Providing Cremation and Funeral Services to Guelph and Area since 1941.

Wall-Custance Funeral Home & Chapel

Providing Cremation and Funeral Services to Guelph and Area since 1941.

Funeral & Cremation Services


Funerals and celebrations of life are an integral part of the grieving process. They provide structure and support to assist people through the initial mourning period, they provide a time for honour, remembrance and affirmation, and they allow for a search for meaning within the context of each person’s religious or philosophical values.

A funeral allows people to face their grief while surrounded by people who care about them. It also provides an opportunity for an individual to say a final good-bye to the deceased. Stories can be shared, memories can be celebrated and loved ones can come together to support one another.


End-of-Life services are changing as people are personalizing services to become a celebration of life, as well as an expression of sadness and grief. These services can range from a traditional funeral, to a memorial service, to a memorial gathering, or a celebration of life – there is no one way to honour a life lived.

What Happens When Death Occurs

When a death occurs at home, your family physician or his designate should be notified first. If the death is unexpected...

Prearranging Your Wishes (no payment required)

Prearrangement is a practical way of determining an individual’s wishes in advance. At Wall Custance Funeral Home this can be done without...

Prepaying for Arrangements(variety of payment options

Many families prepay some or all of the expenses involved when prearranging a funeral. If you’re thinking…

Traditional Service

Traditional funeral services generally include visitation, funeral service, committal and a reception...

Memorial Service Or Celebration of Life

A Memorial Service can be as unique as the life lived. Generally, cremation takes place prior to the celebration...

Simple Cremation

Wall-Custance Funeral Home & Chapel provides efficient, professional and caring cremation options, with ...


Wall-Custance is built on a tradition of excellent and confidential service by caring people. We hope to make a difficult time a little easier by making the funeral planning process straightforward and easy to understand. Funeral Directors Scott W. F. Young and Taylor G. Young and other personnel make every effort to meet each family’s specific requirements with experienced, personal attention. We aim to provide you with dignified and appropriate service along with friendly, sympathetic assistance and attention to every detail.

At Wall-Custance, we welcome and encourage people to make enquiries regarding funeral and cremation services and costs prior to the time of need. It is usually easier to discuss the type of services and costs in person, so that both parties can have a clear understanding of what is available, what would best suit their needs, and the costs that would be incurred.

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