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Complete Dedication Listing
Memorial Forest


At The Wall-Custance Dedication Grove
University of Guelph, Arboretum

"the life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" - Cicero


"as long as memory recalls, Those who die may live,
Until our mind’s eye dims, Immortality we give." (Anon.)

(an * beside the name indicates multiple trees have been planted in memory of the person(s)

Dedicated Name Listings
Click on the letter below to display last names beginning with that letter
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Group Names



Rein Paaren
Gulamhusein Pabani
Gulbanu Pabani
Don Pace
Joyce (Jacque) Pace
Laura A. Pace
Vincenzo (Enzo) Pace
Anne Packard
H. Frank Packard
Vera S. Packer
Walter Packer
Badrudin A. Padania
Hazel Padington
Mildred Padington
Trevor Padmore
M. Angela Pady
Steve D. Padyani
Heli Paevere
Osvaldo M. Paez
Magdalene R. Pafford
Eric Page
Nigel Page *
Samuel J. Page
Amadeo Pagnan
Amadeo & Erminea Pagnan
Anarcisa Pagnan
Angelo L. Pagnan *
Barb Pagnan
Guiseppi Pagnan
Hilda M. Pagnan
Leno Pagnan *
Martin Pagnan
Natalino F. (Nat) Pagnan
Pamela A. Pagnan *
Robert Pagnan
Tim Pagnan
Tony Pagnan
Orma L. Paige
Orma L. Paige
Anne & Young Ja Paik
Audrey C. Painter
Jennette Painter
Helen A. F. Paknys
Remedios Palaganas-Legaspi
Alma J. Palframan
Doreen M. Palframan
Joseph S. Palframan
Muriel M. Palframan
Robert (Bert) L. Palframan
Cara Ringwood Pali
Sally R. Pall
Sally R. Pall
Mabel P. Pallister
Roy M. Pallister
Beatrice E. Palmateer
Barbara Palmer
Carol Palmer
David E. Palmer
Dorothea E. Palmer
Dorothy E. A. Palmer
Elmer B. Palmer
Gladys V. Palmer
Harry R. Palmer *
Isabelle Palmer
Jennifer Palmer
Joan H. W. Palmer *
John C. Palmer
Nigel Palmer
Olive G. Palmer
Roy H. Palmer
George D. Palser
Olive C. Palser
Helena Paluch
Armando Pambianco
Kaushik Panchal
Nagin H. Panchal
Andrew Panchuk
Elizabeth O. Panchyshyn
Gemma Paneghel *
Connie Panek
Elizabeth Panek
Joseph Panek *
Nellie Pannabecker
James A. Pannell
George Panopoulos
Colin Panter
Louis G. Pantry
Filippo Paolillo
Giuseppe (Joe) Paolillo *
Molly Papazian
Walter Papierz
Julianna Papp
Derick B. J. Paquette
J. Michel Paquette
Aurele Paradis
Schirin Pardhan
Julien Parent
Linda A. Parish *
Margaret E. Parish
Robert (Bob) E. G. Parish
David W. (Dave) Parisien
Anthony L. & Olga C. Parisotto
Bruna Parisotto
Evo J. Parisotto *
Athele Park
Beth Park
Marcia Park
Peter Park
June Parke
Archie A. Parker
C. Joan Parker
Dr. Charles W. (Bill) Parker
Edward Parker
Eleanor B. Parker
Ella E. Parker
Georgina L. Parker
Glenda Parker
Jessie E. Parker
Marguerite E. (Rita) Parker
Marguerite L. Parker
Mary Parker
Ruth & William Parker
Stanley Parker
Thomas Parker
William J. (Bill) Parker
Alice A. Parkes
Bruce E. Parkes
Donald R. Parkes
Gary R. Parkes
Kathryn A. Parkes
Ruth Parkes
Darius Parkin
David J. Parkin
Harold L. Parkin
Leith Ann Parkin
Ann I. Parkinson
Donald L. Parkinson
George R. Parkinson
Harold Parkinson
Howard S. Parkinson
Irene Parkinson
John F. Parkinson
Margaret M. Parkinson
Mark Parkinson *
Matthew G. Parkinson
Mildred E. Parkinson
Paige Parkinson
Vera P. Parkinson
Violet Parkinson
Joyce L. Parks
Shawn Parks
Melitta & Francesco Parmegiani
Barbara C. Parnell
Osmond W. C. Parnell
Emily Parolin
Marsilia Parolin
Allen R. Parr
Donald H. Parr
Hannah Parr
David Parrish
Ila M. Parrish
Kenneth D. Parrish
Eva (Belle) Parrott
Fred Parrott
Brenda Parsley *
George Parsons
Gwendoline E. Parsons
Harold C. Parsons
Helen Parsons
Jay I. Parsons
Maude M. A. Parsons
Ralph S. Parsons
Sharon Parsons
David W. Partito
Evie & Joe Partito
Joseph (Joe) Partito *
Gladys Partlow
Roger K. Partlow *
Elizabeth I. (Lily) Parton
Doris H. Partridge
Florence G. Partridge
Sidney A. Partridge
Wladyslaw Pasaman
Concetta Pascetta
Emilia Pascetta
Giacomo Pascetta
Giovanni Pascetta
Lucia Pascetta
Nicola Pascetta
Olivetta Pascetta
Vernon C. Pascoe
Estelle Pasion
Barbara Paskevich
Shannon Pass *
Ronald E. W. Passmore
Ronald H. Passmore
Jeffrey Patchett
Mark Pate
Akash Patel
Ambalal K. Patel
Maniben C. Patel
Naginbhai Patel
Pallavi U. Patel
Dorothy C. Paterson
Evelyn M. Paterson
James E. Paterson
Lynn Paterson
Pamela Paterson
Katherine Ann Paterson-Halley
Lloyd Patey
Jean S. Paton
M. Veronica (Ronnie) Paton
Allan Patrick
John P. Patrick
Diane Patriquin
John & Lillian Patten
Ariel I. Patterson
Arnold Patterson
Beatrice P. Patterson
Brian E. Patterson
Douglas (Soapie) Patterson
Edith Patterson
Elizabeth M. Patterson
Elizabeth T. Patterson
Elsie M. Patterson
Florence J. Patterson
Frances J. (Frankie) Patterson
Jack Patterson
James L. & Martha Patterson
Julia Patterson
Margaret M. Patterson
Margaret S. Patterson
Mary M. Patterson
Mervin S. Patterson
Michael W. (Mike) Patterson
Micheal (Mike) Patterson
Nathaniel H. Patterson
Phyllis Patterson
Priscilla Patterson
Sheila B. Patterson
Tom Patterson
William (Bill) Patterson
William F. Patterson
Janice Patteson
Bethia (Thea) Pattison
Catherine W. Pattison
David Pattison
H. Colin Pattison
Murray (Sam) Pattison
Chester A. Patton
Mary Patton
Velma M. Patton
Eileen M. Paul
Ormond Paul
Rolf W. Paul
Mildred E. (Millie) Pauley
Alice Pauw
Casper Pauw
Udo J. Pauw
Pietro Pavan
Jennifer L. A. Pavia
Marcella Pavli
John W. Pawley
Ruth A, Pawley
Ovila J. Payer
Ruby L. Paylor
William (Bill) E. Paylor
Bruce E. Payne *
Clare Payne
Dorothy Payne
Emma Payne
Jean Payne
Kenneth Payne
Barbara L. Peace
Laura A. Peachell
Beryl J. Peacock
Charles B. Peacock
Doreen Peacock
Douglas W. Peacock
John A. Peacock
Rena Peacock
Vera B. Peacock
William Peacock
Jason Peaire
Muriel V. Peaire
Rodger Peaire
Cora Peaker
Iris A. Peaker
John M. (Jack) Peaker
Patricia M. Peaks
Joan M. Pearce
John F. Pearce
Douglas J. B. Pearsall
Gladys Pearsall
Helen J. Pearsell
A. M. (Sandy) Pearson
Arthur Pearson
Donald L. Pearson
Edith Pearson
Ellen M. Pearson
George S. Pearson
Helen M. Pearson
Helen M. Pearson
Hope M. Pearson
Ida Pearson
Jack E. Pearson
Jason Pearson
Joanne P. Pearson
Lila (Gale) & Robert Pearson
Mary I. Pearson
Pamela L. Pearson
Percival L. Pearson
Sydney G. Pearson
Theodore A. Pearson
Wendy J. Pearson
William B. Pearson
William J. Pearson
Makayla & Brock Pearson-McLaren
Savannah M. Pearson-McLaren
Harry Pearson-Robinson
E. Adele Peart
Harvey S. Peart
Janet W. Peart
John Wm. (Jack) Peart
Margaret (Peggy) H. Peart
Peggy & Reginald Peart


James Peaston
Frances M. Peate
William Peate
Edna C. (Billie) Peavoy
Harry C. Peavoy
Vicenza Peca
Bessie E. Peck
Douglas E. Peck
Ambrose Pecoskie
Anna-Lisse Pedersen
Eric Pedersen
Heather Pedersen *
Hillery C. Pederson
Pauline M. Pederson
Marion I. Peebles
Michael Peebles
James Peene
A. C. (Bud) Peer
Edgar T. Peer
Frederick J. Peer
George S. Peer
Hazel M. Peer
W. Bruce Peer
Timothy Peever
Donald H. Pegelo
Bruce A. Peglar
Frances E. M. Peglar
Jack Peillard
Glenn D. Peirson
Teddy Pelcowitz
Tadeusz (Ted) Pelka
Teresa Pelka
E. G. (Lena) Pell
Roma F. Pella
Roy G. Pella
Armando Pellegrino
Claude Pelletier
Irene M. Pelletier
Donna & Paul Pellettier *
Giovanni Pellizzari
Guiseppe Pellizzari
Lorenzo Pellizzari
Luisa B. Pellizzari
Peter Wm. Pellizzari
Victoria Pellizzari
Donna Peloso
Sev Peloso
Alvin Pembleton
Donald S. Pembleton *
G. Clarence (Clare) Pembleton
Jill Pembleton *
Kayleigh M. Pembleton
M. Phyllis Pembleton
Marion Pembleton
R. Cyril (Cy) Pembleton
Mike Pembry
Francis J. (Frank) Pender
Margaret J. Pender
Roy L. Pender
Aileen B. Pendlebury
Nigel Pendlebury
Edward F. Peneycad
Helen V. Peneycad-Collins
Allen R. Penfold
Elizabeth Penfold
Harold Penfold
Hilda E. Penfold
Robert (Bob) J. Penfold
Alan Pengelly
Susan Pengelly
Ed Penheiro
George H. Penn
Ian P. Penn
Noella S. Penn
Paul A. Penn
Kerby Pennal
Ella Pennell
Herbert Pennell
Tatjana M. Penney
Clifford L. Penny
Laureta Penny
Ian Pennycook
Robert F. Penrice
T. Jean E. Penrice-Cameron
Beth Pentelow
George J. Pentelow
Raymond Pentland
Carole Pepper
Lloyd Pepper
A. Ruth Peppin
Arthur J. Peppin
Elizabeth M. (Bettie) Pequegnat
Marguerite I. Pequegnat
Mamie (Columbo) Peralme
Charles Percival
Eileen M. Percival
Herbert S. Percival
Marguerite Percival
Rosslin L. (Ross) Percival
Shirley A. Percival
John Percy
Michael Perczyszyn
Ursula Perczyszyn
J. Denis Perdue
Wm. Harold Perdue
Iria Pereira Nunes
Audrey Perepeluk
Harry Perera
Millie Perez
Harold E. Perkin
C. E. Perkins
Caroline M. Perkins
Carrie Anne Perkins
Doug Perkins
Fred Perkins
Gracie Perkins
Lorraine A. Perkins
Alexander Permus
Lorne F. Pernfuss
Lucille Pernfuss
Victor F. Pernia
Luigi Perosini
Rina A. Perosini
Michael A. (Mike) Perrault
Maurice Perreault
Ethel Perrey
Florence L. Perrins
George E. Perrins
John Perron
Anna Perrone
Giuseppe C. Perrone
Charles F. Perrott
Irene P. Perrott
Angelina Perry
Donald E. Perry
Grace M. Perry
James H. (Jim) Perry
John & Pamela Perry
John H. Perry
John P. Perry
Margaret J. Perry
Mitchell R. Perry
Richard A. Perry
Roy Perry
Sheila G. Perry
Valorie A. Perry
Haran Persaud
Oma Persaud *
Joseph J. Persram
Maedb B. Persram
Edith L. Pest
Elrich A. Pest
Roman O. Pestyk
Constance Petepiece
Edith M. Peters
John R. Peters
Lois Peters
Melville Peters
Andrew Peterson
Catherine T. (Cathy) Peterson *
Georg H. H. Peterson
Hilda J. Peterson
Lillian L. (Lillie) Peterson
Mark Peterson
Russell (Russ) A. Peterson
Emily Petheram
Walter Petheram *
Wayne E. Petherick
Pablo Petitti
Pearl I. Petrany
Dan Petrelli
Joseph F. Petreny
Bruno Petricca
Connie R. Petrie
G. Allan Petrie
Terry Petrie
Ken Petruk
Alice Pettifer *
Frances L. J. Pettifer
Karen Pettifer
Ronald C. Pettifer
Veronica M. C. Pettifer
Wally Pettifer
Doris H. Pettigrew
Dorothy M. Pettigrew
Gail A. Pettigrew
Garnet N. Pettigrew
Norman N. Pettigrew
Oscar Pettigrew
Bernard B. Pettis
Bruce N. Pettis
Marlene E. Pettis
Evelyn R. Pettit
J. Harvey Pettit
Robert E. (Pete) Pettit
David J. Pettitt
Edythe E. Pettitt
Francis J. (Frank Jr.) Pettitt
Harvey Pettitt *
J. Donald Pettitt
Lorna J. Pettitt
Mary E. Pettitt
Mary E. Pettitt
Mildred I. Pettitt
Robert Pettitt
Shirley J. Pettitt
Willie Pettitt,Jr.
Willie Pettitt,Jr.
William Pettitt,Sr.
William Pettitt,Sr.
D. Grant Petty
Edith Petty
Edith C. Petty
Marjorie M. Petty
Mary E. Petty
Roy G. Petty
Erika Peuker
Guy Peyton
Verna Peyton
Katherine (Kathy) Pezzack (Costello) *
Dorothy E. Pfaff
Neill Pfaff
Robert (Bob) N. Pfaff
Roy A. Pfaff
William A. Pfaff
Anna Pfeffer
Helen M. M. Pfeffer
Jacob Pfeffer
Arthur J. (Sonny) Pfeiffer
Elizabeth H. Pfeiffer
Frederick C. Pflug
Ken Pflug
Bhayya Phadke
Giuse Vinh Van Pham
C. LaVerne Pharoah
Evelyn E. Pharoah
Florence M. Pharoah
Lana M. Pharoah
M. Ophelia Pharoah
Mary D. Pharoah
Muriel M. Pharoah
Pearl I. Pharoah
Thomas C. Pharoah
Donalda M. Phaure
Alice M. Phelan
Edward I. Phelan
Madeline Phelan
Cliff Phelps
Daniel P. Phelps
Rheal Philion
Hensley Philip
Maureen G. Philip
John J.D. Phillip
Marjorie G. Phillip
Barbara J. Phillips
Catherine A. Phillips *
Ellen Phillips
Hazel L. Phillips
Hazel L. Phillips
Joan M. Phillips *
John A. (Jack) Phillips
Larry Phillips
Margaret E. Phillips
Myles S. Phillips
Norman R. Phillips
Velma M. Phillips
Vera E. Phillips
Winslow O. Phillips
Alma E. Philpott
David Phipps *
Marjorie Phipps
Dieu Thi Pho
Terenzio (Terry) Piccinetti
Linda Piccinin
Rosa Piccinin
Wally Picco
Camillo Piccoli
Leonello Piccoli
Dorothy I. (Dot) Pickard
Nelson H. Pickard *
K. Ross Picken
Mary F. Pickett *
Edgar Pickford
Freda N. Pickford
Regina C. Pieper
Dorothy A. Pierce
Frank H. Pierce
Allan S. Piercey
Hedy Pierog
Sabina Pietrobon
Heinz Pietsch
Horst H. Pietschinski *
Doris Pietz
Jane Piggott
Romano G. Pigozzo
Ronald A. Piitz
Jaymes Pike
Neil Pike
Audrey G. Pilgrim
Herbert K. Pilgrim
June M. Pilkey
Robert F. (Bob) Pilkey
Frederick Pillinger
Frederick Pillinger
Brenda B. Pilon
Georges Pilon
Lawrence R. (Larry) Pilon
Edgar C. Pinder
John D. Pinder
Linda Pinder-DeForest
Michael E. Pine
Susanne E. Pine
Faye Pink
Monica Pinke
J. Wilbert (Bert) Pinkney
Robert (Bob) Pinkney
Marjorie I. Pinson
Vera Pinson
Narciso Pinzin
Alfredo Piombini
Larry S. Piotto
Giuseppe & Noemi Piovesan
Maria Piovesan
Rino Piovesan
Sylvia M. Piovesan
Vito A. Piovesan *


Allan C. Piper
E. D. (Doris) Piper
Gary A. Piper
Trevor Piper
M. Jean Pipes
William B. Pipes
Alice K. Pipher
Margaret Pipher *
Elsie G. Pirico
Francesco (Frank) Pirico
Emily A. Pirie
Jaimie Pirie
James A. Pirie
William T. Pirie
Arthur Piscitelli
Mary A. Piscitelli
Martha E. Pister
Marya Pitcher
Kazimierz Pitek
Morgan Pitfield
Evelyn G. Pitman
Alma G. Pitt
Colin A. Pitt
Sylvia Pitt *
D. Leslie (Les) Pittock
Joyce Pitts
William Pitts
Sheila A. Piunno
Josip Pivalica
Maria Pivovarska
Joyce Pizzey
Joanne (Giovanna) Pizzoferrato
George Plakidas
Keagan J. Plante
Nancy J. Plaskett
Joyce Platt
Warren D. Platt
Mendham R. Platten
Gladys Platts
Norma O. Platts
Thomas M. Platts
Margaret E. Plaxton
John C. (Jack) Playle
K. Joan Playle
C. John (Jack) Plester *
Donald J. Pletsch
Helen C. Pletsch
Eric Plevka
Blanka Plhak
Charles R. Plhak
Janina Plociennik
Rungthip Plongsesthee
David A. Plouf
Gilbert T. Plouffe
Simone Plouffe *
Bertha M. Plummer
Bob, Carl, Fraser & Shirley Plummer
Dean M. Plummer
Elizabeth H. (Beth) Plummer
G. Robert J. Plummer
Margaret Plummer
Mary Plummer
Minty A. Plummer
Mirta Poce
Adrienne Pocock
Donna Pocock
James N. Pocock
Jean Pocock
Mary A. E. Podger
Andrew J. Poel *
Albert Poelstra
Krzysztof (Kris) Pogan
Kyle Pohanka
Brenda J. Poirier *
John Poirier
Roger Poirier
Joan D. Poitevin
Dusan Pokorny
Joseph A. Polasz *
Dorothy M. Polderman *
Annie & Howard Pole
Brent Pole
M. Elaine Pole *
Edward Pollack
Cheryl L. Pollard *
Christine Pollard *
Dorothy J. Pollard
Eber A. Pollard
Eleanore A. Pollard
Eva & Snub Pollard *
George A. Pollard *
James W. Pollard *
Jana Pollard
Michael D. Pollard
Raymond S. V. Pollard
Ruth F. Pollard
William (Bill) L. Pollard *
Frank Pollard (Pozarycki)
Lloyd Pollock
Lloyd G. Pollock
Shirley M. Pollock
Wesley Pollock
Edward Polloway
Galina Polnitsky
Dorothy M. (Dot) Polo
John Polo
Ruth D. Polo
Lindsey A. Polovniak
Nadia Poluch
Grazia Polvere
Terence Polzin *
Terence Polzin
Roberto Poma *
Piotr Z. (John) Poniatowski
Joseph (Pepi) Pons
Brent Poole
David B. Poole
Doreen Poole
M. Lorraine Poole *
Michael W. Poole
Peggy Poole
Wilson Poole
Patrick Pooran
John A. Poore
Carl A. Pootoolal
Moonie L. Pootoolal
Patricia Popadynetz
Clarence M. Pope
David Pope
Janice N. Pope
Carl J. Popp
Brecken Poppe
Mary Porcaro
Onorina M. Porcellato
Alfred W. Porter
David G. Porter
David J. D. Porter
Elizabeth E. Porter *
Frank A. Porter
Margaret M. Porter
Marjorie E. Porter
Patricia & Stewart Porter
Patricia J. Porter
Roy S. Porter
Wm. (Bill) Geo. E. Porter
Kim Posonski
A. Joan Post *
Robert W. Post
Edna G. Postle
Max Postma
Richard Postma
Henriette Post-Schuurman
Richard Poth
Al Potter
Ann Potter *
Catherine Potter
Steven L. Potter
Craigie Potts
Elizabeth Potts
Maria Potts
David Poulton
Janice Poulton
Hazel Powell
J. Milton Powell
Joan F. Powell
John R. Powell
Lori Powell
Ronald E. Powell
Annabella D. Power
Bernard V. Power
Helen Power
Helen (Wilma) Power *
William A. Power
Angela M. Powers
Marie M. Pownall
Thomas Powroznik
Alicia Pozzobon
Hilda Pranger
Jan Pranger
A. Raymond Pratt
Agnes K. Pratt
Alma E. Pratt
Betty J. Pratt
Claire Pratt
John C. Pratt
Kim Pratt
John Pratten
Margaret (Peggy) Preater
Thora J. Preece
Gladys & Leonard Preheim
Ann & Clark Prentice
Carl Prentice
Mary J. Prentice
Donald Presant
Eva Presant
F. W. Presant
Jack Presant
Paul Presant
Janet Prestipino
Cameron E. Preston
Edward Preston
G. E. (Ted) Preston
John (Jack) Preston
Reta F. Preston
Lionel Pretty
Christopher M. Prezbruch
Michael A. Prezbruch
Mario Priamo
Brenda B. Price
Doris A. Price
Earl G. Price
Gilbert A. Price
Hattie Price
Jane Price
Jean Price
Joanne M. Price
Judith E. Price
Larry A. Price
Ralph E. Price
Robert W. Price
S. Noel Price
Wayne Price *
Margot Price-Lloyd
Christopher D. Prickett
Susan Priest
Albert Prigione
Florio Prigione
Frank Prime
Ralph E. Prime *
Ralph L. Prime *
Eleanor B. Prince
Daniel M. Pringle
Robert P. Pringle
Pamela M. Prinold
Johanna Prins
Karl Prins
Arnold V. D. Prior
Beverley A. G. Prior
Doug Prior
Enid J. Prior
Florence M. Prior
Gladys M. Prior
H. M. Ioleen Prior
Ina R. Prior *
John E. Prior
Kenneth W. Prior
Lucy M. Prior
Lyla M. Prior
Margaret Prior
Margaret Prior
Ross H. Prior
John F. Prior, Jr.
Jaden P. Prior-Glen
Jessie A. Prior-Glen
Agnes Pritchard *
Harvey R. Pritchard *
James D. Pritchard
Margaret Pritchard
Mary B. Pritchard
Pina Pritchard
Ruby Pritchard
Ruggles B. Pritchard
Susan M. Pritchard
Theresa E. Pritchard
Barbara Pritlove
Clarence J. (Pik) Pritlove
Grace Pritlove
Lois Privatt
Albert E. (Bert) Probert
Allan A. Probert
Doris M. Proctor
Edith M. Proctor
Gladys M. & William R. Proctor
Joseph L. Proctor
Diane E. Prokop
Patricia Promoli
Agnes (Toddy) Pronk
Jacob Pronk
Peter Pronk
Angela M. H. Prosser
Clarence Prosser
Maggie Prosser
Sydney Prosser
Nancy J. Proud
Jean Proulx
Ruth L. Provot
Helen Prowse
Mark Prowse
Paulette H. Prowse
Franz Pruegger
Gena Prugger
W. (Minnie) D. Pruss
Barbara J. Pryce *
Louise Pryor
Robert E. Pryor
Vincent (Mike) Pryor
Joan A. Przekop
Edward Przybek
H. Everett Puddy
Erich Pueschel
Vincenza Pugliese
Diny Pul
Judson E. Pulsifer
Lorne Purdy *
Raymond Purdy
Richard Purdy
Naeem Puri
Baldev K. Puria
Tara S. Puria
William (Bill) Pursell
Frank Purves
Marion L. Purves
Peggy Purves
Sandor Pusti
Tamara Puthon
P. A. Puxley
Ruth E. M. Puxley
Alf Pyatt
Stephen J. Pychyl
Keri-Lynn Pyear
Larry G. Pyear
Arthur Pylack
Emily Pylack
Kevin B. Pyne
Harm (Harry) Pyper
Henderika Pyper


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