I. Cornwell
Robert C. Cornwell
Colum Corrigan
Elisa Corriveau
William H. Corry
Dorothy Corscadden
Dorothy J. Corscadden
Elizabeth (Betty) Corstorphine
Helen L. Corstrophine
Irene Cosh
Agnes M. Coslett
Bessie G. Costello *
E. Carl Costello
Ronald Costigan
Claire Cote
Eioleen M. Cotter
Franklin C. (Frank) Cotter
Arthur B. Cotton *
Jeannette Cotton
Mary D. Cotton
Fred Couchie
Pat Couchie
Joseph Couette
Patricia Coughler
Stephen A. Coulas
Arthur B. Couling
Barb Couling
Helen C. Couling *
Robert Couling
Len Coulombe
Beatrice M. Coulson
David Coulson
Lloyd E. Coulson
Marjorie Coulson *
Amy W. Coulter
Evelyn L. Coultier *
Stanley Coulton
Mary Couper
Gertrude A. Courchain
Armand (Leo) Cournoyer & Margaret Richards
Cathy Court
Jim Courtemanche
Mary Courtemanche
A. Ronald Courtenay
Kent Cousineau
Richard (Dick) Cousineau
John (Jack) Cousins
Evelyn I. P. Coutts
Faith A. Coutts *
G. Kenneth (Ken) Coutts
Jessica E. Coutts
John L. Coutts
Roger J. Coutu
Jackie Couture
Margaret Couture
Alison Cowan
Keith A. Cowan
Marguerite (Reta) Cowan
Maxwell Cowan
Ruth Cowan
Stephen L. Cowan
Virginia W. Cowan
William (Bill) Cowan
Alison Cowbrough
Constance I. (Connie) Cowbrough
J. Anne Cowbrough
M. H. (Lila) Cowbrough
Ronald M. Cowbrough
Alfred J. Cowell
Beryl M. Cowell
Frederick A. E. Cowell
Jacob A. Cowey
Constance (Connie) Cowhey
Jessie I. Cowie
Kenneth L. Cowie
Maurice W. Cowtan
Brenda Cox
Donald A. Cox
Eileen M. Cox
Elaine J. Cox
Frederick L. Cox
George A. Cox
Gordon L. Cox
Muriel D. (Mickey) Cox *
William G. (Bill) Cox *
John R. Coxe
Frank R. Coyle
Gino Cozza
Anna J. Cozzarin
Veronica Cozzarin
Ronald K. Crabtree
Joyce M. Cracknell
Mary E. Cracknell
Victor N. Cracknell
Norman A. Cragg
Isabel D. Craib
W. Ronald Craib
Bernice J. Craig
Elizabeth Y. Craig
James Craig
Joseph Craig
Lesley L. Craig
Margaret G. Craig
Margaret O. Craig
Marjorie Craig
Paul Craig
Russel W. Craig *
Thelma I. Craig
Stan Craigan
David E. Craine
Edgar L. (Ted) Craine
Marjorie Cram
Floyd Cramer
J. George Cramm
D. John Cramp
Norah M. Crandell
Alfred J. Crane
Allan H. Crane
Ethel A. Crane
Margaret Crane
Agnes Crawford
Alec Crawford
Bryan Crawford
Catherine Crawford
Josiah P. Crawford
Peter G. Crawford
Sheila B. Crawley
Alice M. Cream
Robert C. Cream
Reginald R. Creamer
John & Selah Crean
M. Toby Creedy *
George C. Creelman *
Tracy Creighton
Eleanor E. Crellin
Anthony J. Cremasco
Gertrude Cremasco *
Louise M. Cremasco
Marie Cremasco
Peter D. Crerar
Robert A. Crerar
Margie Cressman
John Cressy
Benvenuto (Benny) Crestani
Yvonne Crêtes
Elizabeth A. Crewson
Gordon F. Crewson
Koreen L. Crewson
Robert B. Crewson
Roy G. Crewson
Wilma J. Crewson
Jessie L. Crich
James H. Crichton
June R. Crick
June Criger
Brett R. Cripps
Stanley M. Cripps
John T. Crisp
Margaret E. Crisp
Edward J. (Ed) Crispin
Hazel I. Crispin *
Maxine G. Crispin
George Crittenden
Shirley Crittenden
Steve J. Crnkovic *
Carol Lynn Crocker *
Emma Crocker
Ruthann Crocker
Donald S. Croft
Ethel J. Croft
Isabella Croft
Louise M. Y. Croft
Gary R. Croll
Frederick H. Cromey
Keith Crompton
Cornell Cromwell *
Doris Crone
Ray Crone
Thelma A. M. Cronk
Lenore Crook
Alice Crooks
Jack Crosbie
Margaret M. Crosbie
Myrtle I. Crosbie
J. Kenneth Crosby
Marguerite I. (Peg) Crosby
Allan A. Cross
Allan F. Cross
Brian N. Cross
Gerald Cross
John Cross
Lloyd L. Cross
Margaret Cross
Margaret D. Cross
Nancy B. Cross
Ginger Crossin Allan Tafel
Ed Crossman
Grace D. Crossman
Robert (Bob) Croucher
Betty M. Crouse
Thomas Croves
A. Isabel Crow
Bernice E. Crow *
Evelyn I. Crow
Gordon R. Crow *
Kenneth & Margaret Crow
Margaret J. Crow
Mary I. Crow
William M. (Bill) Crow
Angus A. Crowder
Catherine M. R. Crowder
Eleanor F. Crowder
John D. Crowe
Christine Crowley
Bob Crowther
Marnie Crowther Burkholder
Alan Crozier
Olive Crozier
J. Gordon Cruikshank
Jean E. Cruikshank
Arthur J. D. Crust *
Edith V. Cryderman
Florence R. Cryderman
Ivan G. Cryderman
Larry G. Cryderman
Donald Cuddy
Alice Cuerrier
Teresa Cuevas
Irene W. Cuffley
Amy Culbert
S. J. Kenneth (Kacy) Culbert
Loretta Cullen
Patrick Cullen
Rose M. Culp
Vera E. Cummer
Alice Cummings
Barbara A. Cummings *
Doug Cummings *
Hazel Cummings
Helen M. Cummings
Russell S. Cummings
James Cummins
Moses Cummins
Laimonis Cuncins
Alan S. Cunningham
Alfred M. Cunningham
Barbara Cunningham
Dorothy I. Cunningham
Eliza S. (Betty) Cunningham
Gary Cunningham
Gordon Cunningham
Helen D. Cunningham
Helen J. Cunningham
James N. Cunningham
Jim (Cuss) Cunningham
Lovie Cunningham
Margaret E. Cunningham
Mary I. Cunningham
Robert J. Cunningham
S. Gail Cunningham
Simonne M. Cunningham
T. Donald Cunningham
Thomas Cunningham
Thomas A. Cunningham
Allan Cunnington
Beryl Cunnington
George B. Cunnington
Isabella Cunnington
Jim Cunnington
John H. (Jack) Cunnington
Antonio & Silvia Cupelli
Antonio (Tony) Cupelli
Silvia Cupelli
Raymond & Trevor Cupitt
Laurette Curatolo
Collin L. Cureatz
Peggy J. Curoe
Charles Curran
Gerald Curran
James G. Curran
Margery I. Curran
Anne M. Currie
Bea Currie
Janet E. A. Currie
John A. Currie
Laura H. Currie
Margaret J. Currie
Pauline A. Currie
S. Dorothy Currie
Sharon Currie
Stuart Currie
Fabian Curry
Lyle Curry
Edward G. Curtis
Edwin (Ed) Curtis
Jean Curtis
Lillian & Thomas Curtis
Mary A. Curtis
Mary Ann Curtis
Shirley Curtis
Thomas & Marie Curtis
Catherine Curtis & James Finnigan
Norma C. Curts
Gail Cushing *
John P. Cushing
Cesira Cusinato-Daniel
Andrew D. Custance
Lionel H. Cuthbertson
Elizabeth Mae Cutler
John (Jack) A. Cutler
Giovanni Cutrone
David H. Cutten
Lois E. Cutten
Brenda J. Cutting
Elaine Cutting
Ken Cutting
Norman E. Cutting
Stephen Cuvay
Vera M. Cwiek
Janina Czuchnicki
Steve Czyzewski


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