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Complete Dedication Listing
Memorial Forest


At The Wall-Custance Dedication Grove
University of Guelph, Arboretum

"the life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" - Cicero


"as long as memory recalls, Those who die may live,
Until our mind’s eye dims, Immortality we give." (Anon.)

(an * beside the name indicates multiple trees have been planted in memory of the person(s)

Dedicated Name Listings
Click on the letter below to display last names beginning with that letter
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Group Names



Trudy Haalboom
Melle T. Haan
John F. A. Haayen
Peter J. Haayen
Dathlin L. Hacker
Elvira Hackett
Gerald Hackett
Iris A. Hackett
J. Wm. (Bill) T. Hackett
Stella Marie Hackett
Gladus Hackman
John R. Hadaway
Patricia F. Hadaway
Ken Hadden
Jack & Margaret Haddow
Jack (Butch) Haddow
Jessie A. Hadfield
Reuben E. Hadfield
Alex Hadjis
Harold Hadley
Olga Hadre
Alma I. Haennel
Donald G. Haennel
Helmut W. Haessler
Rosemarie A. Haessler
Erna Ros Hafsteinsdottir
Doug Hagan
Aubrey W. Hagar
June B. Hagar
John P. Hagarty
Mary Hagarty
Rolf C. Hagen
Helmuth F. Hager
Winifred M. Hagerty
Agnes Hagey
Robert Hagey
Charles Haggerty
Jane Haggett
Hermann M. Hahn
Eugene S. Hahnel
Mary Haig *
Milton Haig
Sylvia E. Haight
Gunter Haim
Clayton B. Haines
Grace A. W. Haines
Kimberley Haines
Ronald D. K. Haines
Victor Haines
Maureen Hair
Samuel Hair
Samuel H. Hair
Donal L. (Larry) Haire
Karen L. Haist
Russell S. Haist
George Halas
Ed Halbach
Ralph N. Haldenby
Alan McD. Hale
Beverley A. Hale
Bob Hale
E. Betty Hale *
Fraser A. Hale
Jennifer C. Hale *
Alfred (Alf) Hales
Alfred G. Hales
Elmer M. & Teresa M. Haley
James L. Haley
Helen Halina
Walter Halina
Winnifred Halina
Victor Halinski
Dennis F. Halk
Alfred J. Hall
Allan C. Hall
Amy L. Hall *
Andrew A. Hall
Anne I. Hall
Bella E. Hall
Betty A. Hall
Clifford A. Hall
Colena E. Hall
Dorothy A. Hall
Dorothy H. Hall
Douglas G. Hall
Etta J. Hall
Gloria Hall
Graham W. (Digger) Hall
Harvey C. Hall
Heather M. Hall
Henry A. Hall
Jack Hall *
Jessie A. Hall
John Hall
John E. Hall
John M. Hall
Joseph W. Hall *
Kenneth Hall
Lawrence Hall
Margaret D. Hall
Margaret E. Hall *
Marion M. Hall
Mary C. Hall
Mary G. Hall
Mary L. Hall
Mary R. Hall
Nancy E. Hall
Nicholas A. Hall
Patricia D. Hall
Phyllis Hall
R. Barry Hall
Ralph Hall
Richard B. Hall
Richard D. Hall
Robert J. Hall *
Robert W. Hall
Ronald Hall
Roy W. Hall
Sarah & Thomas Hall
Theo Hall
Wilhelmina M. Hall *
Winnifred M. Hall
Wm. Gordon Hall
Thomas Wm. Hallam
Jennifer A. Hallchurch
Joan S. Hallenbeck
Joseph A. Halliburton
Katharine Halliburton
Ruth Halliburton
Wayne D. Halliburton
Alvin Halliday
Anne Marie Halliday
Ileen Halliday
Leva B. Halliday
Trudy Hallitt
Annie O. Halliwell
Margaret Halliwell
Stanley T. Halliwell *
Donalda M. Halls
Lorna Halls
Lorne R. Halls
Marion E. Halls
Mary E. Halls
W. J. Grant Halls
Christopher A. Halma
Peter G. Hamblin-Cobb
Lavern R. (Shorty) Hambly
Ruth A. Hamer
Dortha M. Hamill
Robert L. Hamill
Roy Hamill
Alice Hamilton
Bill Hamilton *
Clayton Hamilton
Frank Hamilton
Gordon W. Hamilton
Hazel Y. Hamilton
Helen Hamilton
Helen Hamilton
Helen I. Hamilton
Helen W. Hamilton
Irene Hamilton
James Hamilton
James E. Hamilton
Jemima C. (Jemi) Hamilton
M. Myrtle Hamilton
Margaret J. Hamilton
Margaret J. Hamilton
Mary Hamilton
Milton F. Hamilton
Myrtle Hamilton
Newton Hamilton
Paula J. Hamilton
Phyllis Hamilton
Ray Hamilton
Richard Hamilton
Robert P. (Bob) Hamilton
Vern Hamilton
W. Keith Hamilton
William D. Hamilton
William E. Hamilton
Wm. Wallace Hamilton
C. J. (Glen) Hamley
Norma L. Hamley
Marie Hamlin
Rudolf Hammer
Kent Hammersley
Eileen Hammill
Kenneth O. Hammill
Charles (Mac) Hammond
Doreen F. Hammond
Edwin (Ted) Hammond
Ethel L. Hammond *
Frances M. Hammond
Frederick O. Hammond
Ida R. Hammond
Jenny C. Hammond
Joseph W. Hammond
Kenneth W. Hammond
Marion R. G. Hammond
Roy S. Hammond *
Stanley Hammond
Vincent (Vince) J. Hammond
Maurice (Moe) Hamonic
Brittany Ann (Dejong) Hampson
Don Hampson
Joan Hampson
Robert J. (Bob) Hampson *
Marie Hanatuke
Ellen A. Hanbidge
Eileen B. Hancock
Gary Hancock
James H. Hancock
Macklin Hancock *
Stanley Hancock
Mary Eva Handley
Ellen Handy
Marjoria Haner
Mary M. Hanes
Leroy Haney
Pitsa Haniotis
Rose M. Hanley
Harry & Marjorie Hanlon
Patrick F. Hanlon *
Renee Hanlon-Pepper
Dana J. Hann
John Hann
Verna F. Hann
Catherine E. Hanna *
Charlotte Hanna
Emeline Hanna
Gladys A. Hanna
James W. C. Hanna
Jean E. R. Hanna
Sarah E. Hanna
Stanley Burt Hanna
Winnifred L. Hanna
Margaret E. (Betty) Hannaberg
Norman C. Hannaberg
Walter A. Hannaberg
Sandra Hannam
Marion C. Hannan
Ron Hannant
Betty J. Hanney *
Deborah J. Hanney
Thomas (Tom) Hanney
D. Jeanette Hannigan
Della Hannigan *
Eileen M. Hannigan
Gerald T. Hannigan
Gordon W. Hannigan
Jean M. Hannigan
Lionel Hannigan
Margaret E. Hannigan
Margaret R. Hannigan
Percy E. Hannigan
Donald I. Hanning
Norah R. Hanning
Verna E. Hanning
Agnes Hannusch
Carl G. Hansen
Clara D. Hansen
Edward (Ted) Hansen
Robert V. Hansen
Harry Hanson
Marie T. Hanson
Vera L. Hanson *
George A. Harber
Ernest Harbin
Madeline A. Harburn
Claudia Harbus
Doris B. Harcourt
John D. (Jack) Harcourt
Norman K. Harcourt
Lillian G. Hard
Muriel J. Hardcastle
R. Frederick Hardcastle
Ruby F. Hardcastle
David W. Hardie
Elizabeth J. (Betty) Hardie *
Jeremy Hardie
M. Joan Hardie
Boukje (Bonney) Harding
Dorothy M. Harding
Edmund G. Harding
Florence E. Harding
Harry, Susanna & Rose Harding
Hazel V. M. Harding
Joan Harding *
Ken Harding
Margaret Harding
Nettie B. Harding
Pamela Harding
Paul B. Harding
Robert L. Harding
Vera S. Harding
William C. (Bill) Harding
Jeffrey D. Hardwick *
Alison M. Hardy
Clifford F. Hardy
George B. Hardy
Ivy F. Hardy
John A. Hardy
Marion Hardy
Marion L. Hardy *
Mary E. Hardy
Mildred H. Hardy
Thomas H. (Tom) Hardy *
Beulah V. Hare
Dorothy Hare
Roland Hare
Jessie & Wilson Harford
Ryan Hargest
Elsie Hargreave
Jessie Hargrove
Anna Hariton
Jenabai Harji
Evelyn Harker *
William H. (Bill) Harkies
Ramelle P. Harkins
John H. Harkness
Victor W. Harkness
Patricia C. Harland
Egmont J. Harloff
Reta P. Harlow
Chris Harman
Clifford B. Harmer
Lila E. Harmer
Leigh C. Harmeson
Samuel D. Harner
Patricia M. Harney
Alfred (Alf) Harper
Daniel D. Harper
Dorothy R. Harper
Florence M. Harper *
Frederick A. Harper
Gillian Harper
Herbert C. Harper
Jean L. Harper
Margaret S. Harper
Marion E. Harper
Marjory Harper
O. Kate Harper
Philip S. Harper
Robina S. Harper
Ross E. Harper
Stanley J. Harper
Rohan Harrinarine
Cathy Harrington
David J. Harrington *
Dorothy M. Harrington
H. James (Huzz) Harrington
Helen B. Harrington
Thomas W. G. Harrington
Routie R. Harripersad
A. Derby Harris
Beverly L. Harris
Bruce W. Harris
Carol R. Harris *
Clive Harris
Donald W. Harris
Eileen Harris
Elizabeth (Betty) N. Harris
Evan Harris
Florence M. Harris
Georgina Harris
Gertrude L. Harris
Howard Harris
Inez Harris
James L. Harris
John (Jock) Harris
John D. Harris
K. Hazel Harris *
Lavina B. Harris
Leonard F. Harris
Margaret Harris
Margaret Harris
Phyllis E. Harris
Ralph Harris
Stephen P. Harris
William Harris
A. L. Harrison
Beatrice (Trix) Harrison
Charles A. Harrison
D. Roy Harrison
Donald C. Harrison
Donald C. Harrison
Dorothy M. Harrison
Elizabeth A. Harrison
Gertrude E. Harrison
Gordon W. Harrison
James G. Harrison
Joan E. Harrison
Maynard Harrison
Rhea M. Harrison
Sandra M. Harrison
Suzanne Harrison
Viona E. M. Harrison
James W. Harrod
Alpha M. Harron
Keith Harron *
Thomas Harron
Benjamin R. Harrop
Cedric Harrop
Laurel P. Harrop
Luella M. Harrop
Barbara Carr Hart
Helena S. Hart
Linda A. Hart
Louise M. Hart
Melissa L. Hart
Ted Hart
James J. Hartford
Elizabeth Hartley
Jimmie Hartman
George K. Hartmann
Martha G. Hartmann
C. Jean Hartmans *
John Hartung
Joyce A. Hartung
Carwin Hartwick
Roy E. Hartwick
Arthur L. Harvard
Christine Harvey
Doreen Harvey
Dorthea A. Harvey
Elizabeth Harvey
M. Louise Harvey
Marion Harvey
Mildred F. Harvey
Reginald Harvey
Robert M. Harvey
Edna M. Harwood
Elizabeth B. Harwood
Florence M. Harwood
George R. Harwood *
George S. Harwood
Lorna M. Harwood
Robert G. Harwood
Fiko Hasan
Sadrudin K. Hasham
Arthur G. Hasler *
Bonnie Hasler
H. Mildred Hasler
Cyril Hassan *
Fatomabai Hassanali
Ruth A. Hasselwander
William Hassert
Josephine Hasson
Mabel C. Hasson *
Matthew Hasson
Rita B. Hasson
Catherine S. Hastings
David Hastings
David E. Hastings
Ivy E. Hastings *
John Wm. Hastings
Vollen Hastings
Gordon Hatch
Harry Hatch
Mable J. Hatch
Nelson Hatch
Beverley A. Hatefi
Judith A. Hatfield
Agnes M. Hathaway


Victor Hatherly
Aileen Hattle
Charles L. Hattle
David Hattle
Thomas J. Hattle
Margaret Hofteig Hattstad
Eleanor M. Hauck
Edwin F. Haugen
Ann M. Haugh
Beatrice K. Haugh
C. Edgar Haugh
Debra A. Haugh
Harvey R. Haugh
John C. Haugh
John C. H. Haugh
James Hauser
Michael C. Haveman
John H. Haveron
Kenneth M. Havers
Margaret Havers
Christopher Haviland
Leola (Lou) P. Hawken
Peter Hawken
Stanley Hawker
Arthur L. (Art) Hawkes
David R. Hawkes
Hubert L. Hawkes
Muriel W. Hawkes
Carl Hawkins
Elizabeth M. (Bessie) Hawkins
Frederick T. Hawkins
Joanne A. Hawkins
Ken Hawkins
M. Jean Hawkins
Marion E. Hawkins *
Mary C. Hawkins
Rosemary T. (Rose) Hawkins *
Russell Hawkins
Rosie Hawrelluk
Geraldine M. Hay
S. Rita Haycox
Bryan J. Hayden
Donald L. (Don) Hayden
Dorothy Hayden *
Emily Hayden
Gregg Hayden
Lyla M. Hayden
Pat Hayden
Russell Hayden
S. Emily Hayden *
Tom Hayden
W. Brian Hayden *
Alvin B. Hayes
Cletus J. Hayes *
Doug Hayes
Ellen Hayes
Margaret I. Hayes
Mike Hayes
Nellie F. Hayes
Robert Hayes
Roderick (Roddy) Hayes
Roy D. Hayes
Stephen J. Hayes
W. Robert Hayes
John M. Hayhurst
Richard Hayman *
Paul Haynes
Tony & Eileen Haynes
Norma Haystead
Hedvika (Peggy) Hayston
Harry Hayton
Allan W. Hayward
Cyril T. Hayward
Edna E. Hayward
Ellen (Nellie) Hayward
Ernest G. Hayward
F. May Hayward
Joyce G. Hayward
Leonard Hayward
Thomas F. Hayward
Walter G. Hayward
M.E. (Helen) L. Hazell
Ross R. Hazell
Nadya Hazineh
Lena M. Hazlitt
John E. (Jack) Hazzard *
Charles B. (Chuck) Head
Jeanette & William Head
Joyce E. Head
Zola Headon
Arthur Heald
Wes Heald
Anne Marie V. Healey
Betty Healey
Ian E. Healey
Maria F. T. Healey
Nathan J. Healey *
Donald (Brett) Healy
Donald R. Healy
Marion Jean Healy
Sherry L. Heaney
John F. Heap
Joseph & Maggi Heap
Stanley J. Heap
Jan Heaphy
Jennifer A. H. Heard
R. Burrows Heard
Remy Heard *
Helen Hearn
Trevor C. Hearn *
Kaye Hearnden
Richard A. Hearsum
Alice Heath *
George E. Heath *
Joan E. Heath
Lloyd G. Heath
Marion S. Heath
Marjorie E. (Liza) Heath
Nellie V. B. Heath
Richard Heath
Richard Heath *
Kathleen Heathcote
Margaret Hebbes
Alice Hebden *
Cecil E. Hebden
Donald G. Hebden
Ken Hebden
Marg Hebden
Mary Hebden
Merril Hebden
Newton J. Hebden
Ruby E. Hebden
Arlene Hebden Chandler
Catherine P. Hebert
Daniel J. Hebert
Frederick C. Hebert
Stella M. Hebert
Russell W. (Rudy) Hedges
Emmeline Hedley
Theodore J. Heeg
Mary Heer
Irene Heffernan
John (Jack) Heffernan
Mona Heffernan
Norbert J. Heffernan
Brooke D. Heffren
Gunter F. Heffungs
Barbara J. Hefkey
Barbara Hegarty *
Eamon Hegarty
Stephen Heggart
Marlene Heibein
Nelson W. Heibein
Alexander Heiben
Gordon H. Heighton
Jacqueline (Jackie) Heikkila
Margaret A. Heiman
Gertrud Heimbuch
Garry C. Hein
Onney P. Hein
James W. (Jim) Heinisch
Klaus W. Heinisch
Thomas G. Heintzman
Joerg D. Heinze
Sasha I. Heinze
Shelley Helder
Bernice M. Heldman
Fayreen T. (Garger) Helland
Michael Hellbusch
Albert B. Heller
Ardith Heller
Marion E. Heller
Dave Hellewell
Steve Hellewell
Rupert Helmer
Wally Hem
Thomas O. (Og) Heming
Robert (Bob) Hemsley
Lewis Hemstock
Ross Hendershot
John D. Hendershott
Shirley B. Hendershott
Alan Henderson
Colin Henderson
Colin Henderson
Courtney Henderson
Earl Henderson
Eleanor M. Henderson
Elizabeth Henderson
Eva J. Henderson
Garfield A. Henderson
Gavin Henderson
George W. Henderson
Isabelle Henderson
Jacqueline M. Henderson
Jake R. Henderson
John W. Henderson
Kenneth I. Henderson
Lorraine F. Henderson
Margaret Henderson
Robert J. Henderson
Shirley Keturah Henderson
Stanley K. Henderson
Thomas Henderson
Thomas D. Henderson
Wilma R. Henderson
Stanley K. Henderson Jr.
Jonathan A. J. Hendery
Hank Hendriks
Hendrikje Hendriks
Hendrikje Hendriks
Roelof Hendriks
Frances Hendry
James Hendry
Jean B. A. Hendry
Margaret I. Hendry
Peter Hendry
Peter J. Hendry
Sylvia P. (Grace) Hendry
Hazel M. Hendy
John B. Hendy
Wm. E. Hendy
Hans Henke *
Lydia Henke
Kristiaan Henn
Bryce A. D. Henneberg
Brian Henneberry
Margaret A Henneberry
Evelyn H. Hennessey
Matthew (Mat) Hennessey
Timothy M. Hennessy
Harriet E. (Hattie) Hennigar
Georges Henning
Paul Henriques
Audrey R. Henry
Douglas M. Henry
James N. R. (Jim) Henry *
Joanne Henry
John L. Henry
Lauren Henry
Leo Henry
Marg Henry
Margaret Henry
Margaret Henry
Myrna J. Henry
Reginald W. Henry
Vaile C. Henry
Vern Henry
Diego L. Henschien
Pauline Henschien
Ricardo Henschien
Charles Henshaw
Audrey J. Henson
Evelyn A. Henson
Roy W. Henson
Bernard Henwood
Devon R. Hepburn
Donald J. Hepburn
Elizabeth Hepburn
Alma Herbert
Lewis Herbert
Pearl Herbert
Catherine (Katie) Herd
Del Hergott
Edward Hergott
Sarah Hergott
Rob Herman
John Hermann
Richard Herne
Murray Herod
Gertrude M. Herold
Betty Heron
Jane Heron
Kathrine & Matthew Heron
Matthew T. Heron
Zoe M. Heroux
Sally Herr
Frank Herring
Aileen D. Herron
Audrey J. Herron
Evelyn L. Herron
Philip A. Herron
Robert A. Herron
Samuel S. Herron
Terence W. Herron
Evelyn J. Hersey
Joseph C. Hersey *
Lloyd John Hersey
Lloyd R. Hersey, Jr. *
Irene M. Hershey
Jessica R. Hershey
Nelson M. Hershey
Esther Hershorn
Hilda Herz *
Kenneth J. Hesch
Larry K. Hesch
Violet K. Hesch
Frank Hess
Walter Hess
William A. Hess
Edward H. Hesson
Joseph A. Hester
Melody A. Hester-Tall
Melody A. Hester-Tall
Margaret H. Hetherington
Rosemary J. Hetherington
Wallace G. Hetherington
Audrey B. (Hodgeth) Hevenor
Tracy A. Heward
Kenneth (Ken) A. Hewat
David W. Hewer
Jessie W. Hewer
Laura A. Hewer
Mary A. Hewer
Roland G. Hewer
Ross G. Hewer
William Hewer
Clarence E. Hewitson
Daisy Hewitson
Dorothy M. Hewitson
J. Edward (Ted) Hewitson
Mary E. Hewitson
Robert Hewitson
Stanley B. Hewitson
Craig W. Hewitt
D. A. Donald Hewitt
Elmer R. Hewitt
Gayle C. Hewitt
Grace (Wallace) Hewitt
Harold R. Hewitt *
John J. (Jack) Hewitt
June L. Hewitt
Lilian M. Hewitt *
Norma J. Hewitt
Roy E. Hewitt
Carol Hewitt-Misener
Audrey F. Hewson
Doris L. Hewson
George B. Hewson
Jack E. Hewson
Frederick Hibbs
Leslie Hickey
Alfred Hickling
Harry Hickling
Angeline (Anne) M. Hicks
Anne Hicks
Anne T. Hicks *
Cora E. Hicks
Dorothy C. Hicks
Lorne Hicks
Ronald E. Hicks
Valerie J. Hicks
William E. Hicks
Ann Hickson
Linda Hickson
Toshitaka Hidaka
Brian Higgins
David Higgins
Harold D. Higgins
Vera Higgins
William F. Higgins
Wm. Eric (Bill) Higgins
Alfred C. High
Martin High
John B. Higham
Nelson H. Higham
Ross Hilbert
Diane E. Hilborn
Eric R. Hilborn
G. Harvey Hildebrant
Joyce Hilditch
Keith Hilditch
William K. Hilditch
Martin Hildreth
Joseph Hilko
Mildred A. Hilko
Amy & Carman Hill
Annette M. Hill *
Burton S. W. Hill
C. J. (Jerry) Hill
Charles H. Hill
David Wm. Hill
Dorothy M. Hill
Douglas C. Hill
F. Allen Hill *
Hazel F. Hill
Henry E. Hill
Hilda J. Hill *
Jack Hill
James S. Hill
Joanne Hill
John G. Hill
John H. Hill
Kathleen Hill
Lillian K. Hill
Margaret E. Hill
Marjorie Hill
Mary (Polly) Hill *
Maureen Hill
Michael (Mikey) A. D. Hill
Patricia M. & Paul R. Hill
Richard F. Hill
Sylvia M. Hill *
William (Bill) Hill
William J. (Bill) Hill
William L. Hill *
Audrey M. Hillen
Daniel E. Hillen
Phyllis Hillen
Bessie W. Hilliard
Donald E. W. Hilliard
Robert B. (Bob) Hillier
Robert F. Hillier
Donald G. Hillis
George J. Hillis
Robert B.C Hillis
Douglas H. Hillman
Estella M. Hillman
Ivy M. Hillman
Vernon E. Hillman
Stuart Hills
Elsie P.M. Hillson *
Lewis Hillson
Jack Hillyer
Lloyd D. Hilson
Bill & Lily Hilton
James D. Hilton
Janet M. Hilton *
Robert J. Hilton *
William Hilts
Winnie Hilts
V. Joan R. Hiltz
William L. Hiltz
Dorothy A. Himel
Beryl Hims
Alfred D. Hincks
Clifford E. Hincks
Isabel Hincks
Islay W. Hincks
Donna M. Hindley
E. May Hindley
Earl Hindley
Ethel A. Hindley
Francis J. (Frank) Hindley
George T. Hindley
Irene M. E. Hindley
Joseph C. Hindley
Kate Hindley
Lloyd T. Hindley
M. Elizabeth (Betty) Hindley *
John Hindmarsh
Annie H. Hinds
Clifford F. Hinds
Elmer G. Hinds
Muriel E. Hinds
Nelson E. Hinds
Verna P. Hinds
Wesley F. Hinds
John D. Hindson
Kenneth L. Hines
Molly Hines
Kurry Hingoo
William (Bill) Hingston
Louis E. Hinton
Marjorie I. Hinton


Chantal Hird
Eunice S. Hirst
George E. Hirst
Ethel E. Hirtle
Edward J. Hisaki
Catherine Hiscox
John P. Hislop
Charlotte Hitchcock
Anna Hladun
Stanley Hladun
Verona Hlisic
Peter Hlushko
Elsie M. Hoad
Brian M. Hoag
F. June Hoag
Wilfred J. Hoag
Patricia Hoare
Luanne Hobbs
Barry Hobson
Bernice E. Hobson
Douglas B. Hobson
Kenneth W. Hobson *
Patricia Hobson
Velda E. Hockaday
Blossom Hocken
Linda J. Hocken
Margaret A. Hockin
Doris M. Hodge
Helen A. Hodge
Jack Hodge
Sheila Hodge *
Leonard (Len) Hodges
Donald Hodgins
Kenneth R. Hodgins
Sylvia M. Hodgins *
Alreta Hodgkinson
Joyce Hodgkinson *
Patricia Hodgkinson
Rodger J. Hodgkinson
C. Mae Hodgson
Douglas S. Hodgson
Elinor C. Hodgson
Kathelin (Kay) Hodgson
Mary Hodgson *
Paul E. Hodgson
Ruth V. Hodgson
Wilfred E. Hodgson
Barbara Hodsdon
Emilia Hody
Edith Hoedl
G. Elizabeth Hoey
Morag R. Hoey
Verna B. Hoey
Krista Hofer
Martha Hofer
Brent Hoff *
Denton E. Hoffman
Fred A. Hoffman
Robert Hoffman
Patricia A. Hoffmann
Sven Hoffmann
Roelfien Hofman-Doornbos
Sylvia Hofteig
Angela Hogan
Gilbert (Ben) Hogan
Homer Hogan
Phillip L.P. Hogan
Stephen E. Hogan
Grace Hogarth
Mary Ann Hogarth
Ed Hogg
Edward P. Hohenadel
M. Frances (Fran) Hohenadel *
Leslie Wm. Holbrook
Marguerite M. Holbrook
Matthew Holden
Richard W. Holden
Ronald Holden
Ronald A. Holder
Arthur C. Holland
Emma E. C. Holland *
Faye Holland
Frances M. Holland
John G. Holland *
Murray F.(Grandpapa) Holland
Terrance (Terry) D. Holland
Lily Hollands
Edward C. Holley
Indigo Holley
Shirley N. Holley
J. Leonard (Len) Holliday
James M. Holliday
Lois E. Holliday
Norman C. Holliday
Clifford Hollidge
Kenneth R. Hollidge
K. J. R. Hollingbury
Olivea Hollingbury
Lawrence Hollinger *
Olive Hollinger
Catherine J. Hollings
Frances A. Hollingshead
Ken Hollingshead
Roy Hollingshead
Robert B. Holloway
Alice Holm
Hazel B. Holm
A. A. Holman
Britton Holman
Edith M. A. E. Holman
James R. Holman
Margaret Holman
Marjorie L. Holman
Allan Holmes
Allan R. Holmes
Anne Holmes
Arnold G. Holmes *
Barrie L. Holmes
Elizabeth (Betty) Holmes
Horace Holmes
Jack Holmes
K. Rebecca (Becky) Holmes
Kenneth Holmes
Shirley Ann E. Holmes *
William Holmes
Barbara Holody
Donald M. Holohan
I. G. Ruth Holohan *
Arnold J. Holst
Elizabeth M. Holst
Horace K. W. Holst
Adelaide H. (Nell) Holt
Carolyn Holt *
Wayne S. Holt
Lu May Holtom
John Holton
Jack R. Holtze
Christopher C. Holtzhauer
June T .I. E. Holtzhauer
Laverne (Mick) Holtzhauer
Margaret S. Holtzhauer
Michael A. (Mike) Holzhauser
Margaret Holzinger
Gertrude Holzmann
Carole Hommersen
Muriel Homonylo
William (Bill) I. Honeyman
Cleland M. Honsinger
Eric B. Honsinger
Helen M. Honsinger
Annie Hood
Chandra L. Hood
Marianne N. Hood
Thomas Hood
William Hood
William H. Hood
Albert J. Hooper
Angela M. Hooper
Barbara M. Hooper
Earl L. Hooper
Emma B. Hooper
Fred Hooper
Jeene Hooper
John C. (Jack) Hooper
Noah Wm. Hoos
A. Elizabeth (Bettie) K. Hooshley *
Alice E. Hooshley
Joseph J. Hooshley
Brian F. Hope
Louise Hope
Bob Hopf
Harold A. Hopf
Arlene D. Hopkins
Frances K. Hopkins
Irvine E. (Ted) Hopkins
Joanne T. Hopkins
Norman C. Hopkins
William Hopkins
Janice Hopp
I. Ann Hopper
Karen Hopper
Wilfred B. Hopper
Ernest J. Hopping
Joseph G. Hopwood
Maria (Mary) Horchak
Dennis W. Horn
Robert W. M. Horne
John S. Horner
Nancy Horner
Robert Horner
Albania R. Hornett
Helen M. Hornett
Frederick D. Horney
Shirley E. Horney
Ludwig & Alma Hornung
Dorothy L. Horrocks
Mary Horsborough
Barry L. Horsley
Barry L. Horsley *
George W. Horsley
Arthur D. Horton
Chris Horton
Jeannine Horton
Lillian B. Horton
Russell C. Horton
Jean C. Hortop
Cathy Horvath
Ted Horvath
Ian T. Horyn
Pat Hoshooley-Inch
Joyce Hosker
Reginald T. D. Hosker
Jason Hoskin
Jean F. E. Hosking
Ashshita Hossain
Eklach Hossain
Fazlunnesa Hossain
Les Hosszu
Theresa Hosszu
Betty R. Hostetler
Donald R. Hostetler
Michael Hough
Edith M. J. Houlden
Garnett B. Houlden
Reta M. Houlding
Wm. Stewart Houlding
Cynthia Houle
Noreen W. Houle
J. Timothy Hourigan
David House
Thomas R. House
Barry Houston
James W. Houston
Jitske (Jessie) Houtsma
Wopke Houtsma
Bertha Howard
Bev Howard
Charmaine Howard
Herman Howard
Mary A. (Maisie) Howard
Maurice V. Howard
Olivia M. (Pat) Howard
Peter J. Howard
Ruth E. Howard
Shirley M. Howard
Thomas Howard
David F. Howarth
Richard I. Howatt
Marjorie J. Howchin
Alfred & Jennie Howcroft
Shawn Howden
Thomas A. Howden
Elsie Howell
Frederick E. Howell
Mabel M. Howell
Betty J. Howes
David H. Howes
Douglas R. Howes
Gerald E. Howes
Gordon R. Howes
Joseph E. Howes
Margaret & Gordon Howes
Margaret M. Howes
Violet P. Howes
Wayne F. Howes
Bob Howie
Evelyn M. Howie
Gloria R. Howie
Gordon J. Howie
Grace W. Howie
James Howie
Kenneth E. Howie
Marjorie M. Howie
William (Bill) Howie
William A. Howie
Ada I. Howitt
Beatrice J. M. Howitt
Eleanor J. Howitt
John J. Howitt
Kenneth D. Howitt *
Margaret H. Howitt
Shirley A. Howitt *
Douglas Howlett
William R. Howlett
David E. Howse *
Frank Howse
Mary L. Howse
Paul R. Howse
R. Percy Howse
Robert G. Howse
John C. Howson
William M. Hoy
Erwin Hoyer
Mary & Paul Hrasce
Irene Hronowsky *
Antonia Hrycajczuk
Roman E. Hryciw *
Eleanor Hrynyk
Meng Yu Hsu
Eleanor Hubbard
Peter Hubbell
Douglas Hubbs
Corinne Huber
Frank E. Huber *
Linda S. Huber
Rita Hubers-Cornelissen
Andrew T. Hubert
Peter Hubner
Ernie Hudman *
Troy Hudman
Blanche M. A. (Mccallum) Hudson
Christopher Hudson *
Geo. Alexander (Sandy) Hudson *
Harry Hudson
Jeff Hudson
Raymond Hudson
Sean T. Hudson
William H. Hudson
Anastasia (Anne) M. E. Huether *
Beatrice O. Huether
Clarence R. Huether *
Eileen G. Huether
George W. Huether
William (Bud) Huether
William J. L. (Bill) Huether
Mary Jane Huffman
Mildred A. Huffman
James J. (Jim) Hug
Joan A. Huggett
Alan J. Hughes *
Barry Hughes
Beatrice Hughes
Dean Hughes *
George Hughes
Georgina (Jean) Hughes
Jack F. Hughes
James (Jim) Hughes
John A. Hughes
Nicholas F. Hughes *
Peter L. Hughes
Marjorie Huisman
Ted Huisman
Harry R. Hull
John B. Hull
Helen M. Hullachan
Thomas J. Hulland
Abena Hume
Alfred W. Hume
Oliver S. Hume
Virginia M. Hume
Andrea Humphrey
Colin Humphrey
Edna R. Humphrey
Lloyd J. Humphrey
Stuart Humphrey
Harold & Ruth Humphries
Harry Humphries
Kenneth M. Humphries
Marjorie H. Humphries
Nolan Humphries
Patricia J. Humphries
Robert M. (Bill) Humphries
John D. Hundleby
Helen Hundt
Rick Hunse
William E. Hunsinger
Andrew W. Hunt *
Brian Hunt
Christopher Hunt
Dinah Hunt
Evelyn M. Hunt
H. Kathleen Hunt
Joan I. Hunt
Keith B. Hunt
Ken (K. S. L.) Hunt
N. Kenneth Hunt
Olive E. Hunt
Stewart L. Hunt
William D. Hunt
William H. L. Hunt
Beatrice A. Hunter
Beatrice L. Hunter
Carabel E. Hunter
Carol L. Hunter
D. Bruce Hunter
Edna Hunter
Elmer J. Hunter
Elsie Hunter
Elwood I. Hunter
Frederick F. Hunter
Gilbert L. Hunter
Gladys E. Hunter
Hazel V. Hunter
J. Morley Hunter *
James (Jack) J. Hunter
James H. Hunter
John (Jack) B. Hunter *
John P. Hunter
Margaret J. Hunter
Marion R. Hunter
Mary C. Hunter
Robert (Bob) Hunter
Robert F. Hunter
Scott R. (Buddy) Hunter
Scott V. Hunter
Olive L. Huntley
Gordon Hurd
Ivy E. (Reeve) Hurd
Timothy F. Hurd
Gladys E. Hurlburt
Eleanor Hurley
Paula Huron
Frank E. Hurrell
Alfred R. (Alf) Hurren
Elmer A. Hurren
Lindsay Hurren
Marguerite I. Hurren
Kenneth Hurry
Brian Hurst
Gerd Hurst
Veronica Hurst
A. Warren Husband
Blanche A. Husband
Irene A. Husband
Mildred E. Husband
Aranka Huska
Yvonne and Kelvin Hussey
Donald H. Husson
Herbert A. Husson
Maxine B. Husson
Margaret I. Husson Gates
Bruin Hutchings
Jordan P. Hutchinson
Joyce Hutchinson
Marguerite C. Hutchinson
Wm. P. (Bill) Hutchinson
Doris E. Hutchison
Frederick A. Hutchison
H. Elizabeth (Betty) Hutchison
James T. Hutchison
John Hutchison
Mary (May) C. Hutchison
Steven Hutchison *
Mary A. C. Hutson
Agnes M. Hutton
Marion B. Hutton
Suzanne Hutton
Florence I. Huxley
Bernice (Bea) Huyck
Don Huyck
Thi Hanh Huynh
Helen Hvizdos
Alvin Hyde
Edward A. Hyde
Elda M. Hyde
Naomi E. Hyde
Naomi E. Hyde
Robert G. W. Hyde
Patricia Hyggen
Eileen Hynan
Patrick (Paddy) Hynan
Eileen Hynd
Alister (Wee) Hyndman
Gerald Hyndman *


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