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Complete Dedication Listing
Memorial Forest


At The Wall-Custance Dedication Grove
University of Guelph, Arboretum

"the life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" - Cicero


"as long as memory recalls, Those who die may live,
Until our mind’s eye dims, Immortality we give." (Anon.)

(an * beside the name indicates multiple trees have been planted in memory of the person(s)

Dedicated Name Listings
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Group Names



Iolanda Iacocca
Steven Iacovelli
Edith Iannotti
Edith I. Iannotti
Rose A. Ibbotson
Velma C. Ibbotson
Rocco Ieropoli *
Elisabetta Iezzi
Frederick & Nora Iles
Helene P. Illsley
Stephen P. Imbert
Henry Imhof
Phyllis Imlach
Kenneth G. Inch
Susan Inch
Riccardo (Rich) Incitti
Riccardo (Rich) Incitti
Matthew T. Incledon
Nathan R. Incledon
Anthony (Tony) K. Indewey
Ben Indewey
Bernard Indewey
Catherina M. Indewey
Murlean M. Indewey
Patriza Indewey
Leslie H. Indoe
F. John (Jack) Ing
J. Harvey Ingles
Doreen L. Inglis
Dr. John E. (Jack) Inglis
Edith Inglis
James J. Inglis


John R. Inglis
Larry W. Inglis
Lillian H. (Brown) Inglis
Marguerite E. Inglis
A. Nora Ingram
Clyde Y. Ingram
Dorothy Ingram
Ken Ingram
Mary Ingram
Peter R. Ingram
Pierre Inkel
Robert (Bob) Inkster
Pamela Innes *
Randy Innes
Stuart Innes
Maureen R. Insley
Roy W. Insley
Ruby G. Insley
W. John Insley
Wilfred E. Insley
Stanescu Ion
Pietro Ionni
Barbara J. Ireland
J. Douglas Ireland
Richard Ireland
L. F. (Frank) Ireton
Bertha M. Irvin
Hazel M. Irvin
C. Stewart Irvine *
Donald E. (Don) Irvine *
E. Isabel Irvine
James Irvine *


Jim Irvine
M. Loreen Irvine
Mary E. Irvine
Nancy Ann Irvine
Paul Irvine
William H. Irvine
Eric Irving
J. Edward Irving *
Jean Irving
Katrina M. Irving
Mabel E. Irving *
Marion E. Irving
Nadia (Nettie) Irving
Bob Irwin
Doreen A. Irwin
Marion A. Irwin
Ross W. Irwin
Samuel H. Irwin
Joyce Isaac
Phyllis Isaac
Robert F. V. P. Isaacs
Edwin M. Isard
Grace M. Isard
Nils-Ake Isberg
C. Ann Israel
G. Edward Israel
Olive M. Israel
David M. Iveson
Janet Iveson
Christopher A. Iwanowski *
Thomas (Tony) Izzillo


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