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Complete Dedication Listing
Memorial Forest


At The Wall-Custance Dedication Grove
University of Guelph, Arboretum

"the life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" - Cicero


"as long as memory recalls, Those who die may live,
Until our mind’s eye dims, Immortality we give." (Anon.)

(an * beside the name indicates multiple trees have been planted in memory of the person(s)

Dedicated Name Listings
Click on the letter below to display last names beginning with that letter
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Group Names



Lawren Maben *
Brian L. Mabey
Lloyd G. Mabey *
Ruth E. Mabey
Shirley I. Mabey
William M. Mabey
Khoi D. Mac
Janice L. Mac Donald
Norman A. Macadam
Verissimo Macarico
Michael F. MacArthur
Edna Macaulay
Gordon R. MacAulay
Patricia MacBain
Neil A. MacBeth
Barbara E. MacBryde
Concetta Maccarone
Pat Maccarone
Nigel V. MacCharles
Margaret J. MacClennan
Hugh R. MacCrimmon
Ken MacCullough
Alma H. MacDonald
Anna Victoria (Vicki) MacDonald
Bruce MacDonald
Burnett "Bernie" MacDonald
C. Webster MacDonald
Catherine M. MacDonald
Charles J. MacDonald *
Colin MacDonald
Doris J. MacDonald
Dorothy T. MacDonald
Edward S. (Scotty) MacDonald
Evan W. MacDonald
Finlay MacDonald
Gayle L. MacDonald
Gordon R. MacDonald
Grace Macdonald
Helen MacDonald
Helen G. Macdonald
Hugh A. MacDonald
J. Alexander (Sandy) MacDonald
Jean MacDonald
John A. MacDonald *
Karen MacDonald
Katherine I. MacDonald
Keith C. MacDonald
Larry A. MacDonald
Leonard J. Macdonald
Lucille F. MacDonald *
Lucy MacDonald
Margaret H. MacDonald
Marilyn MacDonald
Marni MacDonald
Mary E. Macdonald
Mary G. MacDonald
Neil MacDonald
Philip S. MacDonald
Ralph W. MacDonald
Rhonda D. MacDonald
Rosemary I. MacDonald
Tanner J. MacDonald
Thomas M. MacDonald
William K. MacDonald
William R. (Bill) MacDonald
Irene MacDonald-Taylor
Stewrt B. MacDonell
D. Peter MacDougall
Wilda I. MacDougall
Duncan & Margaret MacEdward
Helen M. MacEdward
M. Aileen MacEdward
Margaret C. MacEdward
Frank Macerollo *
Gina Macerollo
Mario Macerollo
Mary T. Macerollo
Vella Macerollo
Lynda D. Macevic
Christopher P. MacFarlane
Eileen B. MacFarlane
John (Jack) MacFarlane
Donald M. Macfie
Ilda M. Macfie
Helen MacGibbon
Lawrence J. (Larry) MacGibbon
Ninette A. MacGibbon
Rodney D. MacGibbon *
Dorothy H. MacGregor
John D. (JD) MacGregor
Ronald MacGregor
William (Bill) C. MacGregor
Della M. Machan
June M. Machen
Eric O. Machmer
George Machnacky
Wanda Maciesza
Deryl MacInnes
George W. MacInnes
Jane MacInnes
Alexandra MacIntosh
Agnes MacIntyre
Alexander MacIntyre
Annie C. MacIntyre
Dorothy M. MacIntyre
John (Jack) MacIntyre
Llewlya G. MacIntyre
Marjorie MacIntyre
Alexander MacIsaac
Sadie MacIsaac
Elaine MacIvor-Hill
Lorraine Mack
Wilhelmine Mack
Douglas Mackay
Eileen I. Mackay
Fern C. MacKay
Hilda E. Mackay
Lyle MacKay
Madeline O. Mackay
Robert S. Mackay
William A. MacKay
Albert F. (Al) MacKeigan
Allegra L. B. MacKeigan
Ann MacKenzie
Donald C. Mackenzie
Donald K. Mackenzie *
Donalda & John MacKenzie
Gloria MacKenzie
James I. MacKenzie
Kenneth MacKenzie *
Margaret MacKenzie
Margaret M. MacKenzie
Robert A. MacKenzie
Sheila M. MacKenzie
Stuart J. MacKenzie
George Mackie
George R. Mackie *
James B. Mackie
Robert A. Mackie
Theresa Mackie
Archie MacKinnon
Barry L. MacKinnon
Bill MacKinnon
Carly F. MacKinnon
Donald G. (Don) MacKinnon
Gene A. MacKinnon *
K. Ian MacKinnon
Edward Mackisoc
Stephen C. Mackowiak
Alexander J. B. MacKrell
Beryl MacLachlan
John D. MacLachlan
William A. Maclachlan
Donald A. MacLaurin
Anna (Anne) C. MacLean
Archie J. MacLean
Doug MacLean
Gertrude C. MacLean
Gertrude I. MacLean
Katherine M. MacLean
Margaret J. MacLean
Marguerite M. MacLean *
Mary A. MacLean
Mary P. (Pat) MacLean
Melda M. MacLean
Roderick MacLean
Susan Maclean
Thomas MacLean
W. D. (Dan) MacLean
Wilma Maclean
Flora S. MacLean-Voisey
Donald J. MacLennan
Effie E. MacLeod
Geraldine G. MacLeod
Gordon K. Macleod
Henry MacLeod
Jean A. MacLeod
Kristine MacLeod
Neil G. MacLeod *
Roderick H. MacLeod
Wellsley H. MacLeod
Audrey J. Maclure
Richard Maclure
Peggy E. MacLusky
Brian MacMillan
Doris MacMillan
George E. MacMillan
John MacMillan
Trevor J. MacMillan
Ronald A. MacNab
Irene G. MacNair
William MacNair
Donald V. MacNally
Earl B. MacNaughton
Jean F. MacNaughton
Betty MacNeil
James I. (Jim) MacNeil
Margaret J. (Peggy) MacNeil
Sherry E. MacNeil
Elizabeth G. MacNeill
Dorothy C. MacPhail
J. Gordon MacPhail *
Margaret I. MacPhail *
Pamela (Burns) MacPhail
Allan MacPhee
Robert J. MacPhee *
Tom MacPhee
A. Robert (Bob) MacPherson
Alex MacPherson
Allan MacPherson
Donald MacPherson
Florence M. MacPherson
Grace Macpherson *
Gracie A. MacPherson
Helen M. MacPherson
Helen W. MacPherson
Hilda M. MacPherson
Hubert (Hugh) A. MacPherson
Joseph MacPherson
Kenneth G. Macpherson
Murray A. MacPherson
Nancy R. MacPherson
Sadie MacPherson
Steven A. MacPherson
Stuart W. A. MacPherson *
William F. MacPherson
Theresa M. MacQuarrie
Arilla MacQueen
Isabella H. Macrae
J. David MacRae
Roderick Macrae
Toula Macris
Emily G. Macrobbie
John A. MacRobbie
Richard MacRobbie
Wayne A. MacRobbie *
Jay D. MacStephen *
Pearl Mactaggart
Kathy L. MacTaggart-Steffler
Geza Madaras
Andrea S. Madden
John J. Madden
Rosalind Madden
Allison Maddison
Isabelle Maddox
Russelle Madigan
H. Bernice Madill
Walter R. Madill
Terry Madole
J. William (Bill) Madore
Inger Madsen
N. Peter G. Madsen
Jeannette Maes
Aaron (Lungisa Loyd Musi) Mafaje
Nolusindiso (Cindy) Mafaje
Thokozile B. (Thoko) Mafaje
Josiah B. (Tunde) Mafe
Edward Magas
Harry Magee
Carmela Maggiolo
Elio Maggiolo
Gino Maggiolo
Lidio Maggiolo
Lotte Maggiolo
Christina Maggiolo-Sheppard
Mohsen Maghroori
Donald E. Maginnis
Gilbert & Margaret (Rita) Maginnis
Domenico Magliocco
Jospeh Magnotta
Martin K. Magnus
Joe Magri
Frank Magro
Maria Magro
Joseph Maguire
Stefan Magyar
Rozalia Magyari *
Deodath T. Maharaj *
Seereram Maharaj
Shailendra (Shai) Maharaj
Susan Maher
Florence B. Mahon
J. Murray Mahon
Michael S. Mahoney
Richard L. (Dick) Mahoney *
June Mahood
Max Mahr
Anthony (Tony) Mahy
Oswald N. Mahy
Ruth Mahy
Donald E. Main
Margaret Main
James W. Mainland
George A. Mains
Marion M. Mains
Anna Maiorano
Bertha M. Mair
John S. Mair
Helen Maisonneuve
Maria Majer
David Major
Frank S. Major
George H. Major
Gordon W. Major
Liam J. Major
M. Jean Major
M. Lillian Major
Margaret (Helen) Major
Mark W. Major
Norma J. Major
Penelope A. Major-Jones
Nizarali Makhani
Robert (Bob) Maki
Adam Makins
Ratanben Maknojiya
D. Floyd Malcolm
M. Marie Malcolm
Amelia Maldonado
Romeo Maldonado
Harry E. Male
Isabel Male
Czeslaw (Chester) Malek
Edna K. Malet-veale
Louise Malison *
James P. Mallard
Valentin Malle
Evelyn A. Mallette
Lorraine Mallette
Norman L. Mallette
Stephen Mallory
Myrtle Mallott
Annetta M. (Antoinette) Malloy
Harvey J. Malloy
Irene E. Malloy
Johan M. Malloy
Maggie R. Malloy
Elizabeth J. Malonda
Beverley A. Malone
Mary Malone *
Patrick Maloney
Thomas B. Maloney
Frank C. Malott
Jack N. Malott
Joan E. Malott
Carole A. (Clegg) Maltby *
Clifford A. Maltby
Herbert W. (Hub) Maltby
Marion B. Maltby
Marion G. Maltby
Ruby (Mrs. C. A.) Maltby
Russell C. Maltby
Frank J. Mammolite
Victoria Mammolite
Antonio Mammoliti
Carmela M. Mammoliti
Dominic Mammoliti
Dominic Mammoliti
Saveria Mammoliti *
Anne C. Managh
Darlene C. Manahan
Eileen Mancuso
Franca Mandarino
Lloyd Manderson
Debbie Mandichak
Titusz Mandl
Anthony Manera
Evelyn G. Manera *
Louis Manera
David Manes
Dylan J. Manfini
James P. Manfini
Constance I. Mangan
Michael C. Mangan
Michael R. Mangan
Shankar Mangat
Anthony P. Maniaci *
Chuck Mann
Edith Mann
Elsie M. Mann
Gladys F. Mann
Gordon H. Mann
Gordon H. Mann
Grace E. Mann
Harold E. R. Mann
Harold L. Mann
Jack Mann
John (Jack) Mann
Karnig Mann *
Margaret H. Mann
Robert E. Mann
Alex Mannell
Catharine Mannell
Charles Mannell
Olive Mannell
Wilfred L. Mannell
Aubrey W. G. Manning
Ella B. Manning
Mabel H. Manning
Priscilla E. Manning
Stanley E. Manning
Angelina A. Mannone
Katina Manolis
Alicia Manrique
Arlene Manson
Darryl Lynn Manson
Frances E. Manson
Muriel J. Manson
Eva E. K. Mantel
Evelyn M. Mantel
Jane E. Manten
Mabel Mapplebeck
Lydia Maracle
Marjorie Maracle
Percy Maracle
Wilmot (Sonny) Maracle
Brenda Maranzan *
Richard Marceau
Cliff Marcellus
Anne L. March
Elena Marchione
John Marchkowski
Roseanna Marchkowski
Carmen R. Marcinko
Jan Marcinkowski
Janina Marcinkowski
Siew Cheung Marcoccia *
Domenico Marcone
Lidia Marcone
Ruth A. Marcotte
Ruth M. Marcou
Fred Mardov
John F. Marett
Dylan C. A. Margarson
Mabel Margarson
Christine Margetson
Nathan A. Margetts
Roger B. Margetts
Antonio Marin
Gaetan Marin
Henri Marin
Roland R. Marin
Rose Marin
Guiseppe Marinetti
Guiseppina Marinetti
Antonio Marino
Eusebio (Sam) Marino *
Maria Marino
Steve Marissink
Anna L. Markell
Anne Markle
George Markle
Albert Marks
Marion C. Marks
James (Jim) Maron
Doreen A. Marostega
Peter W. Marostega
Virginio (Jimmy) Marostega
Bill Marotta
Else Marquardt
Walter W. Marquardt
Gertude Marr
Eileen Marren
John F. Marrin *
Alice E. Marriott
James N. (Jim) Marschall
Myrtle Marschall
H. Lloyd G. Marsden
Hazel I. Marsden
Joan Marsden
Dorothy (Dorry) Marsh
Harry T. Marsh
Joyce L. Marsh
Kenneth A. Marsh
Kenneth A. Marsh
Norman F. Marsh
Pauline M. Marsh
Wm. (Bill) S. S. Marsh
A. Ellen Marshall
Annie Marshall
Berton H. Marshall
Betty D. Marshall *
Christina S. S. Marshall
Christopher Marshall
David A. Marshall
Donald Marshall
Elinor G. Marshall
Ethel M. Marshall
Everett M. (Sonny) Marshall
Joan Marshall
John M. Marshall
John McD. Marshall
Katharine A. Marshall *
Kenneth Marshall
Lawrence (Scotty) Marshall
Louisa (Louise) A. B. Marshall
M. Scott Marshall
Maeve Marshall
Michael Marshall
Robert Marshall
Robert A. Marshall *
Scott C. Marshall
Sharon Marshall
Stephen P. Marshall
Walter R. Marshall
James M. Marsland
Joan F. Marsland
Anthony A. Marsolais
Douglas W. Marston
Lea & Lloyd Martell
Angela Martens
Elisabeth M. (Lilli) Martens
Agnes (Yanchus) Martichenko
Anna H. Martin
Carol A. Martin
Clinton G. Martin
D. Helen Martin
Donald B. Martin
Dorothy Martin
Dorothy F. Martin
Dorothy H. Martin
Douglas Martin
Elaine M. Martin
Elizabeth C. Martin
F. Earle Martin
F. Earle Martin
Florence A. Martin
Florence J. Martin
Francis Martin
Frank & Dorothy Martin
G. Russell Martin
George D. Martin
Georgina Martin
Grayson W. Martin
Harold V. Martin
Herbert E. L. Martin
Jack Martin
James Martin
James A. Martin
James R. Martin
James T. Martin
Jean Martin
Joseph Martin
Joseph P. Martin
Kathleen (Kay) B. Martin
Kathryn (Kathy) Martin
Kenneth C. Martin
Leonard J. Martin
Lloyd Martin
Lloyd (Frank) Martin *
Lucy M. Martin
Lulu J. Martin
Margaret Martin
Margaret E. Martin
Margaret R. Martin
Marjorie Martin
Mary Martin
Mary Martin
Mary Ann Martin
Mary B. Martin
Morris Martin *
Norma E. Martin
Paul Martin
Peggy M. Martin
Philip H. Martin
Reginald A. Martin
Ross F. Martin
Ruth M. Martin
Shirley A, Martin
Stuart J. Martin
Theresa Martin
Thomas Martin
Toph Martin
Virginia Martin
Wm. H. (Bill) Martin
Mary Martin Fox
Kathleen Martin McKernan
Manuel A. Martinez Valencia
Anthony Martini
Carlo U. Martini
Gilda Martos *
L. Audrey Martyn
Joseph C. Marus
Diane Marvin
Anne E. Marx
Theresia Marx
Angel Mary
Ilio Marzo
Sandro Marzo
Kathryn (Kathy) Masales
Peter D. Masales
Jack Maschio
Emelina Masciulli
Ernestina Masell
Vito Masi
Margaret Masiuk
Paul Masiuk *
Jean C. Maskens
John K. Maskens
Agnes T. Mason
Arthur J. Mason
Barry W. Mason
Charles A. Mason
Don Mason
Eleanor A. Mason
Elsie A. J. Mason
Ethel M. Mason *
F. Lindsay Mason
Frederick V. Mason
John H. Mason
Mary I. Mason
Raymond A. Mason
Reginald E. (Reg) Mason
Richard Mason
Rose M. Mason
Sharon V. R. Mason
William Mason
Alberto Massarotto
James Massey
John Massey
S. Nadenia Massey
Catherine C. Massinon
Mary E. Masson
Dorothy E. Mast
Douglas S. Mast
Helen B. Mast
John A. (Jack) Mast
John W. Mast
Mary L. Mast
Rae J. Mast
Stanley L. Mast
William (Bill) K. Mast
Angela Mastronomaco
Eiko (Dolly) Masui
Roy Masui
Julian Masurkevitch
Stipo Matanoviae
Kevin H. Matchett
Michael Mathany
Emma E. Mather
James D. Mather
Kenneth R. Mather
Mary M. Mather
Ruth I. Mather
Anita & Fred Matheson
Anne E. Matheson
Fran Matheson
Reid S. Matheson
Ginette Mathia
Melissa Mathies
Murray K. Mathieson
Jean-Claude (John) Mathieu
Marianne E. Mathieu *
Richard (Rex) Matice, Sr.
Marshall N. Matson
Kaoru Matsumoto
Masako Matsumoto
Takoa Matsumoto
Ron Matsuyama
Edith Mattaini *
John S. Mattar
Elsje (Alice) Matter
Pieter Matter
Frances V. Mattheson
Gwyneth (Gwynne) Matthew
Anthony J. Matthews
Burton C. Matthews
C. Earl Matthews
C. Frederick Matthews
C. Wilfred (Bill) Matthews
Donald C. Matthews
Dryden J. Matthews
Georgina M. Matthews
Howard S. Matthews
Ida E. Matthews
Jean M. Matthews
Jerry Matthews
Liza Marie Matthews
Lloyd E. Matthews
Muriel I. Matthews
Susan Matthews
Walter J. Matthews
Charlene M. Matthies
Gerald Mattice
Carmela Mattina *
Giovanni Mattucci
Mary Matusinec
Stan Matusinec
Edward Matuszek
Lucy Matz
Anne Marie Maude
Catherine M. Maude
Charlie Maude
Donald K. Maude *
Jean Maude
Thomas A. Maude
Isobelle R. Maughan
Berle Maurer
Jill Max
Gwendolyn E. Maxie
Robert J. Maxine
Brian Maxwell
Christine Maxwell
Eric J. Maxwell
G. Murray Maxwell
James & Mary Maxwell
Kathleen B. (Kay) Maxwell
Mary C. Maxwell
Trenton X. Maxwell
Agnes (Nancy) May
Blanche M. May
Donald J. May
Florence E. May
Henrietta May
Warren M. Maybee
Helen M. Mayberry
Hope M. Mayen
Gwyneth C. Mayer *
Margaret A. Mayer
Alan W. Mayers
Annie (Nancy) Mayers
Betty J. Mayes
Jean E. Mayes
James Mayes Sr.
Dmetro Maykut
Olga Maykut *
George R. Maynard
Ruth Maynard
V. Ruth Maynard
Patricia J. (Patty/Pat) Mayr
Mary S. Mays
Edward Maziarz
Georgina Maziarz
Audrey L. Mazzetti
Michele Mazziotti
Bruno A. Mazzocca *
C. Ross Mc Nabb
Judy McAdam
Vera McAdam
Edie McAlister
Hugh J. C. McAlister
James McAllister
A. Isabel McAlpine
Florence M. McAlpine
George McAlpine
Joseph McAlpine
M. May McAlpine
Ryan M. G. McAlpine
William McAlpine
Huguette L. McAndrew
Robert G. McAndrew
Cinny McAninch *
D. Grace McAninch
Mary M. McAninch
Betty McAnulty


James McAnulty
Robert McAnulty
Rita M. McAra
Brian G. McArdle
Becky L. McArthur
Donald A. McArthur
Doreen M. McArthur
Elizabeth (Bessie) M. McArthur
M. Janice McArthur *
Michael (Mike) McArthur
Shirley A. McArthur
Clyde A McAskill
Wylda G. McAskill
Victor McAthy *
Alexander C. (Alec) Mcauley
Phyllis V. A. McAuley
Catherine McAvoy *
John F. McAvoy
Michael McAvoy
Brandi-Lynn McBain
Michael McBeath
Bryan McBeth
Cam McBeth
Erin E. McBride
Horace S. McBride
Jack I. McBride
Joseph McBride
Kathleen (Kaye) McBride
Mary E. C. McBride
Isabella F.A. McBrien
R. Russell McBrien
Ed & Mabel McCabe
Fred McCabe
John McCabe
Mary T. McCabe
Patrick J. McCabe
Reginald E. McCabe
Albert H. McCaffrey
Beatrice E. J. McCaig
Christopher S. McCaig
Doris I. McCaig
Marshall A. McCaig
Robert J. McCaig
Donna M. E. McCaig-Dugas
Hugh McCaldin
Minnie McCaldin
Elva McCall
Frank E. McCall
Joyce K. McCall
Bonnie M. J. McCallum *
Bruce E. McCallum
Eleanor McCallum
Elizabeth J. McCallum
Florence E. McCallum
Frederick C. McCallum
Hiram E. McCallum
Janice McCallum
Margaret J. McCallum
Mary R. McCallum
Meredith R. McCallum
William D. McCallum
William (Bill) McCann
Kenneth A. McCarl
Baby McCarron
Betty J. McCart
Margaret D. (Pat) McCarter
Alfred (Alfie) McCarthy
B. Violet McCarthy
Doug McCarthy
Doug McCarthy
Lynda A. McCarthy
Marjorie McCarthy
Patrick McCarthy
A. Margaret McCartney
G. Mitchell McCartney
Gladys M. McCartney
Robert McCartney
Shirley McCartney
Doreen McCarvell
W. Bruce McCarvell
Edith H. McCaskill
Cressy A. McCatty *
Shirley McCatty
Stephanie McCaughey
Gladys McCauley
Nancy McCauley
Ruth C. McCaw
Eric J. McCleery
Bernard McClement
Melissa McClintock
Audrey McCluggage
Lloyd S. McClure
Alberta McCluskey
William C. (Bill) McCluskey
Faye M. McClymont
Robert (Bob) McClymont
Shirley McColeman *
Heather McColl *
Margaret E. McColl
Robert J. McColl
Beverley R. McCollum
Constance McComb
Alison McCombie Knapp
A. Wanda McConachie
John D. McConachie
George McConaghy
Jeanette McConaghy
Alvin D. (Al) McConnell
April M. McConnell
Brandon B. McConnell
George R. McConnell
Harold D. (Mike) McConnell *
Heather V. McConnell *
Jean McConnell
Joyce S. McConnell
R. Dana McConnell *
Robert A. McConnell
Patricia M. McConomy *
Mae E. McCoppen
Charles L. McCord
Flossie M. McCord
Glen F. McCord
Margaret L. McCord
John McCordic
Linda McCorkindale
Margaret E. McCorkindale
Scott McCorkindale
Dennis T. McCormack
Edward McCormack
Mark McCormack
Donald J. McCormick
Ronald S. McCormick
Bruce L. McCorquodale
Russell H. McCourt
Douglas McCoy
James C. E. (Mac) McCracken
Norman P. W. McCracken
Queen H. J. McCracken
Alexander McCrae
Annie M. & John A. McCrae
Dorothy E. McCrae
J. Clare McCrae
J. Clare McCrae
John S. McCrae
Marjorie L. McCrae
R. Percy McCrae
Scott McCrae
Jean McCrea
Robert G. J. McCrea
Lynn McCready
Albert McCreary
Gordon McCredie *
Thelma McCreight
Joanne D. McCrie
Bertrand E. McCrimmon *
J. Adele McCrimmon
Alvena G. McCrone
W. Lloyd McCrone
William W. McCrone
Casey E. McCrory
William (Bill) McCrossan
Nance J. McCuaig
Shirley J. M. McCuaig
Aline L. McCubbin
Joan McCuen
Robert K. McCuen
Douglas G. McCulley
Frederick J. McCulley
Darrel McCulloch
Delma V. McCullouch
James F. McCullouch
Andrew McCullough
Clayton W. McCullough
Helen A. McCullough
Irene McCullough
J. Jean (Janet) McCullough
Mary "May" McCullough
Orma P. McCullough
Robert McCullough
Ruby E. McCullough
W. Ross McCullough
Alvin E. McCutcheon
Annie M. McCutcheon
Eileen McCutcheon
Eliza J. (Lily) McCutcheon
Elizabeth (Bess) McCutcheon
Eva McCutcheon *
Hugh McCutcheon
M. David McCutcheon
Murray McCutcheon *
R. Cameron McCutcheon
Sarah I. E. McCutcheon
Sheila McCutcheon
Wilbert (Bill) McCutcheon *
J. Samuel McCutcheon & Heather Housden
George R. F. McDaniel
Ruth E. McDaniel
Alexander McC. (Scotty) McDermid
Dorothy H. McDermid
Irene M. McDermid
J. Charles A. McDermid
James P. McDermid
John McDermid
Nancy C. McDermid
Norman E. McDermid
Sarah McDermid
Beatrice E. McDermott
Doreen M. McDermott
Fern C. McDermott
Francis J. McDermott *
William J. (Bill) McDermott
A. G. (Archie) McDiarmid *
"Sandy" Alexander R. McDonald *
Audrey S. McDonald
B. J. McDonald
Barbara J. McDonald
Carl S. McDonald
Cuthbert McDonald
Don McDonald
Donald McDonald
Doreen P. McDonald
E. Ruth McDonald
Elsie V. E. McDonald
Elspeth (Toots) McDonald
Frederick McDonald
Gareth McDonald
George R. McDonald
Gerry McDonald
Gloria D. McDonald
Gordon A. McDonald
Gregory R. McDonald
H. Howitt McDonald
Helen J. McDonald
Helen M. McDonald
Joan B. McDonald *
Joan B. & Joseph M. McDonald
Joe McDonald
John McDonald
John E. (Ted) McDonald
Joseph A. (Joe) McDonald *
Joseph M. McDonald
Joseph W. (Sandy) McDonald
Karen McDonald
L. Stuart McDonald
Lorene W. McDonald *
Lorna J. McDonald
M. Ellen McDonald
Maxwell J. McDonald
Nina D. McDonald
Patricia Anne McDonald
Rheta L. McDonald
Russell McDonald *
Sarah McDonald *
William (Mac) McDonald
Elsie J. McDonell
John P. J. McDonnell
Mary McDonnell
Alice G. McDougall
Allan McDougall
Alvena L. McDougall
C. Ross McDougall
Catherine A. McDougall
David B. McDougall
Edna M. McDougall
Effie McDougall
Gordon A. McDougall
J. Harvey McDougall
J. Melvin McDougall
Jane E. McDougall
Katie McDougall
Keith McDougall
Leonard McDougall
Lloyd R. McDougall
M. Helen McDougall
Mabel McDougall
Marjorie I. McDougall
Mary L. McDougall
Robert (Bob) McDougall
Sandra J. McDougall
Vera M. McDougall
W. Leonard McDougall
Robert McDowall
Robert M. McDowall
Jeremy J. McDowell
Orville McDowell
Alexander McEachern
Jean McEachern
Marlene C. McEachern
Rosa McEachern
Russell McEachern
Clara M. McEachnie
Wm. John McEachnie
Frances McEllistrum
James & Edna McEllistrum
William R. (Bill) McEllistrum
Wm. Ronald McEllistrum
James Wm. McElroy
Nerina A. McElroy-Corrin
Ernest C. McEnery
M. Eileen McEnery *
Alice McEwan
Carolyn A. McEwan
George McEwan *
J. Ross McEwan *
James G. McEwan
John McEwan *
Margaret E. McEwan *
P. Douglas McEwan
Stewart McEwan
Allan D. McEwen
Cliff McEwen
Larry S. McEwen
Mary Ellen McEwen
Robert B. McEwen
Frank J. McFadden
J. Murray McFadden
Judith A. McFadden
Louane McFadden
Mary McFadden *
Mary B. McFadden
Muriel McFadden
Margaret I. McFaddin *
Neil R. McFadyen
R. Duncan McFadzen *
Robert G. McFadzen *
Maxwell McFarland
William McFarland
Constance McFarlane *
Duncan F. McFarlane
Ivan McFarlane
Jan McFarlane
Jess McFarlane
Myrtle I. McFarlane
Quinton C. & Keegan D. McFarlane *
Karl McFarlene
Neil (Hap) McFater
Archie & Margaret McFee
Donald E. McFee
Margaret E. McFee
Walter I. McFee
John C. McGarr
Sherri-Lee McGarr
Frank & Sally McGarrity
Ann Marie McGarry
Billie McGavin Baughan *
Beatrice M. McGeachy
John (Jack) E. McGeachy
Anne McGee
Elton J. (Judd) McGee
Gladys L. McGee
J. Wesley McGee
Leonard Wm. McGee
Lilla I. McGee
Myrna J. McGee
Nena (Nina) McGee
Ann McGeragle
John McGhie
Christopher C. McGill *
Ethel N. McGill
Hubert E. McGill
John McGill
Julie McGill *
Robert (Bob) McGill
Euphemia W. McGillicuddy
George S. McGillivary
Neal McGillivary
Freda M. McGilloway
Sheila M. McGilloway
William J. (Jim) McGilloway
Joyce L. McGimpsey
Albert H. McGinnis
Doris O. McGinnis
Eileen P. McGinnis
Elsie McGinnis
Joe McGinnis
John H. McGinnis *
Marjory B. McGinnis *
Robert (Bob) McGinnis *
Roy N. (Mike) McGinnis *
Angelina N. McGirr
Ben McGirr
Ella McGitchie
James McGivney *
Annie & George A. McGladrey
Charles V. A. McGladrey
James A. McGladrey
Jean W. McGladrey
Kenneth McGladrey
Marguerite D. McGladrey
Marlene (Doughty) McGladrey
Mary E. McGladrey
Viola B. McGladrey
Catherine McGlone
John McGlone
Dorothy K. McGlynn
June I. McGlynn
Darragh McGowan
Ella McGrath
John T. McGrath
A. James McGray
A. Kenneth McGray
G. Joan McGray
Marguerite V. McGray
Doris E. McGregor
Gerald G. (Gerry) McGregor
Glen M. McGregor
Herbert W. (Bert) McGregor
Ruth E. McGregor
William A. McGregor
William J. McGregor
Catherine McGuire
Irene McGuire
Karen (Kim) McGuire
Eleanor V. McGurrin
Amy J. McHaffie
James J. McHaffie
Donald McHugh
Rose McHugh
Wendy A. McHugh
Alberta McIlwraith *
Ann L. McIlwraith
Donald L. McIlwraith
Doreen M. McIlwraith
Ethel M. McIlwraith
Kenneth R. McIlwraith
Wallace A. McIlwraith *
Eldon S. McInnis
Helen McInnis
Timothy McInnis
Faye & James McIntee
James (Jim) McIntee
Andrew C. McIntosh
Donald G. (Don) McIntosh
Helen & John McIntosh
Helen M. McIntosh
Myrtle E. McIntosh
R. Bruce McIntosh
Robert McIntosh
Bill McIntyre
Charles W. McIntyre
Eileen S. E. McIntyre
Mary R. McIntyre
Sandra L. McIntyre
Joseph C. McIsaac
Doris McIver
Bryan McKay
Catherine A. McKay *
Doris J. McKay
Gordon McKay
Graham L. McKay
Marion M. McKay
R. J. (Bob) McKeand
Cornelius McKechnie
Cornelius (Neil) McKechnie *
Elizabeth McKechnie
Hugh McKechnie
Peter McKechnie
Jason McKeddie
Aileen M. McKee
Betty J. McKee
Catherine McKee
Edith M. (Edie) McKee
James A. McKee *
Paul M. McKee
William McKee
Bruce McKeeman
Doris K. McKeen
Mary E. McKeen
Andrew McKelvey
Doreen McKelvey *
June McKelvey
M. Gordon McKelvie
Ralph McKen
Harold McKendry
Marlene McKendry
Kevin J. McKenna
Marjorie McKenna
Maurice McKenna
Tom McKenna
Mary McKenna Coyne
Allan McKenzie
Arthur McKenzie
Bernice A. I. McKenzie *
Donald S. McKenzie
Donna McKenzie
Earl McKenzie
Edith & William McKenzie
Emily McKenzie
Florence E. McKenzie
Frank McKenzie
Gary J. McKenzie
George P. R. McKenzie *
Gertrude L. McKenzie
Harold T. McKenzie
Janet M. McKenzie
John McKenzie
Katharine C. McKenzie
Kenneth W. (Ken) McKenzie
Linda McKenzie
Lloyd D. McKenzie *
Marcia R. McKenzie
Margaret McKenzie
Marjorie P. McKenzie
Robert J. McKenzie
Wilfred McKenzie
Thomas McKeown
Murray McKerrall
Donald D. McKersie
Margaret B. McKersie
Marjorie F. McKersie
Catherine G. McKie
William M. McKie
Edward McKillip
David W. McKillop
James L. McKillop
Audrey McKim
Carl J. McKinney
Frank (Mabley) McKinney
James McKinney
Terry D. McKinney
Alexander McKinnon
Bryan J. McKinnon
Don McKinnon
Donald C. McKinnon
Elizabeth M. McKinnon
Evelyn A. McKinnon
Helen A. McKinnon *
James L. McKinnon
Kathy McKinnon
Linda McKinnon
Stuart M. McKinnon
James (Jim) McKivor *
Olive McKnight
Gary McKrow
A. Dolores M. McLachlan *
Douglas E. McLachlan
Malcolm H. McLachlan
M. Myrtle McLachrie
Anna M. McLaren
Anne O. McLaren
Charles B. McLaren
Constance E. (Connie) McLaren
David J. McLaren
Robert A. McLaren
Sylvia M. McLaren
Brendan T. McLaughlin
Edward (Ed) McLaughlin
Elsie L. McLaughlin
Fred W. McLaughlin
James P. (Jim) McLaughlin *
John McLaughlin
Lois M. McLaughlin
Marilyn A. McLaughlin
Marshall B. McLaughlin
Pauline McLaughlin
Peggy E. McLaughlin
A. Maude McLean
Agnes B. McLean
Alan D. McLean
Allan H. McLean
Anna G. McLean
Barbara J. McLean
Christina E. McLean
Christina F. (Chris) McLean
Daniel J. McLean
Daniel T. McLean
David McLean *
Donald C. McLean
Donald J. McLean
Donald T. McLean
Donna M. McLean
Douglas McLean
Douglas G. McLean
Esther M. McLean
Florence R. McLean
George D. McLean
Harriet (Hetty) E. McLean *
Hazel McLean
Helen M. McLean
John D. (Jack) McLean
John G. McLean
Kenneth M. McLean *
M. Ian McLean
Mary Agnes McLean
Max S. McLean
Myrtle I. McLean
Paul McLean
Peter J. McLean
Peter K. McLean
Peter McK. McLean
Randy McLean
Ronald J. (Ron) McLean
Shelley McLean
Colin D. A. McLeish
Edward A. McLeish
Phyllis McLeish
Charles A. McLellan
Georgina A. McLellan
Gerald C. McLellan
Vivian V. M. McLellan
Laura M. McLelland
Wilson B. McLelland
Shelah McLennaghan
Ada McLeod
Clarence J. McLeod
Donald L. McLeod
Donna McLeod
Ethel W. W. McLeod
Gladys M. McLeod
J. Kenneth McLeod
John (Jack) A. McLeod
Mabel E. McLeod
Margaret McLeod
Marjorie I. McLeod
Marjorie P. McLeod *
Michael F. R. McLeod
Norman A. McLeod
Norman J. McLeod
Pauline M. McLeod
Robert (Bob) McLeod
Thelma J. McLeod
Wm. R. McLeod
William McLeod Griffiths
Michael McLoughlin
Alice K. McMahon
Edith M. McMahon
Gary McMahon
Marion G. E. McManus
Sandra McManus
Laura E. (Gerould) McMaster
Emily McMeekin
John McMeekin
Alice McMillan
Anna E. McMillan
Carolyn McMillan
Christina McMillan *
Christina McMillan *
Donalda M. McMillan
Donna J. McMillan *
John R. McMillan
Kenneth H. McMillan
Marilyn (Dolly) McMillan
Stanley J. McMillan
Sylvia M. McMillan
Zackary J. M. McMillan
Campbell McMorran
Angus C. McMullen
Irene E. McMullen
Leslie H. McMullen
Linden J. McMullen
Peter A. McMullen
Ruby M. McMullen
G. Eleanore McMurchy
Doreen M. McMurray
Dorothy M. McMurray
Joy U. McMurray
R. Warren McMurray
Ritchie McMurray
Doreen McNab
Alice S. McNabb
James McNabb
Jo-Anne McNabb
Patricia McNabb *
A. Gordon McNally *
Kate McNally
Blanche A. McNamee
Gertrude K. McNaughton
Hazel McNaughton
Nellie McNaughton
William (Bill) McNeely
George McNeil
Grace McNeil
Marlene E. McNeil
Ian McNeill *
Jack McNeill
Peter McNeill
Robert J. McNeish
Clarence E. (Ted) McNinch
John F. McNiven
Raymond (Jimmy) McNutt
Bruce McPhail
Douglas M. McPhail
Mary E. McPhail
Murray H. McPhail
Ruth Ann McPhail
Elizabeth P. McPhedran
Katherine McPhedran
Reta J. McPhedran
Bessie McPhee
Daniel G. McPhee
Daniel J. McPhee
Douglas H. McPhee *
Evelyn M. McPhee
George McPhee
John H. McPhee
Kenneth G. McPhee
Ruth A. McPhee
Ruth E. McPhee
A. Douglas McPherson
Angus W. McPherson
Bruce McPherson
Gladys L. McPherson
Margarette (Gramma) McPherson *
Merton McPherson
Muriel A. McQuarrie
Alexander McQueen *
George J. McQueen
Mary A. McQueen
Andrew McQuillan
Carson McQuillan
Ella (Billie) McQuinn
F. Ethel McQuinn
F. Ethel McQuinn
Kenneth F. McQuinn
Brenda McRae
Grant E. McRae
Jack R. McRae
Madeline L. McRae
Ronald R. McRae
Ann McRobb
Violet P. McRobb
Sarah McSeveney
Henrietta (Etta) McSkimming *
James A. McSpurren
Barbara K. McStravick
Elizabeth McTague
Duncan McTavish
Kathleen McVicker
Noel McVicker
Reginald S. McVittie
John W. McWade *
Margaret M. McWade *
Mary McWade
Frank E. McWhinnie
Ian McWhinnie
Sheila McWhinnie
Arthur W. McWhirter
Doreen M. McWhirter
Ralph E. McWhirter *
Elizabeth McWhirter-Milligan
Sheila M. McWillams
Annie McWilliam
Irene E. McWilliams
Janice E. McWilliams
Patricia H. Mead
Betty Meade
Noёlla Meade
Anlia L. Meagher
Edward P. Meagher
Francis X. Meagher
John Meagher
Robert M. Mears
Donald Meathrell
Elma E. Medford


Joyce Medland
William Medland
A. Jean Medley
Florence L. Medley
Wm. Orval Medley
Chester W. Meek
Ellen C. Meek
Mary C. Meek
Annechien Meems
Patricia G. Meeres
Patrick P. M. Meerveld *
Misel "Miki" Mehic
Brenda Meigham
Bernard E. (Barney) Meihm
Carolyn D. Meihm *
Kaye Meihm
Roely Meindertsma
Amanda M. Melancon
Arthur P. Melancon
Julia H. Melancon
Mary Melancon
R. Paul Melancon *
Howard E. Melbourne
Richard P. Meldazy
Alexander Melkic
Paul Mellbye-Hansen
Joseph Melnyk
Nelson Melo
Edward Meloche
Hattie M. Meloche
Jeanne Meloche
Norma G. Meloche
Clara Mena
Dora M. Menard
Richard H. Menard
Gunter E. Mensch
Kalman Menyhart
Elmer & Emily Menzie
Elmer L. Menzie *
Emily L. Menzie
SheilaI .H. Menzies
Albert Mercer
Audrey L. Mercer *
Edna M. Mercer
Helen R. Mercer
Larry Mercer
Paul W. Mercer
Ronald S. Mercer
Munawar H. Merchant
Shakkar K. Merchant
Joel J. Mercier
Francois P. Mercure
Marie Mercurio *
Catharine E. Meredith
Cecil J. Meredith
Patrick J. Meredith
Alvin S. E. Merkley
Clarence Merko
Berend Merkus
Elizabeth Merkus
Michael Merrick *
Brenda Merrill
Jane G. L. Merriman
Marion A. Merritt
Thomas R. Merritt
Tony (Joseph) Merritt *
Florence Merry
Frederick C. Merry *
George F. Merry
Jennifer E. Merry
Margaret Merry
Sidney M. Merry
Jessie Mertens
Ronald Mertens
Ronald B. Mertens
Elizabeth Messer
W. Grant Messer *
Angèle Messi Mayamba
Stephen Messinger
Marguerite Messmer
Lajosne S. Meszaros
Albert I. Metcalf
John A. Metcalf
John H. & Margaret Metcalf
L. Charlotte Metcalf
Owen L. Metcalf
Jack I. Metcalfe
Mary M. Methven
Philip Metz
Alan W. Metzger
Gail Metzger
Debra Meunier
Bernard Meurs
Beverly C. Meyers
Carl H. Meyers
Jeffrey T. Meyers
Norma K. Meyers
Robert L. Meyers
Anne R. Michael
Marie Michael
Alex Michailow *
Alex L. Michailow
Eugenie S. Michalowicz
Adele W. Michalski
Estelle L. Michell
Gertrude E. Michels
Claude Michelucci *
Brett R. Michie
Roland (Mic) Michie
Tina Michielini
Hazel I. Mickus
Karl H. Mickus
Stanley G. Mickus
James (Jim) Middel
John Middelraad
Mary Middelraad
John Middleraad
Jim Middleton
Margaret Middleton
Edna Midgley
John E. (Jack) Miehm *
John P. (Jack) Miehm *
Rosa Mignacca
Helen Mihovics
Isobel Mikkelsen
Rajkay Miklós
Rajkay Miklósné
Olga & Mato Mikulic
Edwin R. Milanczak *
Danica Milando
Laura Milani *
Elizabeth (Betty) Milbourne
William K. Milbourne
Frances M. Milburn
Walter A. Milburn
William L. Milburn
Evan H. Miles
George Miles
Marg Miles *
Elizabeth Milgate
Elizabeth Militzer
Isabel R. Millage
Alex Millar
Alexander Millar
Beverley M. Millar
Gertrude Millar
James S. Millar
Jane Millar
L. Jean Millar
Lilian M. Millar *
Lloyd E. Millar
Lorne Millar
Margaret E.D.B. Millar
Ann Millard
Benjamin E. Millard
Benjamin T. Millard
Garth K. Millard *
Madeline V. Millard
Mildred (Millie) P. Millard *
Paula M. Millard
Robert Millard
Wilfred M. Millard
A. Robert Miller
Anna R. Miller
Daniel P. (Danny) Miller
Dorothy Miller
Dorothy J. Miller
Edna Miller
Elsie P. Miller
Eugene D. Miller *
Florence E. Miller
Fred Miller
Fred Miller
Frederick L. Miller
G. (Bill) Miller
Gary B. Miller *
Geoffrey L. Miller
Harvey H. Miller
Ian S. Miller
Irene Miller
Irvin A. Miller
J. Stratford (Strat) Miller
James E. Miller
Jessie G. Miller
Kathleen T. Miller
Laura Miller
Margaret Miller
Margaret J. Miller
Marion M. Miller
Mary-Jane Miller
Neil Wm. (Lefty) Miller
Nettie and Andy Miller
Paul Miller
S. P. Marjorie Miller
Sandra P. Miller
Theresa H. Miller
Walter L. Miller
Harvey Miller, Sr.
Dorothy Millie *
Lorraine Millie
N. Ralph Millie
Jean Milligan *
Jonathan D. Milligan
Lloyd Milligan
Maria C. Milligan *
Patrick B. Milligan
Jan Millikin
Bonnie E. Milliner
James R. Milliner
Thomas R. Milliner
Violet Milling
Ervena Millington
Hannah Millington
John N. Millington
Scott T. H. Millington
Agnes W. Mills
Carlie I. Mills
Colleen (Fox) Mills
Douglas B. Mills
Fred Mills
George W. Mills *
James Mills
Leslie A. Mills
Nancy Mills
Nellie S. Mills
Royce (Rip) Mills *
Sterling (Butch) Mills
Alice M. Millson
Bernice Millson
Clifford L. Millson
Gordon P. Millson
Irene M. Millson
L. Elmer Millson
Morley R. Millson
Ruth A. Millson
Alice Milne
E. Ellen Milne
E. Hazel Milne
G. Margaret Milne
James C. Milne
Gladys L. Milner
Jessie E. Milson
Kenneth W. Milson
Muriel R. Milson
Susan J. Milson
William M. Milson
Thomas Milson Jr.
Thomas Milson Jr.
Kayden A. Milson-Reed
Bernice E. Miner
Ruth Mingle *
Elma L. Miniats
Olgerts Pauls Miniats
Agnes M. Minielly
George J. Minielly
Evelyn I. Mino
Nelson J. Mino
Aran Minogue
Jack Mior
Joseph A. Miotto
Antonino (Anthony) Mirotta
Zdravko Misanovic
Lauretta (Fay) Mischuk
Gianni Miserocchi
Peter Misersky
Larry Miskie
Blanche Miskie-Schrienert
Maurice H. Miskow
Koriolan G. Miskucza
Livia Miskucza
Yolanda Miskucza
Maniben Mistry
Olga M. Misurka
William Misurka
Betty M. Mitchell
D. C. (Charlie) Mitchell
Doug Mitchell
Edith M. Mitchell
Edward R. (Ted) Mitchell
Eleanor G. Mitchell
Ethel E. Mitchell
Gladys Mitchell *
Grant Mitchell
Greg Mitchell
Gregg Mitchell *
Harold Mitchell
Harry M. Mitchell
Hilda Mitchell
Howard F. Mitchell
Howard S. Mitchell
Ila J. Mitchell
Jack Mitchell
James E. Mitchell
Jennie R. Mitchell
John A. Mitchell
John C. (Jack) Mitchell
Kenneth E. Mitchell
Lillo M. Mitchell
Margaret F. Mitchell
Mary E. Mitchell
Melvin J. Mitchell
Miriam C. Mitchell
Myrtle I. Mitchell
Patricia G. Mitchell
Patricia L. Mitchell
R. Kenneth (Kenny) Mitchell
Ronald J. Mitchell
Ruby H. Mitchell
Samuel E. A. Mitchell
Stan Mitchell
Stephen W. Mitchell
Violet Mitchell
W. James W. Mitchell
William (Bill) Mitchell *
William (Bill) F. Mitchell
Patricia A. Mitchell-Eldred
John Mitchinson
Jillian Mitchinson-Heximer
David H. Mitges
Peter Mitges
Nicki Mitnick
Gail Mitolo
Jan Mitrik
N. R. Mittal
Sundy M. Mitter
John Hideo Miura
John Wm. Moat
Minnie Moat
Elizabeth V. Moccia
Christopher Mochan
Cheryl A. Mocuik
Kantilal (Ken) Modi
Nishit Modi
Gorizia C. (Nona) Modolo
Christopher P. Moes
Bert Moeskops
Archibald H. Moffat *
E. Ann Moffat
Flora C. Moffat
Florence A. V. Moffat *
John A. (Jack) Moffat
Malcolm A. Moffat
William H. (Smurf) Moffat
Wilma I. Moffat *
Gordon Moffatt
Donald W. Moffit
Mackenzie C. Moffit
Robert Moffit
Ethel (Eddie) Mogan
Paul Mogan
Fred H. Mogelin
Kevin E. Moggy
Earl W. Mogk
Edna J. Mogk
Christine S. Mohacsy
Rafael (Ray) Mohammed
Edna M. (Erin) Moir
Marie A. Moir
Marretta M. Moir
Anastasie B. Moisan
Lise Moisan
Marcel J. Moisan
Anastasiya Molchanova
Andrew Molengraaf
E. Joseph Molinaro
E. Joseph Molinaro
Dirk (Richard) Moll
Rudith Lal Moller *
G. Margaret Mollison
Lloyd G. Mollison
Judy Mollot
Aggie Molto
Pat Molto
Anna C. Mombourquette
Anne Monaghan
Sean M. Monaghan
Gladys M. Monahan
Clarence R. Mondy
Olga Mondy
Elizabeth Money
Marilyn Money *
Saadatollah Monjazeb
Margaret Monk
Merv Monk
Ethel Monkhouse
Ivan G. Monkhouse
Pearl H. Monkhouse *
Shirley W. Monkhouse
Lloyd Monkman
James W. Monks
Alice W. Monro
Allan B. Monro
Allan B. Monro
Arthur D. Monro
Kathleen M. Montague
Marcelle Montaigne
Lisa Marie Montanera *
Lynda Montesanti
Alan Montgomery
Althea Montgomery
Andrew Montgomery
Barry O. Montgomery
Ellen J. Montgomery
G. Albert Montgomery
Joan Marie Montgomery
John H. (Jack) Montgomery
Kenneth Montgomery
Mary C. Montgomery
Rockland (Rocky) Montgomery
Ruth Z.V. Montgomery *
Stewart Montgomery
Violet L. Montgomery
Christopher L. Montin
Renee Montminy
Wade Montminy
Raymond Montpetit
Roberto Montuori
Frederick J. Monus
E. Doris Moogk
George D. Moon
Roy H. Moon
Bob Mooney
Charles R. Mooney
Christine Mooney
Doreen E. Mooney
John Mooney
John O. Mooney *
Judy N. Mooney
Keith R. Mooney
Lillian Mooney
Patrick Mooney
Thomas L. (Tom) Mooney
Austin J. Mooney-Munn
Alexander T. Moore
Brian Moore *
Carey T. Moore
Colleen Moore *
Darwina Moore
Davis A. Moore
Deane H. Moore
Earl G. Moore
Elizabeth D. (Betty) Moore
Elizabeth M. Moore
George & Catharine Moore
Harold P. Moore *
Helen M. Moore
Isobel Moore *
Ivan Moore
James H. (Jim) Moore
June L. Moore
Kathleen M. Moore
L. N. Maree Moore *
Lorna E. Moore
Luke J. Moore
M. Catherine (Katie) Moore
Marion Moore *
Maureen Moore
Max Moore
Michael Moore
Myrna Moore
Myrtle B. Moore
Richard O. Moore
Roy S. Moore *
Ruth M. Moore
Steven Moore
Stuart A. Moore
Terry Moore
Walter G. Moore
Ineze Mootoo
Dolores Moran
Lynda Moran *
William Moran
Pallas E. Morant
William (Bill) S. Morant
Josiah Scott Morash
William Moratt
Ruth Martin Moravek
Steve & Jean Morawiec
Allan J. Morden
Grace M. Morden *
Jo-Anne Morden
Mary Louise Morden
Donald G. More
Edna V. More
Margaret I. Moreau
Agnes Moreland
Annie (Cissie) Moreland
Brenda Moretti
Gino Moretti *
Chrstine Morgan
Doris Morgan
Dorothy A. E. Morgan
Griffith A. V. Morgan
Kevin Morgan
Pamela V. Morgan
Richard D. Morgan
Robert J. Morgan
Violet M. Morgan
Wayne E. Morgan
Stephanie L. Morgan-Brookfield
Andrew J. Moriarity
John G. Morinet
Catherine J. Morison *
Gladys E. Morison
Murray B. Morison
Robert Wm. (Bob) Morison
Marjorie B. (Monie) Moritz
A. Doreen Morley
A. Ivan Morley
Arthur J. Morley
K. Audrey Morley
Otto G. Morley
Zachery Morley
Ludovico Moroni
Palma M. Moroni
Alan Morrell
Ewart Morrell
Percy G. Morrell
Peter Morrell
Elizabeth Morrell-Davis
Maurice F. Morrill
A. Joseph Morris
Andrew Morris
Audrey & Stan Morris
Donald J. Morris
Dorothy M. Morris
Elizabeth D. Morris
Jack M. Morris
Margaret K. Morris
Martin V. Morris
Michael Morris
Patrick Morris
Peter, Lilly, Arthur Sr. & Arthur Jr. Morris
Anne M. Morrison
Arch G. Morrison
Barbara Morrison
Barbara-Jean K. Morrison
Betty Morrison
Bryce S. Morrison
David J. Morrison
David M. Morrison
Donald K. R. Morrison
Elgin H. Morrison
G. Lloyd Morrison
James A. Morrison
Jim Morrison
Joan W. Morrison
June Morrison
Kathleen M. (Kay) Morrison
Lillian M. Morrison
Lloyd T. Morrison
Mabel Morrison
Maud(e) A. Morrison *
Merle Morrison
Muriel Morrison
Robert S. (Bobby) Morrison
Ruth H. Morrison
Sheila E. Morrison
W. Douglas Morrison
William J. Morrison
Jane Morrison-Bernet
Marilyn Morris-Raso
Marjorie Morrissey
Mary H. Morrissey
Elizabeth D. Morritt
Charles C. Morrow
Roy J. Morrow
Ruth M. Morrow
Helen J. Morse
Thomas H. Morse
Daisey L. Mortimer
Geraldine Morton
Mallory N. Morton
Mark J. Morton
Sally A. Morton
Kathleen M. Moscrop
Alma H. Moseley
Barbara A. A. L. Moseley
Donald G. Moseley
Thomas (Tom) Moseley
Gerald Moseley-Williams
Patricia R. Moses
Ronald G. Moses
Dina Moslinger
John Moss
Cameron Mossip
Alice (Ninie) Mossman
Margy Mossman
Janina (Jean) Motiekonis
David A. Mott
Ilary Motzok
Mary V. Motzok *
Harry D. Mount *
Baby Mount/Sloan
Georgina P. Mountford
Joseph & Muriel Mountford
Joseph W. Mountford
Ronald V. Mountford
Elizabeth Mowat-Nind
Andrew Mowatt
Maxine J. Mowatt *
Linda Mowbray
Dorothy C. Moxley
Albert E. Moyer *
K. Patricia (Pat) Moyer
Margaret Moyer
Velma M. Moyer *
David Moyers
Noah Moyle
Joseph Mozuraitis
Faith & Love Mrode
Gerhard Mueller
Josephine Mueller
Deanna Mugford
Ella & Clayton Mugford
Tara Mugford-Claxton
Bill Muir
Carolyn Muir
Donald L. Muir *
Jack Muir
Kenneth M. Muise
Russell T. Muise
Alice & Frank Mulchinock
Elizabeth (Betty) Mulchinock
Grietje (Greta) Mulder
John Mulder
Roelof Mulder
Teatske Mulder
William J. Muldoon
Bruce & Muriel Mulguiney
Brian C. Mulherin
Joanne Mulherin
Charles B. Mulholland
Grace E. Mulholland
Cleve Mullen *
J. Cameron (Cam) Mullen
Martin Mullen
Charles B. Muller
Harold H. Muller
Kenneth D. Muller
M. Doreen Muller
Ross G. Muller *
George A. Mulley
Evelyn (Bailey) Mulligan
Michael C. (Bill) Mulligan
Arthur C. Mullin
B. Grant Mullin
Cleve Mullin
Edna M. Mullin
Harold V. Mullins
Imelda Hope Mullins *
Elizabeth Mulrooney
Mary & Madalene Mulzer
Mary E. Mulzer *
Giuseppe (Joe) Munafo *
Lorna E. Mundell
Lillian F. Munden
Clement Wm. Munnings
Bruce Munro
Elizabeth (Betty) Munro
Lenora J. Munroe
Nelson B. Murcar
Lou Murch
Grace E. Murdoch
Hall Murdoch
Doreen Murdock
Sharon Murdock
Salvatore Muredda
Elva & Keith Murison
H. Jane Murison
Art Murphy
Doris Murphy
Jim Murphy
Letizia (Lettie) Murphy
Lorne Murphy
Mabel Murphy
Tom Murphy
Tom E. Murphy
Dennis P. Murr
Bernice N. Murray
Donald K. Murray
Dorothy Murray
Elsie M. Murray
Evelyn H. Murray
Georgina Murray
Gerald A. Murray
Gordon C. Murray
Henry M. & Luella J. B. Murray
James Murray
Joseph J. Murray *
Ken Murray
Kenneth (Ken) Murray
Leonard Murray
Margaret Murray
Marian B. Murray
Mari-Ellen Murray
Marjorie A. Murray
Mary T. Murray
Nancy A. Murray
Nettie Murray
Robert Murray
Ronald Murray
Samuel Murray
Seth A. D. Murray
Sheila Murray
Una A. Murray *
William (Bill) Murray
William B. Murray
Kathryn A. (Kathy) Murray (Svoboda) *
Betty Murrell
Beth (Stratton) Murtagh
Mildred C. Murtagh
Walter B. G. Murtagh
Sergei (Serge) Murumets
Jerry Muscat
Michael Muscat
Walter Muscat
Basil (Bud) Musclow *
C. Howard Musclow
Cynthia R. Musclow
Eric J. Musclow
Kenneth G. Musclow
Thomas H. Musclow
Phyllis Musclow-Gribbons
Cameron Muscutt
Max Muselius *
Wilma Muselius
Jean M. V. Mustard
Fred Muston
Louise Muszynski
Edith G. Mutrie
Eric T. Mutrie
Alma L. Muxworthy
Neil Muxworthy
Patricia G. (Pat) Muysson
Shari (Chere) L. Muysson
Natalina Muzzi
Vito Muzzi
Lloyd L. Myer
Jessie (Jay) E. Myers
Joyce M. Myers
Lucy Myers
Pamela A. Myers (Flynn)
Grace Myhill
Thomas S. Myhill
Allan N. Myhr
Nicholas Mykitschak
Kenneth (Lee) Myles
Luella B. Myles *
R. W. (Billie) Myles
Tara Myles
Kay Mynott
Victoria L. (Vicki) Myslik


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