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Complete Dedication Listing
Memorial Forest


At The Wall-Custance Dedication Grove
University of Guelph, Arboretum

"the life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" - Cicero


"as long as memory recalls, Those who die may live,
Until our mind’s eye dims, Immortality we give." (Anon.)

(an * beside the name indicates multiple trees have been planted in memory of the person(s)

Dedicated Name Listings
Click on the letter below to display last names beginning with that letter
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Group Names



Eldon Waddell
Georgina A. Waddell
Brent Wade
Eleanor A. Wade
William Wade
Doreen Waechter
Oscar Waelchli
Mary A. Wagar
Elizabeth S. (Betty) Wagg
Frederick G. Wagg
Jacob Wagler
Allan R. Wagner
Beverley R. Wagner
George F. Wagner
Gordon Wagner
Janet Wagner
John G. Wagner
Lillian Wagner
Lucille J. Wagner
Marilyn Wagner
Mary E. Wagner
Norah E. Wagner
Norman P. Wagner
Randall G. Wagner
Arthur Wagstaff
Elizabeth Wagstaff
Wilfred B. Wagstaff
Kristan N. Wahlstrom *
Jessie J. Wain
John J. Waiswell,Jr.
Bertram & Martha Wakefield
Phyllis J. Wakefield
Thomas H. Wakefield
Betty P. Walberg
Viola Walberg
Steve Walchuk
Michael J. Walcroft *
Evelyn Walden
Vera Waldie
John K. (Jack) Waldon *
Mark Waldron
Norman J. Wale
Sye Walinga *
Khatijabai R. Walji
Rajabali Walji
Vahid P. Walji
Alex Walker
Allan K. Walker
Arline M. (Peggy) Walker
Barry P. Walker *
Brian D. Walker
C. Donald Walker
Colleen Walker
Eleanor Walker
Frances C. Walker
Frederick T. Walker
Heather Walker *
James A. (Jim) Walker
Jean (Jennie) M. Walker
Jean W. Walker
John E. Walker
John G. H. (Jack) Walker
Keith Walker
Keith F. Walker
Kenneth G. Walker
Kimberley A. Walker
Lillian Walker
Madeleine Walker
Margaret A. Walker
Margaret M. Walker
Marion I. Walker
Marjorie Walker
Marlene G. Walker
Mary G. Walker
Mary I. Walker
Mary S. Walker
Myrtle C. Walker
Ralph M. Walker
Robert A. Walker
Robert H. Walker *
Robert H. Walker
Stanley (Bud) Walker
Stanley B. E. Walker
Terri Lynn Walker
Vannessa Walker
Wanda Walker
Wilbert J. Walker
Yolanda Walker
Adele L. Walker-Brown
Gerry Wall
Martha Wall
Angela Wallace
C. Cecil Wallace
Ellen Wallace
George Wallace
George A. Wallace *
Hugh Wallace
Isobel Wallace
J. Isabella (Belle) Wallace
Kenneth M. Wallace
Mark D. Wallace
Meaghan Wallace
Merne G. Wallace
Norman D. Wallace
Olive M. Wallace
Pauline A. Wallace
Randall J. Wallace
Reginald M. Wallace
Richard W. Wallace
Elizabeth S. Waller
James E. Wallis
Georgina M. (Georgie) Walmsley
Wm. Fred Walmsley
Carl S. Walpole
Doreen L. & Stanley Walser
Harry A. Walser
Jerome A. & Olive M. Walser
Vera M. Walser
Charles A. Walsh *
Julia Walsh
Margaret C. K. Walsh
Martin H. Walsh
Maud Walsh *
Monica Walsh
Robert Walsh
Louis Walters
Ted Walters
Win Walters
Clement J. Walton
Darlene R. Walton
Dennis Walton
Earl Walton
Gregory J. Walton
Lillian Walton
William (Bill) C. Walton
Shirlee A. Wambeke *
De Fen Wang
Michael Wannemacher
Ruby I. Warburton
Alice Ward
Barbara M. Ward
Catherine L. Ward
Chester Ward
Deborah E. Ward
Donna M. Ward
George E. & Nancy F. Ward
Helen L. Ward
John Ward
Josephus Ward
Joy Ward
Kenneth H. Ward
Margaret Ward
Margaret G. Ward
Margaret I. Ward
Monica Ward
Peter D. Ward
Philip L. Ward
Thomas Ward
Vera F. Ward
Donald A. Wardell
Gloria J. Wardell
Bob Warden
Ginny Warden
Grayce M. Warden *
Patricia Warden
Roy (Chic) Warden
William Warden
Janet M. Wardlaw *
Donald C. Waring
Lauralyn Warkentin
Peter Warkentin *
Cecil F. Warmington
Norma E. Warmington
Betty J. Warner
James H. Warrell
Douglas B. Warren
Edward (Al) Warren
Jessie M. Warren
Joy D. R. Warren
Lyle Warren
Mabel C. Warren
Marvin A. Warren
Reta C. Warren
Richard S. Warren
Ron Warren
Thomas J. Warren
Kay Warriner
Francis H. Washington Mayers
William Washkurak
Walerian Wasilik
Alison A. Wass
Audrey V. Wass
Joseph Waswa
Bart Waterman
Allison Waters
Annie M. Waters
David C. Waters
Ernest Waters
Ida Waters
Paul M. Waters *
Phyllis M. Waters
Sydney G. Waters
Wilfred Waters
Katherine Z. Waterston
Gary Watkins
George A. Watkins
Jean Watkins
Harry Watkinson
Alberta (Berty) Watson
Andrew C. Watson
Annie L. Watson
Bob Watson
David Watson
Denise Watson
Donald (Dave) A. Watson
Donald W. (Don) Watson *
Edith I. Watson
Ethel E. Watson
George Watson
George A. Watson
George A. Watson
George O. Watson
Georgina Watson *
Gordon S. Watson
Helen Watson *
Ida M. Watson
Jack Watson
John N. Watson
Judith Watson
June Watson
Lenore Watson
Lucy W. Watson
Maureen S. Watson
Nelson H. F. Watson
Norena P. Watson *
Olive Watson
Pat & Mae Watson
Ruth Watson
Ruth A. Watson
Sylvia M. Watson
Thomas H. Watson
Victor Watson
W. Alvin Watson
Walter R. Watson
William Watson
Catheine L. Watt
Catherine L. T. Watt *
Doug Watt
Joanne Watt
Lonnie W. Watt
Louise M. Watt
Robert Watt
Ruth A. Watt
Thomas (Tom) Watt
William (Bill) A. Watt
Eric Watts
Grace E. Watts
Brenda Waugh
Robert J. Waugh
Christine M. Wax
Carole Ann Way
Donald J. Way
Keith A. Way
Muriel F. Way
William H. Way
Charles G. Waywell
Elizabeth Waywell
Daniel F. Weadick *
Teresa C. Weadick
Sandra M. Weafer
William G. B. (Bill) Weafer
Evelyn Weall
John A. Weall
Richard Weatherbe
Lillian M. Weatherbee
Mildred (Midge) Weatherby
Robert Weatherdon
A. Vernetta Weatherston
Barb Weatherston
Edwin J. (Ted) Weatherston
John E. (Jack) Weatherston
Marion B. Weatherston
Winniefred (Wynn) E. (Owers) Weatherston
Neil F. Weaver
Audrey B. Webb
Cora C. Webb
Donald & Mary Webb
Eric D. Webb
H. James & Hilda P. Webb
Irma Webb
Joan I. Webb
Margaret J. Webb
Marilyn J. Webb
Mary Webb
Michael D. Webb *
Norman Webb
Ronald T. Webb
Sam Webb
Sylvia N. Webb
William I. Webb
Christopher Webber
Edith Webber
Frank Webber
G. Berenice Webber
Ian Webber
Larry C. Webber
Leonard R. Webber
Marion G. Webber
Mildred Webber
Thomas G. Webber
Beatrice A. Weber
Deb Weber
Jeffrey Weber
Lloyd R. Weber
Walter Weber
Ada M. Webster
Allan C. Webster
David P. Webster
Dorothy E. Webster
Douglas Webster
Elisabeth Webster
Emily E. Webster
Ethel Webster
Gordon A. Webster
Harry Webster
Ila P. Webster
Michael Webster
Norma Webster
Pauline Webster
Retha Webster
Robert Webster
Roy A. Webster
Ruth Webster
Samuel T. Webster
Elizabeth Wedack
Mathilde A. & Ewald Wedekind
Marie H. Wedemire
Margaret Wedgbury
Clifford Wedge
Peter Weed
Henry J. Weeks
Larry Weeks *
Larry J. Weeks
Lynda M. Weeks
Henry A. Wegman
Peter M. Wegmann


Walter A. Wegner
Pat Weidner
Willy Weidner
William Weighill
Debra L. Weiler
Elizabeth (Liz) Weiler *
Geraldine R. Weiler
Kenneth E. (Fred) Weiler
Mary Lee Weiler
Renny G. Weiler
Stan Weiler
Jean Wein
Sheldon D. Wein
John P. Weinhardt
Audrey C. Weir
Ian Weir
Jean Weir
John C. Weir
John G. Weir
Laura F. Weir
Margaret E. Weir
Phyllis E. Weir
Wm. T. (Bill) Weir
Audrey Weirmier
Larry R. Weirmier
Ernest O. Weiss
Joy I. Weiss
Ruby Weiss
Audrey M. Weist
Jos. G. Weist
Isidor Weisz
Alan F. Welch
Alan F. Welch
Andrew J. (Andy) Welch *
Bryan E. Welch
Gary C. Welch
Jack Welch
Leona L. Welch
Lila Welch
Mary K. (Kate) Welch
Muriel J. M. Welch
Ruth E. Welch
Sheila Welch *
Terrence B. Welch
Ella M. Weldon
Herbert Weldon
Linda C. Weldon
Karl Welker Jr.
F. Ann Welland
Johanna (Joan) Welles
Leendert Welles
Earl J. (Dutch) Wellhauser *
Herbert A. Wellhauser
Rosetta P. Wellhauser
Albert J. Wells
Betty Wells
Bruce Wells
Dorothy B. Wells
Elizabeth Wells
Fred & Hilda Wells
Ida M. Wells
Kaye Wells
Marlene F. Wells
Mary A. Wells
Melissa Wells
Ralph M. Wells
Walter L. Wells
William E. Wells
David S. Welsh
Harry Welsh
Kyle J. Welsh
M. Lydia I. Welsh
Jacob (Jack) Wendland
Rita E. Wendland
Murray Wenger
Yolande Wenger
Paul M. Wenstrup
Janet (Chalmers) Wereley
Janet (Chalmers) Wereley
William J. Wernham
Matthew Werth
Betty Wertman-Jones
Sue Werzun
Elijah R. Wesenger
Bertie (Bert) L. Wesley
Donna E. Wesley
Leonardus F. Wesseling
Maria A. Wesseling
Marinus S. H. Wesselink
Charles L. West
Dalton West
Eveline West
Geoffrey S. West
Grace West
Grace Marie West
Leola M. West
Louise West
Mila West
Nancy West
Lari M. Wester *
Patricia J. Wester
Lari M. Wester,Sr. *
John C. Westerby
Nancy A. Westerveld *
Helen M. Westgate
W. Harry Westgate
Linda Westlake
Lois C. Westley
Robert Westmore *
Evelyn Westoby
Grantham Westoby
David B. Weston
Ellie Weston
Ethel M. Weston
John Weston
Thomas J. Weston
Timothy M. Weston
Florence E. Westwood
Frank Wetjen
Herman G. J. Wettlaufer
Norma J. Wettlaufer
Richard Wettlaufer
Rita M. M. A. Wettlaufer
Susie T. Wettlaufer
Wallace W. (Wally) Wettlaufer *
D. Marguerite Weyand
Brian A. Whaling
Edith A. Whaling
Gus Wharton
Mary Wheat
Alan A. Wheatley
Archie G. Wheeler *
Arnold G. Wheeler
Donna P. Wheeler
Gordon H. Wheeler
Hartland W. Wheeler
J. Cuyler Wheeler
Jeffrey W. Wheeler
Julie Wheeler
Keith Wheeler
Lillian M. Wheeler
M. Lavina Wheeler
Nikkolas R. Wheeler
Rick Wheeler
Roy B. Wheeler
Saundra J. Wheeler
Susan A. Wheeler
William H. Wheeler
Bobbi Lynn Wheeler-Abercrombie
James Whetham
D. Marie Whetstone
Donald R. Whetstone
Florian S. Whetstone
George D. Whetstone
Zita Whetstone
Ken Whillans
Ken Whillans
Maria Whipp *
Ernest Whitaker
Mary I. Whitaker
Nina E. Whitaker
Robert (Bob) Whitaker
Brad Whitcombe
Alice P. White
Archie White
Brian E. White
Carol A. B. White
Charlotte M. White
Douglas White
Eleanor J. White
Esther V. White
Eva White
Felix White *
Fred White
Irene White
Irma L. White
James White *
James White
James Bernard White
James M. White
Jason (Jay) White *
Joan White
John E. White
John M. White
Kathleen A. White
Lois K. I. White
Lorne White
Martha V. White
Mary White *
Rose White *
Stephen J. White
Sydney White
Thomas White
W .A .F. (Frank) White
William S. White
William T. White
Rudy Q. Whitecrow
Alison Whitehead
Mary Whitehead
Pearl Whitehead
Rosemary Whitehouse
Douglas Whitelaw
Marion L. Whiteley
Bessie Whitelock
B. Ada V. Whiteside
Diane Whiting
M. Jean Whitley
Ella & Darwin Whitlock
Amy D. Whitmarsh
Rod Whitmell
John H. T. (Jack-Red) Whitmore
Gerald W. Whittacker
Irene Whittaker
Rosemary Whittaker
William G. Whittick
Doris E. Whittington
R. Glenn Whittington
W. Austin Whittington
Leith Whitty
Celia Whitworth
W. Allen Whitworth
A. C. Kay Whyte
E. Keith Whyte
Gerald E. & Gwen Whyte
Gordon E. Whyte
Harry Whyte
Myrtle & Stewart A. Whyte
William Whyte
Bennett Wiancko *
Zeniu (Zen) M. Wiatr
Margaret H. M. Wice
Dorothy E. M. Wickett
Edna B. Wickett
Alexis (Lex) P. Wickham
Luella M. Wickham *
Gary W. Wickizer
Frances R. (Nan) Widdows
John W. Wideman
Sandra L. Widnaier
John G. Wiebenga
Cory Wiens
Anne Wierstra
Guy R. Wight
Mary Wightman
Doreen E. Wigood
H. Calvin Wigood
Lee-Anne Wigood
Marjorie I. Wigood
John H. (Jack) Wilburn
Cheryl A. Wilcox
Dale Wilcox
Geoffrey F.M. Wilcox
Harold Wilcox
Robert Wilcox
Douglas Wild
Joyce Wild
Annette Wilde
Cynthia Wilde
Moniqui Wildschut
Brian T. Wiley *
Ferne J. Wiley
Lillian M. Wiley *
Victor Wiley
Alfred E. Wilford
B. Edwin (Ted) Wilford
Bradley A. Wilford
Bruce W. Wilford
Evelyn Wilford
James E. (Jim) Wilhelm *
Jerome Wilhelm
Roy J. Wilhelm
Don Wilke
Karl-Eduard Wilke
Marion Wilke
T. Alan Wilke
Jim Wilken
A. Agnes Wilkes
Dennis B. Wilkes
Roy D. Wilkes *
Bruce N. H. Wilkie *
Harry W. Wilkie
Lew & Mary Wilkie
Robert P. Wilkie
Eric Wilkins
Anne & John T. Wilkinson
Betty M. Wilkinson
Charles Wilkinson
Clara G. Wilkinson
Doris V. Wilkinson
Earl B. (Burn) Wilkinson *
Harry Wilkinson
Ila J. Wilkinson
Lily Wilkinson
Marjorie Wilkinson
Michael A. Wilkinson
Robert Wilkinson
Dorcus G. Will
Harvey E. Will
Edna M. & G.Marshall Willard
Cole J. Willerton
Lawrence Wm. Willey
Alexander Williams
Arthur M. Williams *
Blanche Williams
Carl Williams
Denzil N. Williams *
Eileen Williams
Elizabeth (Betty) Williams
Elizabeth L. Williams
Eric H. Williams
Eunice E. Williams
Francis Williams
Francis G. (Frank) Williams
George K. Williams
Gweneth G. Williams
Harold A. Williams
J. Edward Williams
J. R. (Bob) Williams *
Jack Williams
James P. Williams
Jim Williams
Joan M. Williams
Joan W. Williams *
Joyce Williams
June M. Williams
Laura Williams
Margaret F. Williams
Mary Williams
Minda P. Williams
Myles Williams
Nancy J. Williams
Olive S. Williams
Pam Williams
Phyllis M. Williams
Robin J. Williams
Roy Williams
Stanley K. Williams
Violet E. Williams
Vivienne P. Williams
William Williams
William C. Williams
The Williams Family
A. Stuart Williamson
Alexander P. Williamson
Gordon Williamson


Lorna C. Williamson
Patricia Williamson
Suzanne A. Williamson-Barnes
Rhonda Williams-Parent
Chris Williams-Towner
Alice E. Willis
Annette (Ann) Willis
Arthur J. & Sarah Willis
Arthur L. Willis
Donald Willis
Elizabeth Willis
Eric F. Willis
Florence E. Willis
L. Alice Willis
Lloyd Willis
Reuben Willis
George Willms
Marjorie J. Willms *
Thomas E. Willms
Gladys Willock
Robert Willock
Elsa Willoughby
Peter & Irene Willoughby
Anneliese Wills
Harry L. Wills
Lorraine Wills
Marjory R. P. Wills
Roger Wills *
Whitey Wills
Charles (Chuck) Willson
Dorathy G. Willson
Adrienne L. Wilson
Alfred H. Wilson
Alice E. Wilson
Alice I. A. Wilson
Allan G. Wilson
Amanda L. Wilson
Andrew M. Wilson
Andrine Wilson
Anne Wilson
Anne Wilson
Archibald B. Wilson
Archie Wilson
Arnold L. Wilson
Beverly M. Wilson
Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson
Byron S. Wilson
Catherine D. Wilson
Charles W. (Tug) Wilson
Dolena A. S. Wilson *
Donald (Don) J. Wilson
Dorothy Wilson *
Dorothy H. Wilson
Dorothy M. Wilson
Dylan M. Wilson
E. Blanche Wilson
Effie Wilson
Elizabeth J. Wilson
Eric A. Wilson *
Evelyn M. Wilson
Florence E. Wilson
Frederick Wilson
George F. Wilson
Gladys M. Wilson
Hazel D. Wilson
Helen J. Wilson
Helen M. Wilson *
Helen R. Wilson *
Homer (Bud) Y. Wilson
Hugh K. Wilson
Iain Wilson
Jack E. Wilson
Jacqueline G. Wilson
James N. Wilson
James R. (Jim) Wilson
Janet Wilson
Jesse R. Wilson
Joan Wilson
Joan F. Wilson
John E. (Jack) Wilson
John K. Wilson
Joyce Wilson
Kenneth J. Wilson
Laverne Wilson
Laverne T. Wilson
Linda J. Wilson
Lorna R. Wilson
Margaret Wilson
Margaret A. Wilson
Margo I. Wilson
Marjory J. Wilson
Mary M. Wilson
Mary M. Wilson
Maureen Wilson
Michial J. Wilson
Mildred J. Wilson
Millard R. Wilson
N. A. (Annie) Wilson
Nathan R. Wilson
Norah M. Wilson
Orval Wilson
Peggy I. Wilson
Reginald C. Wilson
Robert Wilson
Robert R. Wilson
Rose A. Wilson
Ross E. Wilson
Ruby M. Wilson
Shane Wilson
Ted Wilson
Thomas R. Wilson
Vera Wilson
Walter G. Wilson
Wayne W. Wilson
Wende A. Wilson
William A. Wilson
William B. Wilson
Joan M. Wilson Sharkoff
Kerry Wilson-Smith
Orian Wilton
Edith Wiltzen
Candace Winch
Jennie Winch
Bonnie Winchester
John W. Windeyer
Margaret E. Windeyer
Pollo Windeyer
Tilly Windeyer
Jean Windrem
Joyce Windsor
Norm Windsor
Elizabeth L. Winegard
Hilda Winegard *
Kathryn E. Winegard *
William C. (Bill) Winegard *
Evelyn A. Winer
Jean Winer
John (Jack) W. Winer *
Roy D. Winer
William D. (Bill) Winer
Beatrice M. (Mollie) Wing
Charles G. Wing
Jake F. Wingfield
Naomi Wingfield
Mabel L. Wingrove
Phyllis I. Wingrove
John (Jan) C. Wink
Donald E. Winkup
Madeline C. Winlove-Smith *
Mikolaj Winniczuk
Nettie C. Winship
Mary M. Winslow
Mary M. Winslow
Virginia Marie Winsor
Anita C. Wintels
Elizabeth Winter
Nancy D. Winter *
Robert W. Winter
James H. Winterbottom
Vina M. Winton
Amber L. R. Wise
Frederick J. A. (Fred) Wise
Christopher J. Wiseman *
Henry Wiseman
Joan E. Wiseman
Alice L. Wiser
Laurie R. Wishart
Arnie Wiskin
Sylvia Wiskin
Henry Wissenz
Helen & Ruben Wissler
Frank Witchey
Byron Withenshaw
Blanche M. Withers
Donald L. Withers
Ella M. Withers
Liliana Withey
Rozalia Witkowsky
Simon Witt
Clara Witty
Keith Witty
Kirk T. Witty
Florence (Elsie) Witzel
Matthew Wojcicki
Fay Wolf
Heinz Wolf
Edna B. Wolfe
John J. Wolfe
Judith Wolfe
Jackie Wolfheim
Mary E. Wolf-Johnston
James Wolsley
Karl Wolter
Margarete Wolter
Donald Wolting
George Wolting
Johanna Wolting
Elsie Wombwell
Frank M. Wonnacott
Barbara L. Wood
Beryle D. & William H. Wood
Cadence Wood
David A. Wood
David M. Wood
Dorothy L. Wood
Eric A. Wood
Florence E. Wood
James Wood
Janet Wood
John Wood
Mary T. Wood
Norman A. Wood
Ray Wood
Robert (Bob) F. B. Wood
John M. Woodbridge
Ella Woodbury
Jason W. A. Woodcock
Loreen Woodcock
Robert Woodcock *
Harold V. Wooddeson
Katherine M. Woodford
Estelle Woodhouse
Joyce L. Woodhouse
Vera E. Woodhouse
Dorothy M. (Dori) Woodley *
Annie M. Woods
Callum J. Woods
Charles A. Woods *
Clover Woods
Cyrus L. Woods
Doreen I. Woods
Emily L. Woods *
Eva Woods
Fred M. Woods
G. Victoria Woods
Gertrude M. Woods
John J. Woods
Joseph A. Woods
Kenneth J. Woods
Lena I. Woods
Marie Woods
Mary F. Woods
William A. Woods
Wilson T. Woods *
Catherine Woodside
Harry Woodside
Anna Lisa Woodward
Anne (Habkirk) Woodward
Emily Woodward
Russell E. Woodward
Phyllis Wooley
Allen R. D. Woolley
Brent R. Woolley
Doris C. Woolley
Eulalia R. Woolley
R. Howard Woolley
Mary E. Worby
Anthony Worden *
Mary Worden
Granville H. Worsley
Monica Worsley
Edward (Ted) W. Worton
Leonard J. L. Worton
Olive Worton
Matthew A. Wozenilek
P. Thomas (Tom) Wrangell
A. L. (Jimmy) Wren
C. Edward (Ted) Wrigglesworth
Ruth M. Wrigglesworth
B. Jean Wright
Blanche B. Wright
Charles A. Wright *
David B. Wright
Doris E. Wright
Dorothy Wright
Dorothy M. Wright
E. Maude (Molly) Wright
Elizabeth Wright
Elsie Wright
Faye Wright *
Gordon Wright
Gordon E. Wright
Greta A. Wright
Harold E. Wright
Harvey Wright
Helen Wright
Hugh Wright
Jean I. Wright
Jeffrey A. Wright
John L. Wright
Jonathan C. Wright
Justin N. Wright *
Kathleen J. Wright
Leah E. Wright
Lee Wright *
Margo Wright
Marguerite H. Wright
Marion M. Wright
May Wright
Muriel Wright
Norman B. Wright
P. A. Wright *
Robert C. Wright
Ross Wright
Ruth Wright
Ruth A. Wright
Ruth J. P. Wright
Steven J. Wright
Vivian M. Wright
Wilbert E. Wright
The Wright Family
Zachary D. Wrightson
Joan D. Wrigley
May Wu
Joyce E. Wulff
Gordon R. Wurr
Phoebe Wurr
Wilfred Wurr
Elizabeth Wyatt
Hazel Wyatt
Mabel (Zurbrigg) Wyatt
Samuel E. Wyatt
Violet L. Wyatt
Edwin J. Wye
Elizabeth F. Wye
J. Peter (Pete) Wygant
Isabel Wylie
J. Edmund Wylie
Jack Wylie
Jim & Thelma Wylie
Muriel Wylie
Norma C. Wylie
Peter Wylie
Peter Wylie
Thelma Wylie
Frank S. Wyllie
Myrtice R. Wyllie
Alan M. Wyman *
Ronald J. Wyman
John Wynn, Sr. *
C. Margaret Wyse
J. Bruce Wyse
Taylor B. Wyse
Thomas H. Wythe


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