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Prearrange Online

The prearranged funeral is an opportunity to carefully plan for an orderly conclusion of life. It is not a difficult or complicated task and it can give one peace of mind. It can eliminate some of the anxiety which can accompany a death.

Simply, prearrangement is a practical way of determining an individual's wishes for a funeral in advance. The prearranged funeral provides the opportunity to decide the type of services preferred and outline instructions for final arrangements.

If you are planning your own funeral, prearrangement can also serve as a guide to family and friends. That foresight can be invaluable in a time of stress. In advance of need, you and your family can discuss together, decide together and act together, on what will meet everyone's needs, with regards to a funeral service.

It should be noted that any type of funeral can be prearranged and this can be done at the funeral home or in the convenience of your own home, if you prefer.

Most people plan for an orderly conclusion to life with a will, adequate life insurance benefits and pension plan. The prearranged funeral is part of this kind of sensible planning. The greatest advantage is that through prearrangement, choices can be made in a less emotional setting. These choices include the professional services required, the type of casket, suggestions for the funeral service and preference for earth burial, entombment or cremation. Decisions made in advance of need can be made with less haste and without anxiety over a death and the pressure of immediate decisions.

In Ontario, prearrangements for a funeral can only be made through a licensed funeral service establishment. We at Wall-Custance have a prearrangement program that is available for the asking. When you discuss a prearranged funeral with our funeral director, it is your opportunity to ask questions and get clear, concise answers. It is the time to be sure you fully understand what services are performed and why. This is also the time to determine what costs are involved. With this information, intelligent, informed decisions can be made.

When a death occurs, a period of adjustment begins for the family and friends. The prearranged funeral saves them the task of making important decisions on final arrangements during a time of emotional stress. Prearranging a funeral is a practical idea that makes sense. Statistics for l989 show that 15% of funerals conducted had been prearranged. Each year this percent increases.

Funerals can be prearranged and prepaid through our funeral home. The planning process will be little more than a discussion. Think of it as an open and frank conversation in a relaxed environment. Trust and openness are integral parts of this relationship. When you meet with our funeral director to discuss a prearrangement, there will be two steps to the process. The first is an informal question and answer session where you begin to determine and understand your requirements. Next is the more formal exchange of information and recording of your wishes. A record of your wishes will be kept on file for future reference and may be revised upon request. We would caution against only recording your wishes in your will. It is often not possible to have the will available when needed. Your family or executor should be notified of any preferences and where your prearrangements have been made.

Where there is a definite preference, or where there isn't likely to be any survivors to make the funeral arrangements, and you want assurance that your wishes will be followed, the prearranged funeral certainly has merit. Preplanning can save needless misunderstanding and expense.

There are several important things you should consider. You may wish to carefully consider the type of arrangements you will require in consultation with family, friends or clergy as well as our funeral director. You will probably want to follow religious practices as expected by your church. Be considerate of your family members that will be left behind by discussing your ideas with them and allowing them to offer their suggestions. Make general suggestions that can be adapted or adjusted to make the funeral more meaningful to the participants. Don't be overly restrictive to those you love with impractical or impossible requests. Be flexible. You should think of your arrangements as suggestions that will assist those who will be involved at the time of death. Consider also, that the major reason for the funeral rite is to allow the survivors the opportunity to meet their own emotional and psychological needs. Therefore, while the funeral is of the person who has died, it is for the survivors.

Our staff are available to advise and counsel you, without charge or obligation, regarding prearrangements. Your questions, when answered, will give you peace of mind. Counselling you is a privilege - an obligation and service we are prepared for night or day.

We now offer you the option to Prearrange Online .

There are no requirements to prepay when you prearrange a funeral, but you may wish to consider it. For further information on Prepaid Funerals see our Estate Planning Page.

We welcome all enquiries without any obligation. We would be pleased to discuss our "Peace of Mind" prearrangement program with you and give you an itemized accounting at today's prices. You may then make a knowledgeable decision with the confidence that you are making the right choices.

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