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Providing Cremation and Funeral Services to Guelph and Area since 1941.

What Happens When a Death Occurs

When a death occurs at home

Your family physician or his designate should be notified first. If the death is unexpected, you can call the police. The doctor or coroner must certify the death and complete the Medical Certificate of Death, before the transfer of the body to the funeral home can take place. Once the doctor has been contacted, the funeral home can be notified. We offer service 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

When a death occurs at hospital, nursing home, hospice
or other institution

The institution will look after the medical-legal responsibilities. However, it is often the family’s responsibility to notify the Funeral Home of the death. Some institutions, like hospice care, will ask about any funeral prearrangements upon admission.

When a death occurs out of town

Should you be confronted with a death while away from home, it will be to your advantage to call your hometown funeral director immediately. We can handle all the arrangements to comply with your wishes and you have the security of making the arrangements with a firm you know and trust. At Wall-Custance we maintain affiliations with our profession in all parts of Canada, the United States and in many parts of the world, so that we may provide just such services.

You can reach us at this PHONE NUMBER anytime: 519-822-0051


Completing the necessary legal documents and government forms is one of the first and most important initial services taken care of by your Funeral Director. Funeral arrangements can be made at the funeral home or at another location by request. Your funeral director will make arrangements for the cemetery or crematorium, newspapers and attend to all other necessary details as well.


The executor and/or the next of kin bear legal responsibility in the disposition of the deceased. It is prudent when possible, to include the family in all decisions regarding final arrangements.


Wall-Custance is built on a tradition of excellent and confidential service by caring people. We hope to make a difficult time a little easier by making the funeral planning process straightforward and easy to understand. Funeral Directors Scott W. F. Young and Taylor G. Young and other personnel make every effort to meet each family’s specific requirements with experienced, personal attention. We aim to provide you with dignified and appropriate service along with friendly, sympathetic assistance and attention to every detail.

At Wall-Custance, we welcome and encourage people to make enquiries regarding funeral and cremation services and costs prior to the time of need. It is usually easier to discuss the type of services and costs in person, so that both parties can have a clear understanding of what is available, what would best suit their needs, and the costs that would be incurred.

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